Charlie Greene Announces Self-Titled Sophomore Album, Listen to “Man on Fire”

Listen “Man on Fire”

There’s nothing mundane about Charlie Greene.

Born the son of a touring singer/songwriter and recording artist, the grandson of a big band leader from the 40’s and 50’s, and the great-grandson of a front-porch, Georgia banjo player, music is in his blood.

On the heels of Charlie Greene’s 2012 album debut Wildfire Music comes Charlie Greene(out 2/25 via Artist Tribe Recordings), a new collection of songs that captures the attention of a discerning audience.

“Man On Fire”, the first single, has an infectious rockabilly flavor that doesn’t let go. Listen to the song via Rolling Stone HERE.

“It’s kind of a lyrical cuspidor,” Greene says of the song. “Some simple music that became a home for some orphaned ideas that couldn’t take shelter in another song. A manger for stranger phrases that were told there was no room at the inn for their kind. It’s the wail of a weirdo trying to explain himself and failing spectacularly. It’s also just some good hillbilly shit that’s fun to play….”

As a boy growing up in Atlanta and Los Angeles, Charlie was greatly influenced by the lives of the musicians in his family as well as their interpretation of original American music. He keeps this generational bond alive by performing in and around Los Angeles backed by his father and younger brother.

Proficient on guitar and piano, Charlie is a singer/songwriter whose writing and musical influences are as diverse as his songs. From Harry Nilsson, Merle Haggard, Ornette Coleman and Burl Ives to Chopin’s Nocturnes and Charles Bukowski, his style is a unique blend that defies categorization yet commands attention with a disarming show of lyrical firepower.

Producer Ed Cherney (The Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, Bonnie Raitt, Bob Dylan, Buddy Guy) notes, “When I heard Charlie for the first time, my heart nearly leapt out of my chest. I was driving home late from working in the studio for 18 straight hours. I was tired and it would have taken a lot to get me excited about anything. Here was this big, pure voice coming out of the speakers in my car, singing songs that were brave in their honesty, framed by really sophisticated and compelling musical arrangements. Charlie’s songs are totally unique in their lyrical and musical perspective. In other words, it’s really cool music.”

The late, legendary producer Phil Ramone commented after seeing Charlie perform for the first time, “Charlie Greene is truly a joy to watch perform, and his compositions apply a keen sense of musicality, humor, discovery, intellect and a distinctive lyrical point of view that is rare these days. His will be a career that will be fun to watch unfold.”

Charlie goes deeper in the album: “I’m Going Inside” is the last clicking gear that lights the match that burns the rope that releases the hound that runs you off the edge of the cliff into the wild blue yonder.” Multi-dimensional, unpredictable, lyrical, melodic and honest — Charlie Greene has something to say.

It’s time to listen.