Boston’s Moduloktopus’ Tribute to Black History Month: “Bessie’s Bounce”

You may not already be aware of Boston’s Moduloktopus, but you should start paying attention because this Electronic Music Chameleon is making waves in 2013.
The Dominican producer has been creating a buzz amongst various blogs (Earmilk, Gotta Dance Dirty, Run The Trap, DEEPGOA, Klubb Ace, Wantickets, Marshmallow Gun, Future Classics, Dipped in Dollars, Wicked, etc…). The artist is solely in love with the creative process and the capacity to express emotions through music in such a way that people identify a link between how they feel or felt during other moments in life. His style is always surprising listeners with a hypnotic combination of EDM genres, experimental sounds, multi-dimensional melodies, soaring build ups, and climatic Sub Bass body motions.

Bessie’s Bounce – Moduloktopus & Madd Martigann from Michael Gold on Vimeo.

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