VATTNET VISKAR premiere video for “Breath Of The Almighty”

Hailing from New Hampshire VATTNET VISKAR has caused quite a ripple of excitement with their debut album SKY SWALLOWER, catching the attention of both fans and press alike. The English translation of their Swedish name is ‘The Water Whispers.’ One look at these four guys is not what you would imagine when listening to their music. They are definitely a unique band that is geared towards a bright future in Black Metal and beyond.


The video for “Breath of the Almighty” was directed and produced by Josh Graham of Suspended in Light, Neurosis’ visual creator for years.



9/12/2013 Club Red/Red Owl Tempe AZ
9/14/2013 Launchpad Albuquerque NM
9/16/2013 Club Dada Dallas TX
9/18/2013 The Firebird St. Louis MO
9/19/2013 Diamond Pub & Billiards Louisville KY
9/20/2013 Montage Music Hall Rochester NY
9/21/2013 The Summit Columbus OH
9/22/2013 Montage Music Hall Rochester NY



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