12 Foot Ninja: The Band You Need To Fear

Not a week, if not day, goes by that I am not asked, “Hey man, any cool new bands on the scene?”.  Of course there are so many depending on your likes and tastes.  As an owner/editor of a music magblog I get tons of requests daily to check out new stuff and to promote things and I truly like a lot of it since I am a music addict.  But, the ones that I find most special are the artists that come my way from my friends who are not promo-ing someone, just sharing their love for music with another.  One of those bands that came my ears’ way was through a good friend who happens to be friends with the guys in Periphery who recommended 12 Foot Ninja from Australia.

From the first time you hear them, or hear about them, you will get direct comparisons to Mike Patton and Faith No More…and that is a great thing and a great compliment.  The diverse styles of music that 12 Ft. Ninjas throw into their music is insane and fit into places that don’t seem like they would make sense, but somehow absolutely make sense.  The update on what Faith No More did is readily apparent, taking the technology of today and their musical prowess into the new age of music.

They have recently hit The States with a smattering of support dates and were very recently on Sirius XM speaking to Jose Mangin while they were in New York (and even stayed at his house).  I’m going to go out on a very secure limb here and say that these guys are going to be very big here.  All they need is the a few good support tours and the right promotion and they will be HUGE.  Check them out here…