AYREON’s “The Theory Of Everything” Album Teaser and DVD Interview Footage Released

special album trailer for AYREON’s latest release The Theory Of Everything is live on YouTube now! The trailer also includes footage from the available bonus DVD, including clips of guest musicians and vocalists, and interviews with AYREON mastermind Arjen Lucassen. Take a look at the trailer here:


The Theory Of Everything is available now! As one of progressive metal’s only true composers, Arjen Lucassen releases yet another fantastic piece of music for his fans, available now in digital and 2CD+DVD formats at


Fans can also purchase the 2CD format via iTunes and the digital format via Amazon.


As mentioned previously, The Theory Of Everything features guest appearances by some of progressive, power and folk metal’s greatest vocalists, like Cristina Scabbia (Lacuna Coil) as The Mother, Tommy Karevik (Kamelot) as The Prodigy, Marko Hietala (Nightwish) as The Rival and others.


Full Line-Up listing:


Vocalists (in order of appearance):

JB as The Teacher

Sara Squadrani as The Girl

Michael Mills as The Father

Cristina Scabbia as The Mother

Tommy Karevik as The Prodigy

Marko Hietala as The Rival

John Wetton as The Psychiatrist



The instrumentalists on The Theory Of Everything are an impressive lot as well, featuring some of today’s greatest players, like Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater), Rick Wakeman (Yes), Steve Hackett (Genesis), and more.



Ed Warby –drums

Rick Wakeman – keyboards

Keith Emerson – keyboards

Jordan Rudess – keyboards

Steve Hackett – lead guitar

Troy Donockley – Uilleann pipes and low flute

Arjen Anthony Lucassen –electric and acoustic guitars, bass guitar, mandolin and keyboards.


(Ben Mathot –violins, Maaike Peterse –cellos, Jeroen Goossens – flute , bass flute, piccolo, bamboo flute and contrabass flute, Siddharta Barnhoorn – orchestrations, Michael Mills – Irish Bouzouki)

Arjen Lucassen Online

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