Video Interview and Show Pix: Butcher Babies Talk to PGH Music Mag

Kinetic.  That may be the best word to describe the Butcher Babies.  They are always in motion, like frenzied animals on a mission the BB’s have been crossing this country back and forth to conquer stages and change minds about how metal girls can be.  Often written off by only eye gazers who figure they are just candy for the pupils, one only has to open their minds and ears to hear the talent that is infused within the entire band.  Carla and Heidi have the stuff to make both the guys and the girls to take notice physically, but when you see them live and they take that Wendy O. Williams inspired punk attitude mixed with metal screamo and singing combo straight to face with a punch to the gut, one takes notice with their metal instincts and can’t help but be caught up in the moment.  No video, no picture, no article can truly do the band justice…go seek them out while on the road with Danzig now, but stay tuned for further announcements of upcoming tours which at this time they were unable to reveal.

All photos  ©2013 AWeldingphoto and Pittsburgh Music Magazine (Stage AE Pittsburgh 10.21.13)

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