R.A.R.E. Nation Presents: The Pregame Package

“R.A.R.E. Nation Presents: The Pregame Package” –

As fall approaches, college semesters begin and preseason camps heat up for athletes around the world, R.A.R.E. Nation offers music for the soundtrack to that vibe.  Ten tracks full of energy from the artists of R.A.R.E. Nation to aid in pregaming for a party, motivation to go that extra mile during your workout or championship game, or giving you that extra boost of energy during your day.

Artist: Various Artists (Palermo Stone, JKJ, AF Rome, Ads Antalik)
Mixtape: The Pregame Package
Producers: 93P, Aus10, Big Jerm
Short Bio: Founded in 2012, R.A.R.E. Nation is a Pittsburgh-based music entertainment company. R.A.R.E. stands for “Revitalizing Art; Reinventing Emotion,” and our primary goal is to bring the life and musicality back to hip hop. Through our unique artists and their music, we aim to paint a picture of life’s ups and downs and instill individuality, self-motivation and self-confidence in our listeners in the hopes that we can help improve their lives and the communities we reach.