NUDITY Premiere ‘Supernatty’ On IMPOSE

Listen To ‘Supernatty’ At Impose!

Michelle, Duane & Peace make destructive and spellbinding music as NUDITY. Their first self-released cassette, 2012’s HEAVY PETTING, exhibits wild and uncommon songs driven by jagged guitars, churning beats, and elegant vocals.  White-hot electronic sound pulsing from a West Nashville concrete garage; it’s as much dusty as digital.

From out of a young decade portrayed by flitting attentions and abbreviated electronic chatter, NUDITY draws on disparate sources while creating modern music that captivates attention.

As they explore new recording strategies and genre-bending pursuits with their single “SUPERNATTY,” NUDITY are still committed to music that is insistently melodic and chronically raucous.”


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Press Quotes:

“NUDITY packs a message that is both earthy and honest, where the scuzz thrashes against the beat machines, distortion is used to reinforce the infectious pop hooks, as the sound remains more supernatural than ever.” –IMPOSE

“Sporting an Google-unfriendly name and an eye-bleeding primitive computer graphics art aesthetic, co-ed Nashville duo Nudity combines hypnotic dance beats and an affinity for 90s fuzz pop, usually in the same song.” –GET BENT

“…there is something about it that just stays with you. Maybe it’s the deafness in your ears, but also the heavy electronic, glo-fi garage rock that offers a sense of nostalgia without sounding tired.” – Neighborhood Tapes