Pro Prospek Music : Elespee x Suave (New Orleans Hip-Hop and Soul)

2012 has been a great year for Harn SOLO’s producer @ProProspek. Always staying creative atInner Recess, Prospek released two more joint ventures with NOLA artists – Suave x Elespee.

@SuaveIsHere x Prospek – “Day 2 Day Soul” EP is a short, but heavy filled content project with six conceptually written songs produced with live instruments.

Suave x Prospek – “Day 2 Day Soul” (This Cant Work video)

#Day2DaySoul BandCamp : Download

@Elespee x Prospek – “NOLA Noir” is a mixture of old school boom bap loops and live instruments.

While handling subject matter as multi-faceted as the Big Easy itself, they confront a parade of colorful characters, murder, hurricanes and some of life’s greatest challanges.

Elespee x Prospek – “Nola Noir” (Crescent City Sunrise video)

#NolaNoir BandCamp : Download

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