Stereo Boyz – Carz, Clubz & Theaterz

Today the Stereo Boyz celebrate the digital release of their official debut album “Carz, Clubz & Theaterz”. After three years as the Stereo Boyz and countless Mixtapes, EPs and Songs, Mixo and Mic Audio are happy to present a piece of art that has been very carefully put together.

The work on “Carz, Clubz & Theaterz” started as early as the Stereo Boyz were formed. Coming from the Detroit Hip Hop crew Rhyme Asylum, Mixo, Mic Audio and Kid Boombox started developing a new sound, something more fitting for themselves and without the restrictions they had faced during the years before. Upon being freed from those restrictions, they could see their own growth and development both in their music but also in the way they went about it. They started working on the album, under the working title “Radio Heads” but soon decided they wanted to fully grow artistically before finishing the project. They strived for it to be a representation of who they are, and do it to the best of their abilities.
The album title was changed later, as they realized they had become different artists, different people. “We became complete, as individuals, which we couldnt be before.”, Mixo says. The song “EverBody Noise” really sums up the album and feeling of it.

“Carz, Clubz & Theaterz” is a demonstration of unity. The album was done in collaboration with alot of different, talented people, some of which are now part of the collective Stereo Crew, with the objective of making one great art piece.

“This album is our best work to date, the best from the past three years, and we are already working on tomorrow. It’s everything we are as Stereo Boyz, from the moment we started until now. We hope our fans see that. And we look forward to how people respond to the album, both good and bad. We can’t wait to see our impact on Hip Hop”, says Mixo.

The album features the songs “RayBanz”, “Buggin’ Out (Beetle Juiced)” and “Speaking in Tonguez” which have been released as singles & videos over the past year and were very well received by fans and critics.

Find a link to the full album stream and purchase option below. The following physical release will offer CD’s and Vinyl.

Stereo Boyz - Carz, Clubz & Theaterz (artwork)

The Stereo Boyz consist of members Mixo (aka Applauze Beetz) and Mic Audio (aka Perfect Hell). Before becoming the super group Stereo Boyz they were a part of the “Rhyme Asylum” (1999 – 2008), a group that claimed a reputation of being one of Detroit’s most hardcore underground rap groups. Performing since a young age, the two MCs have created an undeniable stage presence, they master the ceremony, and in countless freestyle competitions the Stereo Boyz have earned the respect of every emcee they came across. Completing a three month tour across Europe in late 2011, with shows in Germany, France and Switzerland the Stereo Boyz have been internationally approved by fans abroad.
With Mixo coming from Detroit and Mic Audio from Chicago they have created a perfect fusion of the Midwest. Combining strong lyrics with catchy hooks, their sound merges the best of both worlds: clever rhymes and beats that any hip hop fan will nod their head or move their feet to.The mixtape “Sound Check Vol 1” was their first group effort and has earned praises from rap fans worldwide, as well as Mic Audios following solo project “Biblical Fearical”. The Stereo Boyz dropped their EP “Live from the Ghettoblaster” on January 22nd 2011 and their highly anticipated debut album “Carz, Clubz & Theatrez” is set to be released in the summer of 2012. Constantly in the studio recording and working on new beats and rhymes the group has several mixtapes from all group members coming out, making it impossible to be slept on.
The Stereo Boyz represent the past, present, & future of Detroit Hip-Hop. Their combination of Detroit Motown and Chicago’s House & Electro Pop sound has created a midwest masterpiece. Now it’s time to share that masterpiece with the world.

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