Anamanaguchi Announce New Single & Video

The birth of Anamanaguchi must have taken place in the middle of mankind’s greatest sugar high. Oh, there could have been ‘shrooms there too, but we’re betting that it had more to do with loads and loads of pure cane sugar, swallowed in liquid, cubed, granulated or processed form. It was Jolt soda, cake, ice cream, candy and everything else in between. The rosy-cheeked little thing came out of the womb, was slapped on the ass by the jovial delivering doctor and started laughing hysterically, blowing disco ball kisses in between its unprecedented fits of joyous rapture.

The band, an electronic punk band from New York, wakes up daily from dreams of playing pop-punk at raves. It immediately set out to write punishing and inspired music that would win over legions of fans, from Questlove to Bryan Lee O’Malley. Following performances at Lollapalooza and Fun Fun Fun Fest, the band was essentially dubbed the second coming of Wyld Stallyns. And so, after years of singles, 7-inches, digital-only releases and the like, the band is preparing to give birth to its own new creation: A new album, Endless Fantasy, on their own new label, dream.hax. More news of the album is forthcoming, but in the meantime, dig the first single, “Meow,” and the accompanying video, premiered today on SPIN. The video, directed and edited by Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! Editors Daniel Gray Longino and Eric Notarnicola, sees our heroes part ways to join different factions at a local Arcade, with deadly results. Which team are you on?