Princess Music Premiere New Track “Sprinkler” at Drowned in Sound / Debut Album “Odobenidae” Out September 3rd on Hot Congress Records

Princess Music
Premieres New Song “Sprinkler” at Drowned in Sound
Debut Album “Odobenidae” Out September 3rd on Hot Congress Records!

Stream “Sprinkler” from Princess Music exclusively @ Drowned in Sound!

“…there is no higher praise I can think of than comparing anyone to Andrew Bird… They also have a whiff of Sufjan Stevens when they go slow but expansive, and a sniff of Vampire Weekend when they hint there’s some funk in their trunk. The music is complex without being too clever-clever, and lush without drifting too far into the wafty ethereal fairy den.” – Drowned in Sound

In support of their upcoming debut album titled “Odobenidae” out September 3rd on Hot Congress Records, Denver composer Tyler Ludwick and the crew in Princess Music have premiered their new album’s latest track, “Sprinkler,” exclusively at

In addition, the band is gearing up for their upcoming home town record release show, taking place August 9th at The Bluebird Theater in Denver, performing alongside Lumineers live pianist Stelth Ulvang, and label-mates Distant Correspondent (full details below).

About Princess Music:

Princess Music is comprised of five musicians that play with chamber orchestras of varying size. The group is fronted by Tyler Ludwick, who orchestrates playful complexities and rich harmonies with a mixture of expertise and mirth. He applies his classical finger-style to an electric guitar, composition skills to string and woodwind textures, and passion for percussion to the polyrhythmic and irregular meters of the music. Princess Music displays high emotional and intellectual IQ and expresses poignant narratives found within the arrangements, which embody subtle pop sensibilities that create a sanctuary for even the most casual listener.

Princess Music began as a humble project of composer Tyler Ludwick. It has since become a tonal hologram crafted from his obsession with walruses and orchestral music. Equipped with a desire to convey purity, passion, and the power of the chamber orchestra, Princess Music is releasing their debut album, Odobenidae. Odobenidae is fashioned as a song-cycle of eight pieces, undulating between the dungeonesque depths of classic rock grime, and the playful heights of bantering woodwinds and strings. It is sonically sewn together to form the chimerical world of the walrus. Never lacking in drama or caprice, Princess Music has crafted an album intent on mirroring the nature of our lives.

In support of the new album, Princess Music will be performing a home town record release show in Denver, Colorado, accompanied by the 17 piece “Odobenidae Chamber Orchestra” and featuring support from Stelth Ulvang (live pianist of The Lumineers) and label mates Distant Correspondent.

Princess Music is:
Tyler Ludwick (Guitar, Vocals)
Rachel Sliker (Violin, Viola)
Psyche Cassandra Dunkhase (Cello)
Robin Chestnut (Drums)
Jeremy Averitt (Bass, Vocals)

“Odobenidae” Track List:
1. Morning Song (Reprise)
2. Evening Song (Overture)
3. Vík
4. Baku (please devour my dreams)
5. White Wave
6. Sprinkler
7. Wounded Walrus
8. Morning Song

* All songs written and arranged by Tyler Ludwick
Cover art by Levi Nelson
Recorded by Tim Gerak at Mammoth Cave Studios
Additional recording by Griff Snyder at G-ma’s
Mixed by Tim Gerak
Mastered by Adam Boose at Cauliflower Audio

Princess Music Live!
August 9th @ The Bluebird Theater Denver, CO
Featuring The Odobenidae Chamber Orchestra, Stelth Ulvang, Distant Correspondent

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