Clutch Bring the Earth Rock and Mountain Shock to Pittsburgh’s Stage AE

As one can see by the  setlist, it did not take long for Clutch to break into their new smash, Earth Rocker, on April 19 in Pittsburgh at Stage AE.  Even though the first five songs of the night were pulled from their latest LP (which is excellent by all standards) Clutch definitely did not let their diehard fans down by peppering the rest of the evening with just a few classics and deep cuts, but all told the night held nine tracks from their new one out of nineteen! Hmm…to the outsider one might think “ballsy”, but Clutch have always played by their own rules and it seems as though the Pittsburgh fans did not seem to mind. Their signature sound “mountain rock” buzz was humming on all pistons and kept the crowd at maximum intensity especially through “The Mob Goes Wild”.

All photos ©2013 Pittsburgh Music Magazine and KBegleyphoto

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