Suicide Silence Will Continue

Yesterday afternoon, after a long awaited decision, Suicide Silence has finally announced their future plans in the music industry. For the longest time, the band has kept silent on whether they were going to continue making and playing music, or just call it quits. Rumors that have been floating around were that they were looking for a new frontman, calling it quits after the memorial show last December, and/or possibly starting up a new band and retire the name Suicide Silence. The wait is over, and the members of Suicide Silence have finally made up their minds to continue on, keep Mitch Lucker in their hearts, and play in memory of him by recruiting a new frontman who can help them in doing so. Around 4:00 PM yesterday, a post was put out by the band with a link to a short sound clip of them playing “You Only Live Once” with their new and unknown vocalist. It may have only been a minute and a half teaser of what’s to come, but it was more than enough to get the feel of Suicide Silence’s return and what this new guy is bringing to the table.

For those who do not know, last Halloween, original frontman Mitch Lucker crashed on his motorcycle and ended up passing away the next morning in the emergency room. The band was about to go on tour with Asking Alexandria within a few days to. It was a very unexpected turn and a huge loss for the metal scene. After his funeral it was announced that they would play a memorial show for Mitch on December 21st, 2012, the day the world was “suppose” to end. They had multiple guest vocalist’s from various other metal bands come in to help them with the songs they chose to play. Names such as: Phil Bozeman of Whitechapel, Robb Flynn of Machine Head, Johnny Davy of Job for a Cowboy, Randy Bylthe of Lamb of God, and so many more. All of the proceeds went to the education fund for Lucker’s daughter, Kennadee.

It is still unknown who this new vocalist is. I am assuming it will be announced within the next month or so who he is though. Until then, I have a sneaky suspicion that Suicide Silence will be releasing some more teasers of them playing some of their songs with the new guy. Keep posted for more updates!