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Bear In Heaven and Snowmine Heat Up Brillobox

Brooklyn, New York sent vistors to Pittsburgh Tuesday night when Bear In Heaven and Snowmine shared the stage.  The cold and ice was met head on with a solid 2.5 hours of lush-laden guitars and electronica. Snowmine opened the night with a syncopated echo driven pop set best described as a junior varsity version of the British powerhouse Keane. Fronted by keyboardist, Grayson Sanders, who seemed very appreciative of the warm reception the Brillobox crowd gave Snowmine.


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During the Snowmine soundcheck I had a chance to catch up with singer Jon Philpot, guitar/bassist Adam Wills and drummer Joe Stickney of Bear In Heaven. We discussed a variety of topics including their 24 hours in Pittsburgh, a trip to Russia, meeting Bob Mould and recording I Love You, It’s Cool.

Listen to our chat.

Bear In Heaven did not disappoint with an electric sample-loop driven set hitting the mark with tracks from their latest release.  Joe Stickney was the evening’s workhorse plowing through the set with Brooklyn swag. Philpot handled the loop add-ins and ambient keys. His voice soared with a slew of effects over top the steering groove eloquently played by Adam Wills. My bet is the Brillobox might not accommodate the overzealous interest generated by BIH. Catch you next time guys….in a much bigger venue. Save travels!

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