J-Fresh Releases “I Got Dreams” Single

J-Fresh is an up-and-coming rapper based in Las Vegas but originally from Fall River, MA!

He’s no stranger to hard work, having dropped over 3 projects recently and building a loyal following locally!

“I Got Dreams” is his latest offering produced by Key’s and recorded at Fresh MouF Productions’ Studio!

J-Fresh says :
“After reflecting on my accomplishment’s and goal’s I mainly created this song to motivate anybody with a Dream! In the recording I speak on my struggles growing up with nothing and what I had to do to survive in my hood, even though I had Goal’s and dream’s I wanted to accomplish . Everyone has dreams (especially College student’s) but between most people’s hectic schedule, financial situation or just life, I noticed a lot of people that were just waiting on, postponing or stopping there dream’s all together. That’s where I come in to Re-motivate , refocus and redeem a person’s confidence to restart or resume the progress of their dream’s through this song.”

More info on J-Fresh :
Performing his break-through hit “Stackz Out” (dedicated to Madame C.J Walker) as one of the 1st African American Males to have a music performance at his high school, J-Fresh is no stranger to hard work.

Originally from Fall River, MA, J-Fresh or “Fresh” has been residing on the Eastside of Las Vegas where he is beginning to become well-known and if you haven’t heard of him yet…Now is your chance!

With a demo tape (The Mass. Affect), mixtape (Bad Habitz MixTape V.1) and his 2nd album (I am L.Y.R.I.C’s) recorded J-Fresh feels he still has a lot more to prove and is ready to go “ALL IN”.

Showing dedication, a metaphorical laid-back style and a sound that is rigid and unique, this artist’s lyrics alone can make Buzz Lightyear give up his first name! J-Fresh is not signed and has got his foot in the door by doing all promoting, distributing and recording himself on behalf of FRESH MOUF PRODUCTIONs.

Listen to every word he says because with influences from Busta rhymes and Method man to Andre 3000 and Master P, I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Hip-Hop is BACK!