Brit-Prog Rockers KingBathmat Never Follow The Rules

I always like getting an assignment to cover and review new Brit-Rock. When PMM’s COO, Alan Welding, sent me the link to KingBathmat’s 6th studio album, “Truth Button” ( to be released on Stereohead Records with worldwide physical and digital distribution by Code 7 on January 21st 2013) I was intrigued.

I loaded up the album, sat in my listening chair and put me feet up with a pint.  After my first listen the musical rolodex spinning in my head tagged the following bands: Queens Of The Stone Age, Black Sabbath, Spocks Beard, The Doves, Elbow, Pink Floyd and placed them all on my sonic palette to draw comparisons from.

Why haven’t heard of these guys? Have they holed themselves up in some old castle Pink Floyd abandoned (with all their instruments)?  Are these recordings from another time dimension? I envisioned them quietly shopping their demo around. Only to be scolded, “Go to the corner lads you’ve been bad. You’ll never get a record deal, hit the mainstream or be on the cover MOJO Mag” by some music industry business-wankjob. You won’t here KingBathmat on any radio station in Pittsburgh, during regular hours anyway, for two reasons….1) radio programming in Pittsburgh has a low IQ and 2) KingBathmat is way too bright musically.  If you have a strong or even mild affinity for any of the groups I listed above then “Truth Button” will be your Winter Solstice record.

I was thinking what a cool band to be part of and then realized that if you were in KingBathmat you’d have to follow these rules:

  1. never come to rehearsals or gigs under the influence of any mind altering drug because their arrangements are mind blowing and complex and you’d be lost by the first bridge
  2. have insane knowledge of vintage sounding instruments and tones because they use classic textures…. especially keys, organ and synth etc.
  3. be familiar with many genres of music and be able to sew them together with energy and style
  4. have incredible endurance and dexterity ( I actually tried to play along with “Dives and Pauper” and my hand cramped within 45 seconds)
  5. realize that “time signatures” are regular everyday occurrences and showcased in their songwriting very effectively

My next step is to get a quality recording of “Truth Button” and wait for Stereohead Records to release KingBathmat’s back catalogue. I’m purchasing them all! Winter is coming and I need brain stimulation!

KingBathmat is a 4 piece band comprises of 
John Bassett (bass,vocals) David Georgiou (Keyboards) Lee Sulsh (guitar) Bernie Smirnoff (drums).

The Eldge Rating Scale: KingBathmat “Truth Button”: 4 Stars

1 Star > pass on it  

2 Stars > couple good cuts

3 Stars > explore this one  

4 Stars > purchase it  

5 Stars > never leaves your side

Rob Eldridge

Writer & Photographer, PMM

Press Below

“Truth Button” is the new album from UK Progressive Rock Band KingBathmat. A collection of 6 tracks that fuse and cross-pollinate the musical genres of Progressive Rock, Grunge, Psychedelia and Experimental Rock to concoct a vibrant intoxicating brew of complex, intricate melodies and heavy bludgeoning riffs all contained within a running time of approximately 50 minutes.


“Truth Button” deals with an underlying theme of technophobia and social disconnection due to the evergrowing trivial use of modern technology. “Truth Button” calls for the advancement of technology to be employed to make the truth more transparent as opposed to it being exploited to confuse, convulute and restrict us.

Over the coming year Stereohead Records will be re-releasing the entire KingBathmat back catalogue, and by doing so, revealing a progressive rock legacy that has been languishing in the shadows, out of sight, for far too long.