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30 years of Motley Crue: The Saints of Pittsburgh

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The first time I saw Motley Crue I was in ninth grade and headed downtown on a bus to The Stanley Theater for The Shout At The Devil Tour. I remember running from the point I got off the bus and into the Stanley to get to my seats and hear the opening notes of Accept play “Balls to the Wall” and how much I could not wait for Motley to come onto the stage. There are also some things that I will never forget two things from that night. First, to me Nikki Sixx was the coolest dude on the planet and the reason I picked up a bass guitar. And two, after the show I saw one of the most beautiful women in my life dressed in an all spandex zebra skin-tight clothing. Motley’s bus was rolling out of town, came to a screeching halt upon seeing the girl, and she hopped right in. If there was ever a doubt in a young teenagers mind, it was no longer there, I wanted to be a rock n roll star. And I have been an abashed Cruehead ever since.
This being one of countless Crue shows that I have witnessed, you would think by this time I am jaded. But, the excitement is always there, the expectations build and builds, and the Crue did not disappoint. They came loaded for bear and with no intentions of coming off as second billing. Motley walked from the backstage out into the seats and onto the stage in a demented parade like fashion, complete with flags, girls, and smoke aplenty. The stage already contained a circus sideshow atmosphere that they are so famous for and seem to keep upping the ante each time.
As always the show started off with great fervor from the crowd and Motley came out like it was a finale. All the trappings of a great show were had including Tommy’s now famous roller coaster drum set and solo, Mick Mars’ vintage Fenders blazing underneath his fingers at top speed, Vince cavorting with the crowd and giving them every chance to sing along, and Nikki playing ringleader- throwing his bass around like a toy. A new addition to Nikki’s antics would be the fire throwing bass stock- it was by far one of the coolest effects ever. Just because I am a huge fan does not mean that I will not criticize them if they are not at the top of their game. I once travelled all the way to Vegas to see them on Crue Fest 2 and came away with a feeling that they just were not into it that night. Two weeks later they came into Pittsburgh and kicked my ass. Maybe there is something about our little Steeltown that primes bands up- but one thing is for certain- Motley Crue was flawless last night. Every band member seemed like they were having a great time, there were no sound issues to speak of, the lights and screens and dancing girls and twirling girls were amazing. Water squirting from cannons, Nikki spitting water on everyone, Tommy pouring champagne into the crowd, oh yea and then there was the music. This was rock n roll people in all its glory as it was meant to be- a spectacle. Here’s hoping Motley are around for another 30 years rocking our faces off.

Pittsburgh Setlist:
Saints of Los Angeles
Wild Side
Shout at the Devil
Same Ol’ Situation (S.O.S.)
Don’t Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)
Home Sweet Home
Tommy Lee Rollercoaster Drum Solo
Live Wire
Primal Scream
Dr. Feelgood
Girls, Girls, Girls
Kickstart My Heart