LONG DISTANCE CALLING to Release “The Flood Inside”

Having recorded a handful of releases that, aside from featuring one song with vocals per album, are completely instrumental, Germany’s LONG DISTANCE CALLING has taken on the challenge of adding a vocalist to the band. Singer Martin “Marsen” Fischer (Pigeon Toe, ex-Fear My Thoughts) has taken on the role of front-man for the group and a studio video showing Martin recording vocals on a new song can be seen here:

About half of their upcoming album, THE FLOOD INSIDE will feature vocals, so fans can anticipate a subtle evolution of the band’s sound. THE FLOOD INSIDE will be released March 5 in North America, March 1 in Germany/Australia/Switzerland and March 4 in Europe.

LONG DISTANCE CALLING had this to say about the surprising change, “When we decided to work on the new album, we felt that we wanted to push the envelope. We did three (almost) instrumental albums since the beginning of the band and strangely enough, we had always a great time working on the one song on each album that came with vocals.

When we started the band we didn’t even plan to be an instrumental band, it just happened because we didn’t find the right guy and so we started our musical journey as you know it. When we started the songwriting for ‘The Flood Inside’ we realized that some of the song ideas would be perfect for vocals, which simply meant that we needed a singer. In the summer we asked Marsen if he wanted to join the band and his answer was “yes.” He is a very cool guy and his voice and attitude fits LDC perfectly.

Roughly 50% of the album will have vocals, but not only Marsen. As with the previous albums we invited several cool people to sing and for other guest features like electronics etc. We are very much looking forward to this new chapter for LDC and we cannot wait for you guys to hear the new album!”

Martin “Marsen” Fischer comments: “It is a great honor for me to be a part of LONG DISTANCE CALLING. I contributed some vocals as well as some keyboard parts to ‘The Flood Inside.’ The songs are extremely diverse and show the big spectrum this band is capable of, supported by a very dynamic and powerful production. To me they easily kept their unique style and vibe while still developing their sound. Adding my vocals to it was just a slight modification to what was already there the whole time. Unfortunately it may take some time until we will perform the new material onstage, but I’m really looking forward to it.”