AMON (pre-DEICIDE) signed with Possession Productions

Yes, yes, that AMON that was born in 1987 and became DEICIDE later. As many of you know, years ago Hoffman brothers left DEICIDE and started AMON rebirth. The result is “Liar in Wait” album that showed the power and darkenss of true underground Florida Satanic Death Metal.

Official video from new album:
Possession Productions are taking pre-orders for AMON forthcoming releases.
Gatefold LP version of “Liar in Wait” will be released in 500 copies limited edition in January, 2014. First 66 copies will contain embroidered logo patch.
Price: 25 USD + postages
Digi-CD version of this album will be released in 1000 copies in January 2014. First 121 copies will contain special colored sticker.
Price: 19 USD + postages

Official AMON T-shirts and Hoodies of AMON will appear soon too.

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