Ebony Bones Announces Secret Brooklyn Show with TECLA, Tickets Available Now

Show Location To Be Revealed To Ticket Holders; Purchase HERE

“It’s that emphasis on a symbiotic relationship between the players and the audience that propels an Ebony Bones performance from a typical event to an unforgettable experience.” – MTV Iggy

“Whether on stage or in the studio, Ebony Bones is set to be a major player for years to come” – NPR

Having developed a love for music at an early age, Ebony Bones—whose stage name was coined by punk rock icon Rat Scabies, drummer of The Damned— began her musical education in her father’s music stall in Brixton Market with artists like Brian Eno and Quincy Jones and as time went on her influences grew to include everyone from Siouxie Soux and The Slits to Fela Kuti and Public Enemy.

New Yorkers will be able to experience Ebony’s eclectic combination of punk, pop and soul in person when she plays a secret show with TECLA and other special guests on Wednesday, September 11th at a secret Brooklyn location. Said location will be announced to ticket holders only so be sure to pick yours up HERE right away.

Divided into Parts I and II, Ebony Bones’ new album Behold, A Pale Horse opens with the album’s striking title track, which features harmonious chants from the Symphony Orchestra of India along with deep, bellowing strings and frenzied percussion. Part I,Born In Flames, continues with “I See I Say,” which sets an air of mystery and intrigue with a foundation of effected vocals playing on a continuous loop throughout. “Mystery Babylon Balloon” buzzes with electric energy, featuring Ebony’s commanding vocals above rich layers of guitars and strings. “While The People S.L.E.E.P.” is a high-energy cut led by quick-paced, melodic verses and a tribal beat.

Motivated by her desire to “reach her full potential and inspire others to do the same,” Ebony’s music is filled with strength and courage. “In the end,” she believes, “it doesn’t serve the world to play small.”

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