Listen To Allies for Everyone “You & Me”

Live in NYC at Tammany Hall on November 22 @ 11 PM

“Allies For Everyone’s melody-driven sound is a combination of gut-wrenching soul and electro happy bounce. Dance, weep and burst into laughter all at once via Brian’s aural aptitude.” – Vibe Magazine

“With one foot planted in the world of pop and another in synthy house music, Suarez produces and spins some of the most dreamy electronic music emerging from the New York scene.” – Société Perrier

“, Allies have found a sound that should – and probably will – melt the coldest of hearts.” – Time Out New York

“A peaceful sentiment drifting on top of an insistent pulse: that’s the Allies guarantee. The music is fuller, the beats more perplexingly intricate, and the tone more unequivocally playful.”  – Interview Magazine 

New York’s Allies for Everyone have announced the release of the You & Me EP on November 12 via KID Recordings. The brainchild of New York-based singer/songwriter, producer, remixer and DJ Brian Suarez, AFE has become synonymous with heartfelt synth-pop and percolating electro-tinged house. The 4-track EP, which follows his acclaimed ‘Scavenger’ EP and remix singles “Scavenger” and “Supernatural”, showcases Suarez’s innate ability to craft sundrenched melodic songs that are not only infectious, dreamy and nostalgic, but can also command a dance floor while simultaneously tugging at your heartstrings. In celebration of the EP, Allies for Everyone has shared the title track “You & Me” listen here .

The songs on the You & Me EP marry Allies for Everyone’s anthemic vocal melodies with their collage of various styles of synth and bass music. The electronic r&b groove of “Flashback” underscores the rush of nostalgia at the song’s core. “In the Wind” recalls the adventurous pop of Talking Heads and the Thompson Twins. “Feel Your Love” has a dark and tropical heart and a longing chant of “I can feel your love.”  The first half of the title track “You & Me” is a melancholic and propulsive instrumental that gives way to a wistful and beguiling vocal. Whether you’re daydreaming with your headphones on or leaving it all on a dance floor, theYou & Me EP will hold you as a willing captive.

You & Me EP Track List

In The Wind
Feel Your Love
You & Me