Moufy’s First Single off of Humble Season, “One Day”

Moufy is back with his first single, One Day, off of his upcoming EP, Humble Season. Moufy’s passion and creativity on “One Day” is sure to inspire fans throughout the entire country and have his affiliates hitting replay over and over. If you’re experiencing any struggles and need motivation, sit back and prepare to go to work on that goal knowing that “One Day” is near.

Since starting out last year, Moufy’s three mixtapes have over 70,000 downloads and earned him the “New Artist of the Year” title at the Boston Music Awards. He has been hailed “the next big artist” and has shared the stage with Tyga, J. Cole, Mac Miller, and Machine Gun Kelly. Checkout Moufy’s upcoming project “The Preparation”, and follow Moufy’s success by liking his Facebook page and following him on Twitter (@ Moufy617 ).