Janes’ Addiction’s The Great Escape Artist FREE from Dobel Tequila & Perry Ferrell/Giveaways to Follow

Janes’ Addiction’s latest album, The Great Escape Artist, is now available FOR FREE courtesy of a revolutionary new partnership with Dobel Tequila and the band’s legendary front-man and creator of Lollapalooza Music Festivals, Perry Farrell. You can download the free album by liking the Dobel facebook link here which will lead you to the album download page.

The free album is just one part of an innovative new campaign Dobel Tequila recently launched to bring more art and music into the world. The partnership with Dobel Tequila also includes a new video featuring a candid interview with the iconic Perry Ferrell and shots from Jane’s Addiction’s end of tour shows in San Francisco and Los Angeles in October 2012.

The campaign also includes high-end giveaway items including an exquisite photography book from legendary music industry photographer Danny Clinch featuring amazing photographs shot at the inaugural Lollapalooza Festival in Sao Paolo, Brazil with Perry Farrell and Dobel Tequila. PITTSBURGH MUSIC MAGAZINE IS PART OF THIS GIVEAWAY! WE WILL BE POSTING DETAILS ON HOW TO WIN SOON!

The new book will be made available in a series of giveaways along with other unique items signed by Perry Farrell. More interviews and other exclusive material with Perry Farrell will continue to be shared as the Dobel campaign unfolds.

“Perry is one of the most creative and inspiring people in the world,” said a Dobel Tequila spokesperson. “With his culture-defining international music festivals, to his on-stage music performances, DJ’ing, design and other collaborations, he embodies the inspirational, entrepreneurial, devil-may-care lifestyle that defines Dobel Tequila.”
“When you’re going to tell your friends about a product, you gotta have belief in it” said Perry Farrell. “I like drinking Maestro Dobel – It gets me set for creative designery. I savor it at the start and end of every show.”

About Perry Farrell:
Perry Farrell is one of the most influential and original musical figures in recent history. Dubbed as the “Godfather of Alternative Rock,” Farrell fronts Jane’s Addiction, which formed in 1985. Creating a new genre and musical movement, Farrell and Jane’s Addiction changed the music scene and paved the way for bands such as Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, and STP. As well as being a groundbreaking musician, he is the creator and founder of Lollapalooza. Launched in 1991, Spin magazine listed Lollapalooza as the #1 tour that changed the world. The first of its kind, Lollapalooza quickly established itself as a lifestyle festival, pushing the envelope and exposing concert goers to a subculture of ‘alternative’ living and art, and provided a platform for numerous environmental and human-rights causes as well. As a constant creative force, Farrell continues to push his own artistic horizon as a music producer, electronic music performer and visual artist, as well as a rock icon.

About Dobel Tequila:
Maestro Dobel is a Single Estate, 100% Agave tequila. The crystal clear spirit comes packaged in a heavily embossed bottle inspired by vintage laboratory glassware used by the Maestro Tequileros (master distillers) in early part of the last century.