Year Of The Fist Releases Live At The Ivy Room 7-Inch

It was the most fun we’ve had,  playing live,  to an empty room,”  reminisces Oakland punk rock band Year Of The Fist. The band has just dropped their 4 song, 7-inch vinyl DCxPC Live Vol. 4 Presents Year of the Fist Live at the Ivy Room May 15, 2021. Ivy Room has been Year of the Fist’s East Bay home venue since it was re-established by summer and Lani in 2015.  Over the years they have played countless shows, even throwing their annual “Year of the Fistmas”, non-denominational rock ‘n roll holiday show each December to benefit local charities.  Once venues shut down in 2020, the band decided to put on a virtual Festival of Fistmas for Ivy Room and garnered some of their biggest supporters. “Through the fest we raised some much-needed funds to help them keep the lights on even though the venue had been dark for so many months,” explains the band. 

In the Spring of 2021, with the help of the show-going community, some grants from shuttered music festivals, and the desire to continue on, Ivy Room switched on the lights to start broadcasting live stream concerts from their stage.  So for the first time in over a year, the band got a call to perform live.

The announcement of the live stream caught the attention of DCxPC founder Mr. P. ” My love of Squeaky cannot be overstated.  From the first time I saw her on stage at the “Save the Sidebar” show in Baltimore with her old band Girlush Figure to when we most recently reconnected during the Fest of 2019 before the pandemic hit,” says Mr. P. “I saw her “new” to me band, and loved it, not just because she was in it but because it was a killer band with plenty of bangers. So when I saw her band was doing a live stream at the Ivy Room, I was like fuck yeah! And more importantly, would they be fucking willing to put out a 7” of their show with me?”  

Of course, Year Of The Fist agreed. Along with the release of the vinyl, the band has released the single “Red Lights Flash” digitally on all major streaming platforms. 

Year Of The Fist reaches from Oakland, California where there has been no shortage of great musicians and bands to play with or catch live on any night of the week.  Together their musical backgrounds span all genres, but all have a love for rock and roll.  This has led them to open for a wide spectrum of acts such as L7, Save Ferris, Iron Chic, 88 Fingers Louie, The Vibrators, Legendary Shack Shakers, and Zeke to name a few.  With 10 years under their belt as a band, Year Of The Fist has released two full-length albums, an EP, a handful of singles, has toured regionally as well as internationally, and released several music videos, with no end in sight.  From the studio to the stage Year of the Fist comes out swinging.

Connect With Year Of The Fist:


Connect With DCxPC Live:


Hockey-Themed Punks Drop Vinyl Release Of CBGB and PRB Shows Spanning 16 Years

Legendary Long Island punk band Two Man Advantage is releasing a live vinyl album featuring two live performances, separated by 16 years!  Side A captures a show live at the legendary punk venue CBGB in August of 2002., while Side B is live at the Punk Rock Bowling Festival in Las Vegas in May of 2018.

Released on Florida punk label DXPC Live, the album is pressed on 3-Stripe in Red, Black and White and features a special fold over cover, allowing people to choose the black and white cover that looks like an old V.M.Live cover, or reverse it and show the live photo cover.

For DXPC Live, the decision to release the live album was an easy one. “I had heard of 2MAN, but I had never seen them, so when this punk kid named Jizm asked me to book a show for 2MAN in Baltimore I didn’t quite know what to expect.  2MAN showed up, and I was honored that they did since they had been offered a chance to play the Hardcore Super Bowl in DC that same night with The Circle Jerks, Suicidal Tendencies, and many, many, many more. They turned down the offer because they felt they owed it to me. What followed was a beer-fueled, cheesecake-covered, sweaty mess of some of the best punk rock I’ve ever seen!”

To promote the release, Two Man Advantage has released a live video of  “Zamboni Driving Maniac”, a single about a drunken Zamboni driver that landed the band in hot water upon its release. “The Zamboni company genuinely hates the song. When the studio version came out Zamboni looked into suing 2MAN.” says the band. Indeed, a Los Angeles Times article quoted a spokeswoman for the company as saying:

” “We’re taking a look at that with our trademark attorney”. Part of the company’s concern, Jensen said, is whether the song “implies an unsafe activity.” Part of what is upsetting the Zamboni Co. is the fact that the song has been played in hockey arenas all over North America.”

The video was made by No Vacancy Media by compiling a montage of video footage found online. You can watch the video below:

Together for more than 20 years, Two Man Advantage is the world’s premier hockey punk band. Known widely for their explosive live performances, the band has been featured in some of the country’s most high-profile media outlets: The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Los Angeles Times, ESPN, and their music has been played in numerous NHL arenas.  Through it all, they remain true to their underground roots and continue to play dive bars, DIY spots, and punk houses across the country in support of their numerous full-length LPs and other releases. The album is available for pre-order now at  

Karabas Barabas Release Powerfully Charged, Third LP, ‘Degenerate National Anthem’

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Psychedelic Alt-Rock trio KARABAS BARABAS have released their newest, Degenerate National Anthem, recorded by Steve Albini. Blending rock, country, Russian dinner music, new wave, punk, and jazz with some Roy Orbison vibes thrown in, the Brooklyn based threesome delivers their most polished and politically antagonistic album to date, instigating more imaginative discussion than anything offered by the mainstream. The degenerate stories each have their own vibe but tie together by their overall absurdity.

Degenerate National Anthem is available digitally along with a limited run of hi bias cassettes NOW with physical CDs and Vinyl arriving in March, 2020.

YT Player

“In these tumultuous, uncertain times, we wanted to make an album to lift up the spirits of the degenerates and the doomed, inspiring them to let their freak flag fly… high!” – KARABAS BARABAS

degenerate front cover jpg

Degenerate National Anthem Track List:
1. Kool-Aid Giuliani
2. Have a Blessed Day
3. Microwaves
4. Peter Pan
5. Trump University
6. Connecticut
7. Let the Buffalo Remain
8. Bait and Tackle
9. Wcvs-FM
10. River’s Dry
11. Dinner with my Boss
12. Degenerate National Anthem

Download / Stream Degenerate National Anthem:


Click to order ‘Degenerate National Anthem’ on hi bias cassette on bandcamp




Karabas Barabas formed in late 2015 when Cern ripped a hole in space time. A portal opened in Jacksonville Florida from where they emerged. After being discovered by Stanley Cup winning hockey coach Jacques Lemaire who taught them everything they know They moved to Brooklyn and used those skills to work with Dean Jones on The Truth About Gordon Bombay and Steve Albini on Return of the Sexy Demon in 2016.

Some have compared them to the likes of WeenPrimus, and Mr. Bungle, but the band scoffs at such correlations.

They released their second lp Sex with the Devil on 12.22.17. It was recorded by Greg Norman at Electrical Audio in Chicago and Mastered by “the Devil himself” Chris Gehringer, at Sterling Sound in NYC. It features veteran cellist Jane Scarpantoni, Dean Jones, and percussionist Mike Dillon.


PUSHING VERONICA Releases Official Music Video for “Reason to Cry”


Los Angeles based Alternative Rock/ Pop Punk band PUSHING VERONICA has released the official music video for their newest single, “Reason to Cry.”


High school punk rock quartet Pushing Veronica refuses to get sucked into the black hole that is the internet on their fifth single “Reason to Cry.” The band aggressively tackles the incredibly addictive and destructive properties of social media on mental health and relationships.

Download / Stream “Reason to Cry”:


PVHS 11x17

Photo Credit: Thomas Henriksen


PUSHING VERONICA Releases Official Music Video for “Bullshit”


FFO Sum 41 and My Chemical Romance, high school punk quartet Pushing Veronica arrive with their fourth single “Bullshit.” Angry and explicit, the track is about the frustration the band feels when they see their friends succumb to the perils of drug addictions. The straightedge group pack all their fury and hope in “Bullshit” and in its accompanying music video. To support the release, Pushing Veronica has booked a tour with Like A Storm this winter. Directed by Glass Dagger Film Company and produced by *Brian Steele Medina, “Bullshit” was premiered on Ghost Cult Mag*.


“Screaming cuss words at the top of our lungs is fun, especially when we’ve got something to scream about. Every member of Pushing Veronica is straight edge and we’ve seen the power addiction holds over our friends. ‘Bullshit’ is our anthem against high school drug abuse and we couldn’t help but kick and scream against it.” – PUSHING VERONICA

Download / Stream “Bullshit”:


PVHS 11x17


LoveSick Radio Release New Blues Tinged Single, “Bloodshot Eyes”


Alternative Rock Band LoveSick Radio has released their newest single, “Bloodshot Eyes,” which was voted Track of the Week on Classic Rock Magazine.
“Good times now with part Ohio, part Vegas-based rockers LoveSick Radio. The opening riff sounds a little like a more rootsy You Shook Me All Night Long, but in truth this is a more layered affair – in a good way. Punchy blue-collar rock’n’roll, rough-edged touches of punk, pop rock, bluesy guitar soloing… All audibly drawing from the classic rock likes of The Stones, Aerosmith and co.” – Classic Rock Magazine


“’Bloodshot Eyes’ is about overcoming and how we cope with life’s struggles. Some people may have a drink with friends, some may like to get high, and some just need a good scream. No matter what is the fix or how you get there, “it will be ok if we end the day with bloodshot eyes”. – LoveSick Radio

Download / Stream “Bloodshot Eyes” Online:



LoveSick Radio (LSR) play unapologetic blue collar rock n’ roll on steroids! Big guitars, big vocals with punk and blues infused swagger creating a fresh sound all their own.

LSR has performed at some of the most buzzed about festivals and events such as NHL All-Star Game with Fall Out Boy and O.A.R.; the Changjiang International Music Festival in China, the Vans Warped Tour, and has shared the stage with the likes of the Bon Jovi, Scott Weland of Stone Temple Pilots, Dorothy, Josh Todd & The Conflict, Wayland, Bobaflex, Blue October, Kid Rock, Steel Panther, Three Days Grace, Buckcherry, Hinder, Twenty One Pilots, Paramore, Dead Sara, to name a few. Additionally, between live shows and writing/recording, the band found time to bring their live energy stage show overseas for tours in Japan, South Korea & Singapore.

LoveSick Radio has received great airplay , landing in the top 50 Billboard pop chart with their 1st single. LSR received multiple placements on several MTV shows (including a appearance on “My Super Sweet Sixteen”) and MTV2 featured the band as one of its “Bands on the Rise.”

Thanks to LoveSick Radio’s road work and live shows, the band boasts a strong, loyal fan base. The band recently began production on the their new record with guitarist David Harris co-producing with Joe Viers ( Twenty One Pilots, Bobaflex ) & producer Warren Huart (The Fray, Aerosmith) on new tracks.


The Attack Announce Southeast Dates w/ Flogging Molly, Mephiskapheles and More * New 10″ EP “Under The Gun” Out Summer 2014

Stream new song “Under The Gun” from The Attack here!

The Attack Live!
02.15.14 Tabernacle Atlanta, GA w/ Flogging Molly
02.16.14 The Rita Ybor Tampa, FL w/ Flogging Molly
02.18.14 House of Blues Lake Buena Vista, FL w/ Flogging Molly
02.19.14 Revolution Fort Lauderdale, FL w/ Flogging Molly
04.03.14 High Dive, Gainsville FL w/ Mephiskapheles
04.05.14 Crowbar, Ybor City, Tampa FL w/ Mephiskapheles
04.06.14 Will’s Pub, Orlando FL w/ Mephiskapheles

Fresh off their recent US tour with The Misfits, and Northeast run with The Business, Orlando street punk and hardcore band THE ATTACK is preparing to head out on a string of Southeast US dates with punk favorites Flogging Molly, followed by additional Southeast dates with the recently reunitedMephiskapheles.

In addition, The Attack has recently premiered the title track to their upcoming 10″ EP “Under The Gun,” out this Summer (more details coming soon).

About The Attack:

” For devotees on either side… …the Attack make us realize that there’s more in common than divergent between traditional punk rock and hardcore.” –

“…this quartet delivers the kind of vintage melodic hardcore that will take true punkers right back to the days of CBGB’s Sunday matinees…” – Pop Matters

“…Florida-based group that intentionally straddles the line between classic hardcore and old school melodic street punk.” – Metal Sucks

“…turn-of-the-century melodic punk/hardcore.” – Punknews

“If the Attack is nostalgic for anything, then, it’s not a sound, but an attitude that three chords, a six-pack and a fire in your belly is all you need to overthrow the system.” – The Orlando Weekly

…’some honest, true to the cause punk rock…” – Exclaim!

The Attack brings Punk back to basics; short, fast riffing songs about the social, music, and media driven politics of today. The simplicity of punk has been lost on a divided underground driven more by fashion and ruled by icons that have become the same rock stars the punk movement rebelled against in the seventies. Across the country everything Punk, from all ages shows to facebook pages, has become a popularity contest that defies the original intent of the alternative music scene.

The Attack is ruled by a DIY ethos and driven by a goal to re-unite the punks and skins and hardcore kids under the same underground flag. The Attack’s lyrics are true shot from all sides anthems. The Attack never panders to one political party or music scene forming an opinion, agenda and sound of its own.

For more information, visit:

DROPDEAD: Providence Activists Dispatch Duo Of Joint EPs/Split 7″ Releases With RUIDOSA INMUNDICIA + SYSTEMATIC DEATH

Longtime political hardcore/punk activists, DROPDEAD, have just released two brand new EPs via their own Armageddon Label, both of them split releases; one with RUIDOSA INMUNDICIA and the other with SYSTEMATIC DEATH.

unnamed (19)

Since 1991, Providence, Rhode Island’s DROPDEAD has protested humankind’s attrition towards the environment and its inhabitants, including each other, along the way amassing an impressive arsenal of fully independent releases, including several full-length studio and live LPs, and split releases with Crossed Out, Rupture, Totalitär, Unholy Grave, Suppression, Converge and others. Having toured internationally — razing clubs, squats and basements on multiple continents for two decades — the band has been a major East Coast US contributor to inspiring entire new generations of extreme music fans to rise up against tyranny and injustice at maximum speed and aggression through their “fucking assholes don’t get it” credo. DROPDEAD‘s latest audio collapses come in the form of two new 7″ vinyl split releases with a pair of high-potency international acts.


One of these brutal head-to-head platters is with Vienna, Austria’s punk shredders, RUIDOSA INMUNDICIA, the female-fronted outfit raging in the riotous vein of Antischism, Capitalist Casualties, Los Crudos and Hellnation. The split leads with “A Fall Of Empires” and “Last Breath” from DROPDEAD on the A-side, and counters with “Donde Esta La Solucion,” “Asco” and “Blanco Y Negro” from RUIDOSA INMUNDICIA on the B-side. The second new output comes in the form of theFighting For Life 7″ split with longtime Japanese punk/hardcore outfit, SYSTEMATIC DEATH. In existence since 1983 this outfit spews forth rabid political hardcore along the lines of Gauze, S.O.B.,Infest, GISM and Lärm, and here overthrows the B-side of the split with the tracks “Suji” and “Dashing,” while DROPDEAD overloads side A with their newest attacks in the form of “Foundation” and “The Final Chapter.”


DROPDEAD on Facebook

Massachusetts Indie/pop-punk band Traditions will release their debut EP entitled “Cycles” on March 11th

Massachusetts Indie/pop-punk band Traditions will release their debut EP entitled “Cycles” on March 11th via Take This To Heart Records. You can stream “Progression/ Regression” over at

Pre-order the album on 12” Vinyl/CD/ Digital over at or

“Cycles” comes off the heels of a 4-way split 7” w/ No Tide, Knockout Kid and Fourth & Goal, which was released on December 3rd.  Their aggressive style of nuanced pop-punk is reminiscent of bands like Taking Back Sunday, The Wonder Years, and The Swellers. Up tempo, guitar driven, pulse pounding riffs generate the basis of these claims along with their thought provoking storytelling lyrics that tend to paint pictures upon pictures in your head that is already thoroughly bobbing. “Cycles” was recorded at Zing Studios (A Day To Remember, Maker, Underoath) in Westfield, MA and produced and mixed by Jim Fogarty.

They will be on the road this March/April in support of the new EP. Dates coming soon.

Track Listing:

1. Ten Days

2. Progression/ Regression

3. Debt Of A Son

4. Polarity

5. Eyes Of A Man

Scene Point Blank celebrates 10 years with their first book

All Downhill From Here – Scene Point Blank: The Collected Music Writing of Ten Years covering Punk, Metal and Hardcore releases on Feb. 1, 2014


In 2003 the AFI messageboard spawned a new webzine called Scene Point Blank. AFI were at the top of the charts, The Blood Brothers and The Locust were making waves in hardcore, and a young folk-punk band called Against Me! released As the Eternal Cowboy. The times have changed, but Scene Point Blank is stronger than ever, celebrating 10 years with All Downhill From Here, a new book that highlights some of our favorite material and includes insight on the wide-ranging cast of writers behind some of the webzine world’s longer reviews.

Curated from 4000+ reviews and 200+ interviews, Scene Point Blank has put together some of our most popular items, some of our favorites, and our most memorable pieces into three formats: Kindle, eBook, and print, retailing from $7-15 depending on platform.

Let’s not to limit SPB to punk and hardcore, though. We’re proud of our varied content, ranging from blackened death to drone to hip-hop and even prog. Music shouldn’t be limited to genre and, in fact, discussing it in those terms is far too limiting. What we focus on is heavy, independent music—both the well-known and those just getting started.

After 10 years of online coverage, we now offer All Downhill From Here to the public on a format they can carry with them and share, free of hard-to-remember URLs. Pre-orders are available now.

For more information check us out here:

Review: Death Ray Vision: We Ain’t Leavin’ Till You’re Bleedin’

Current members of Killswitch Engage and Shadows Fall and ex members of Overcast and Cannae combined forces in the project Death Ray Vision and their debut 12 song album “We Ain’t Leavin’ Till You’re Bleedin'” which was released on Bullet Tooth on September 10, 2013.  Oft described as metallic hardcore with  old school hardcore roots, fans of bands like Cro-Mags, Leeway, Suicidal Tendencies or Bad Brains will find the influences immediately drawn from at the top of the surface.  According to vocalist Brian Fair, “When Mike and I first met, we went to see Leeway and Breakdown play in Boston. My love for raw, metallic hardcore began that day and the energy and insanity in that club is something that has stayed with me forever.”

Produced by legendary hardcore guru Dean Baltulonis who has helmed albums for Sick Of It All, Agnostic Front, Madball and Most Precious Blood, DRV describe these new songs as “short blasts of energy and intensity built on thrash metal rhythms and chugging guitar riffs”.  True to their word songs like “Over My Dead Body”, “Break Every Chain”and “Fuck Compromise” are throwbacks to furious punk roots with a very hardcore edge.  One can see the pit circling up and bruised bodies being ejected as the songs progress.  “Condemned When You Were Born” has a bit more thrash bite to it reminding me of some Scotty Ian riffage/chugging and definitely has more metal tinge than punk purity.  “A Forest (of Kegs)” tone and guitar pace steps back a bit leaving the listener wondering what direction the ride is taking next, the drums and bass laying down a very rhythmic pounding charge somewhat in a Metallica vein if there must be a comparison, but yet not quite.

Death Ray Vision’s first EP was a lot of fun, a lot of punk, a bit of metal, and maybe only one throwaway instrumental.  “We started the band to have fun, there is really no other reason to do Death Ray Vision,” states bassist Mike D. “Apparently we were having so much fun when we started writing for the 1st EP that we just kept writing and writing. All of a sudden, we had a crap load of tunes.”  DRV decided to stay with Bullet Tooth for their full length debut, “Josh Grabelle and Bullet Tooth have the capacity to get our record out to more people then we can reach on our own,” explains Mike D. “It also doesn’t hurt that he is an old friend and is really excited about DRV. What more could you want?”

Grabelle is as enthusiastic about the signing as the band is. He’s known the members for years, almost signing Killswitch Engage in 2000. “I’m a huge fan of Shadows Fall, Killswitch Engage, and Overcast,” he said. “I first met Brian Fair in 1995 at an Overcast show in Erie, PA. I’ve been friends with Mike D for years as well. Mike D told me he had started a new band and I already knew it was gonna be awesome, and it was! I was honored they thought of me and Bullet Tooth and I know we will knock it out of the park together.”

We Ain’t Leavin’ Till You’re Bleedin’ is definitely worth more than a listen, in fact, it should definitely be in your download list if you love metalcore, punk, or thrash.  Fans of Killswitch and Shadows Fall have probably already picked it up, but if you have not don’t go looking for what those bands have been producing, this is something entirely different.

Video: The Attack On Tour: Jacksonville, FL

Check out this great video from our buds The Attack who have been on tour with Misfits.  They hit Jacksonville a couple weeks ago and a lot of their friends and family came out to the show. Great night, Charlie even sang Astro Zombies with Misfits.

REVIEW: Blitz From Boston – Punk/Hardcore Anthology Pays Tribute

Beyond the streets of Los Angeles, Washington D.C. was a hub for a budding interest in adrenaline-drenched punk and hardcore music ideologies. But while Bad Brains was taking control of the Capital City, the punk vibe was steadily brewing further north. Boston, Massachusetts was gathering its own punk and hardcore scene, one that LA and DC couldn’t handle. Pioneered by bands like Gang Green, the Boston punk/hardcore phenomenon was taking over. After more than 30 years since the scene hit, influential figures in the movement have released Drop the Needle – Boston Punk Anthology, a collection of legendary punk tracks and unreleased materials from figureheads of Boston-based punk and hardcore. If you’re wondering why punk was such a big deal during the 80’s in Boston, this is the record to listen to. It doesn’t cover every single facet, but this music is still some of the most furious examples of everything great about the scene.

“First Nickel” possesses all of the energy of a punk classic, but tames it quite a bit with melody and some blistering guitar solos. Its emphasis on texture over speed makes it a much less potent chaser after the Red-Bull-spiked adrenaline punch of the first three tracks. The songs by Celebrity Death Certificate don’t reach the paces of classic punk energy, but the band demonstrates a nice control over their intensity. It’s clearly metal over punk, but that’s not a bad thing.

The Scratch tracks are the songs that stand out the most in the “punk” or “hardcore” vibe, because they really aren’t either. Their steadier tempos and Black Sabbath-style guitar solos are so incredibly noticeable when standing on the same album as Gang Green. The bass lines on the song “Centralia” are so heavy, even when set behind the rugged and ripped guitars, highlighting Scratch’s slower pace (which also contributes to the song’s length, which is massively longer than other tracks on the album). The songs from Mallet Head continue this trend, with the live version of “Mother Sunshine” progressing with a stomping rhythm beat and a vocal chorus that, while definitely good for brewing those pits, calls out longer than your typical punk “oi!” But like the Scratch tunes, Mallet Head’s tracks emphasize steadiness and are clearly more based in classic heavy metal than 80’s hardcore punk.

This makes the third Scratch song “El Monstro” such a sucker punch to the face; it starts off quiet and steady enough, but bursts into punk pacing without any warning. The band’s metal skill darts through in a great guitar solo, but still keeps its tempo energized and racing. The brew of metal and punk reaches a near-perfect pitch on “El Monstro”, a track that is able to please both headbanging metalheads and the amped-up punk fans. It’s one of the best tracks on the record.

Probably the most interesting inclusion is five rare demo tracks by Smegma and the Nunz, one of Boston’s premiere punk supergroups that would eventually become the second major lineup for Gang Green. Composed of members of Gang Green and The Freeze, along with the late vocalist of Leper (what is said to be the first hardcore band in the Boston region), Alec Steere, Smegma and the Nunz are still as rambunctious and energized as ever. Steere’s sneering vocals are right up there with the legends of The Sex Pistols and Black Flag. Guitarist Chuck Stilphen (who appears on all other tracks on the album) is a very skilled axeman who is able to mix melodic texture and punk endurance together fascinatingly. “Napalm Sticks to Kids” has an infectiously creepy guitar bend throughout the track, while the bass beats in “Nuns of Guatemala” are just as inescapably hypnotic. As one of the unsung heroes of punk, Smegma and the Nunz’ influence is just as important as Gang Green’s, and in some ways, accelerates itself far past its own breaking point while still managing to stay on its feet. It’s downright incredible how much this music holds up today.

It’s kind of sad how the Boston scene seemed to get set aside in favor of the Los Angeles scene, because the music it produced was something of immeasurable potency. Unlike other groups, its speed and energy never trumped its musicians’ virtuosity. The songwriting from Smegma and the Nunz is amazing: blisteringly fast, but melodic and toned when it needs to be. The Mallet Head and Celebrity Death Certificate tracks don’t stand out as much, but they’re not as all bad: they just have a lot to live up to sharing the stage with Gang Green. Scratch manages to keep both punk and metal fundamentals in equilibrium; “El Monstro” is a fantastic recording. The inherently influential nature of Boston-based punk and hardcore is something of Northeastern myth (trust me, this is Pittsburgh), so seeing the movement get such a resounding tribute is downright incredible. Boston had a lot of offer for punk and hardcore, and this record is a fine sampling of what made the movement so massively appealing, even in 2014.

Count To Four Release ‘I Hope Not’ Music Video

South Jersey/Philadelphia pop-punkers Count To Four have released their new video for ‘I Hope Not’, the lead single from debut album Between Two Cities. Count To Four are streaming debut album Between Two Cities via Bandcamp, following its release earlier in the year. The album reached No.1 in the Bandcamp ‘punk’ chart and peaked at No.3 in the overall charts.


What the band says:

“The song, at its core, is about looking back at a year of your life, looking at the mistakes and things that went wrong, then trying to change your life for the better while moving forward. This was essentially why we decided that 80’s movies would be a great vehicle for this music video. Not only are we looking back to the decade in a literal sense, adding that bit of nostalgia necessary for such a project, but the overall theme of 80’s teen movies truly fit the theme of the song. As Ryan (Beacher, Director) said, “The work of John Hughes and other prominent 80’s filmmakers really embodied the teen angst we all went through and is still relevant today.”


What the press says:

‘Sunny pop-punk’ – Alt Press


‘…pure, high-octane, intensely emotive pop-punk’ – MTV Buzzworthy

‘…quintessential pop-punk at its finest’ – Property Of Zack


A throwback pop-punk sound which we all really love’ – Alex Gaskarth (All Time Low)


‘Your new favourite pop-punk band’ – BUZZNET


‘Between Two Cities is sure to please lovers of pop-punk everywhere’ – idobi Radio

‘Pop-punk’s newest hopes’ – Big Cheese Magazine


Facebook –

Bandcamp –

Twitter –


The Attack “Old School” Punk Pittsburgh

“Who did this poster? I want to meet these guys.”  Well, they played the show tonight.  “What do you mean they played the show?”  The Attack, they were one of your openers.  Charlie and Brad- they made the poster.

And so this is how Charlie and Brad, owners of Enemy Ink and members of The Attack started a long relationship with The Misfits.  Opening for The Misfits in Pittsburgh December 8, 2013 and having been on tour throughout the fall into winter and many times before this, The Attack has a vast history not only with legends like Jerry Only, but a ton of other bands as well.  To get a really good primer on The Attack a great place to start would be to watch the recent trek they did on Record Store Day this Black Friday.  We sat down with guitar player Brad Palkevich, in the coolest custom traveling band van, to talk with him about that day and a lot of other things going on with The Attack.  Check it out here…

This video doesn’t exist

The Attack are super cool, laid back, and very personable guys.  But don’t let that fool you.  Their stage show is punk intensity and fury at it’s finest.  What is so endearing about them is that it leaves the bullshit of many of today’s neo-punk posers behind and goes to the root of why many of us fell in love with the genre in the first place and exposes the younger generation to that sound at the same time.  With a sound that is reminiscent of 80’s founders like Black Flag, Minor Threat, and 7 seconds combined with elements of later influences like Dropkick Murphys, Bad Religion, and H20, The Attack have a purity that is rarely found these days, and it feels damn good.  If asked how the show was the response is quite simple, “it was fun!”  How often can one say that anymore from a show?

*Show highlight: The massive crowd sing-along to “Bad Moon Rising”.  No offense to LagWagon’s version (which is awesome), but this one has a different feel and was a bit more lighthearted, which gave it a Irish Bar drinking song feel that certainly sits well in this town.

All Photos ©AWeldingphoto and Pittsburgh Music Magazine

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The Misfits Walk Among Us in Pittsburgh at Altar Bar 2013

The history of The Misfits is so vast, from their inception in 1977 until their current line-up today, that it is hard to really sometimes wade through what is fact and what is fiction.  Only one book out there really attempts to put it to ink, This Music Leaves Stains: The Complete Story of the Misfitsand it leaves much to be desired because without the true players telling the story, it’s pretty tough to get down to the middle ground that may be the truth.  What can be said for sure is this: Jerry Only is one hell of a nice dude despite his onstage scary persona (to outsiders only).  The Misfits crew has quite the number of friends in each city and is known to host one heck of a gathering in each.  Jerry and Dez are punk royalty after all, Jerry with Glenn Danzig having started The Misfits and Dez Cadena, currently a Misfit, and formerly in legendary Black Flag.  These guys have been in the biz forever, yet still manage to maintain what punk ethics that they can while retaining their sanity.

Pittsburgh loves their Misfits, and each year we usually get treated to them in some fashion.  After we talked to Doyle (Jerry’s brother and ex-Misfit guitarist) when he played with Danzig recently at Stage AE, we can only hope that maybe one day Pittsburgh will play host to Glenn, Jerry, and Doyle at least on the same stage if Glenn decides one day it’s time (and no one is getting any younger, except maybe Doyle!).  Anyways, the current lineup of our beloved Misfits is no reason to scoff regardless, having Eric “Chupacabra” Arce on drums to round out a trio that makes it seem like punk is still where it always was, in our hearts.

With a ridiculously packed set and a completely packed house, The Misfits gave everyone a great time and had us all shouting 1,2, 3,4 before each song, remembering what it was or at least getting a glimpse of what was missed.  The age range was somewhere between 14 and 50, which was really very cool.  These were not chaperones at an Asking Alexandra show, but young and young-minded mingled and moshed together for an evening of what makes us all one in the first place, our love for music and The Misfits.

The setlist was vast but highlights included: “Monkey’s Paw”, “TV Casualty”, “I Turned Into A Martian”, “Attitude”, “Ghouls Nite Out”, “Horror Business” and of course, “Die Die My Darling”.

All photos  ©2013 AWelding and Pittsburgh Music Magazine

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ILLUSTRATIONS Announce Debut Album “In Vain” Out February 2014

Watch ILLUSTRATIONS Live @ Trailer Space Records in Austin here!

“In Vain is an onslaught of caustic death metal growls, bonecrushing guitar riffs, and unrelenting percussion; all executed with exemplary punk breeziness.” – The Needle Drop

San Antonio’s punk infused hardcore band ILLUSTRATIONS are announcing the official release for the debut album “In Vain” set for release in February 2014.

Originally released earlier this year as a limited-run Bandcamp-exclusive album, “In Vain” immediately caught the attention of tastemaker blogs like The Needle Drop, Tight To The Nail and more, and landed the band on US tours with former Prosthetic Records artists The Greenery (who they’ll be hitting the road with again before the end of the year) as well as appearances at the 2013 Che Festivalin San Diego, a recent Fun Fun Fun Nights appearance with Defeater and 2012’s SXSW marathon in Austin.

The band’s pummeling, straight-to-your-face aesthetic is reminiscent of current and foregone genre heroes such as Converge, Drop Dead, The Swarm and Trash Talk, and fits in perfectly alongside up and comers Deafheaven, Nails and others.

In support of the new release, the band is set to head out on a series of year end dates with The Greenery, with additional 2014 dates to be announced shortly (full itinerary below).

* “In Vain” will see an initial vinyl pressing of 200 black and 100 clear LPs, and will be available through all major digital retail outlets beginning this February.

“In Vain” Track List:
1. Take My Body Away
2. Heaven
3. Always Losing
4. Never Feeling
5. Widower
6. Swan Song
7. In Shambles
8. Endless Sleep
9. Die Young
10. Faithless
11. Promises of Forever
12. Leave Me

December 14th – San Antonio, TX @ The Trends Die House
December 15th – Fort Worth, TX @ 1919 Hemphill w/ The Greenery
December 16th – Austin, TX @ Infest w/ The Greenery
December 17th – Midland, TX @ The Pine Box w/ The Greenery
December 18th – Albuquerque, NM @ The Cathouse w/ The Greenery
December 19th – Yuma, AZ @ Jefe’s Venue w/ The Greenery
December 20th – Long Beach / LA, CA @ TBA
December 21st – Las Vegas, NV @ Shamansmith w/ They As In Them
December 22nd – Phoenix, AZ @ Wallstreet

For more information, visit:

American Songwriter Premieres The First Single From Bend Sinister’s New album, Animals/ Pittsburgh Date March 19

“One helluva-party.”
– Phoenix New Times
“They’ve got a sound and style that is likely to catch on with millions of listeners. The more we spin this the more we dig it.”
– Babysue


Vancouver’s Bend Sinister (Daniel Moxon, Jason Dana, Matt Rhode, Joseph Blood) have partnered up with the folks at American Songwriter to premiere the first single – “Fancy Pants” – off their upcoming album, Animals. The 10-track album will be released on March 11, 2014 via File Under: Music and is the follow up to the band’s critically acclaimed and American debut, 2012’sSmall Fame.  The quartet recorded Animals in San Diego at Signature Sound.  They teamed up with Grammy-nominated producer Joe Marlett who turned out to be a perfect match for the band. He worked closely with them, allowing the band to continue their penchant for infectious melodies mixed with soaring guitars and a crushing B3 organ. Recording in San Diego with Marlett granted the band a renewed sense of creative focus that was channelled into their most ambitious work to date. Bend Sinister cut complex paths through vinyl jungles of classic rock, punk, metal, psychedelic, and pop to emerge victorious with Animals.
Before heading into the studio to begin working on Animals, Bend Sinister had quite a busy 2012-2013.  Their North American tour in support of Small Famebrought them to CMJ and SxSW, as well as other major markets across the U.S.  The band toured constantly behind Small Fame hitting Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle, San Diego, Chicago, Nashville and more. Radio and press became fans of the band instantly.  Bend Sinister saw adds come in across the U.S. including plays on KROQ (Los Angeles), KCXX (San Bernandino), KTCL (Denver), KXTE (Las Vegas) and more.  The band premiered the album on AOL Spinner and with a feature in Alternative Press.  Shortly after they were stopping by and performing at Daytrotter in Iowa, Playboy Radio and AXS TV in Los Angeles, Acoustic Cafe in Ann Arbor and JB TV in Chicago.  Paper Magazine premiered the band’s first video from the album for their song “Quest for Love” which featured adult film star James Deen.  The video was quickly picked up by other outlets seeing additional coverage at Death and Taxes, Alt Sounds, Culture Brats and more.
Bend Sinister plan to tour around the release of Animals and have already confirmed a handful of dates.  Stay tuned for additional dates to be announced shortly!
“Some of the most infectiously hooky songs in recent memory.”
– The Indie Machine
March 18 – Fubar – St. Louis, MO
March 19 – The Smiling Moose – Pittsburgh, PA
March 27 – PJ’S Lager House – Detroit, MI
March 28 – Juniors Sports Bar – Chicago, IL
March 29 – Underground Lounge – Chicago, IL
March 30 – Turf Club – Minneapolos, MN
Bend Sinister is:
Daniel Moxon – Vocals/Piano
Jason Dana – Drums/Percussion
Matt Rhode – Bass
Joseph Blood – Guitar/Vocals

Alkaline Trio, New Found Glory, and H2O prove to be triple threat at Pittsburgh’s Stage AE

If one wanted to learn a bit about the History of Punk 101, a great start would have been a stop in Pittsburgh at Stage AE on Nov. 14, 2013 for a bit of schooling.  While not having the deep roots of their predecessors Sex Pistols, Black Flag, Minor Threat, Seven Seconds, and the like, three bands from the era of punk from the mid 1990’s that began the resurgence of the sound that makes what The Warped Tour is what it has become today, all converged on The Steel City.  With the variance of their sound and take on the punk style, a real education could be retained from the mid life of punk as we know it today.  It was a refreshing reminder of how great this music is and how much of an impact it has had and continues to have on musicians in many genres.  Also, to be able to see bands on a full stage playing full sets, not in a parking lot, and with good lighting was very refreshing.  Love the Warped Tour and all, but between the sun, crazy schedule of bands, and less than ideal conditions in general it’s not the best place to see your fave bands.  Stage AE, being one of Pittsburgh’s premiere facilities, was a sight to behold last night with all the moshing bodies, legs and arms akimbo in the air and aloft upon another’s arms, and the general great vibe put out from everyone there, audience and bands included.

Alkaline Trio started their set off with “Cringe”, setting the tone immediately with a classic and fan beloved tune to get everyone in the proper frame of mind.   “[Cringe] is a pretty fun, high-energy tune, and the few fans we had at the time [we released it] really responded to it,” says Alkaline Trio vocalist/bassist Dan Andriano. “I love playing it to this day because it reminds me of that energy and the connection we began to share with the crowd, which is something we’ve strived to maintain to this day (Alternative Press)”.  Other songs that were included in their dynamic set included “Take With Lots of Alcohol”, “Sadie”, “Queen of Pain”, “Calling All Skeletons”, “Lied My Face Off”, “Ever Thug Needs a Lady”, “Time to Waste”, “I Wanna Be a Warhol”, “Dead and Broken”, and “My Friend Peter”.  The vocal output of both vocalist/guitarist Matt Skiba and the aforementioned Andriano is really impressive when witnessed live.  While maybe not having the flying about type antics of their peers, Alkaline Trio make up for it in their pent up emotion sent through their instruments released into the crowd and circularly back to them.  Their is a certain craft and art that Skiba, Andriano, and drummer Derek Grant create as the number in their suggests that is very unique and powerful and sets them in a different class than most punk artists.  In support of their latest effort, My Shame Is True, the band has full fan support with their new songs, especially fine tunes like “I Wanna Be A Warhol” which certainly has a connection in Pittsburgh as Andy Warhol was born here.  Overall it was a gem of a performance to witness that one could dare say was a perfect blend of art meets rough spikes of punk. (Be sure to scroll down to each band’s review for all pictures)

All photos ©2013 AWeldingphoto and Pittsburgh Music Magazine

IMG_9409_Snapseed IMG_9511_Snapseed IMG_9518 IMG_9518_Snapseed IMG_9521_Snapseed IMG_9671_Snapseed IMG_9717_Snapseed IMG_9777_Snapseed IMG_9786_Snapseed IMG_9789_Snapseed IMG_9790_Snapseed IMG_9808_Snapseed IMG_9819_Snapseed

The co-headliner New Found Glory has been to Pittsburgh many times, often seen at Warped Tour, and they never disappoint with a high energy output.  As one of their t-shirts claims, “Pop Punk Is Not Dead”, and it certainly was not in The ‘Burg last night.  Jordan Pundik, looking like Morrissey and Henry Rollins’ love child, dominated the stage at all ends and showed no signs of slowing down the entire set. With a rich history of songs to draw from such as “All Downhill From Here”, “It’s Not Your Fault”, “Truck Stop Blues”, “Sucker”, “Radiosurgery”, “Anthem For The Unwanted”, “Forget My Name”, and “My Friends Over You”, the band had a ton of material to choose from to entertain the crowd.  On top of these tunes and other originals they also banged out two left field covers of Aerosmith’s “I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing” (to which Jordan remarked, “Yes.  We just played that.”) and Six Pence None The Richer’s “Kiss Me” to great applause.  NFG is one of those bands that still get it that punk can be serious fun.

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My only complaint about opener H2O is that we don’t see you often enough!  Damn this band is awesome and it had been too long since they had been in Pittsburgh for my liking.  While some of us old timers in the crowd were getting our fix of Toby and Todd Morse, Rust Pistachio, Adam Blake, and Todd Friend we could not help but notice that the younger audience members were really into as well.  This is the beauty of shows like this.  While H2O may not have felt entirely at home with a crowd that was not completely familiar with their music at first; they were quick to find that there were more loyalist than they maybe first thought.  Toby (vocalist) is so inspiring in his lyrics and performance and is still at the top of his game.  It was also great to see some of the guys hang out to say hi to the fans after their set.  Absolute highlights would be “Family Tree”, “1995”, and “One Life One Chance” as well as a thrown in snippet of Fugazi’s “Waiting Room” and a brief guest vocal at one point by Alkaline Trio’s Matt Skiba.  It’s been awhile since any new tunes have come from H2O, the last release being 2011’s Don’t Forget Your Roots which was a tribute record to their fave bands.  Toby has said after this tour they will concentrate on recording after the holidays and a release sometime in 2014.  It will be good to hear some new stuff, but last night it was truly great to hear some classic.(On a side note, Rusty has some really cool jewelry that he makes called P-Nut Jewelry available at the shows.)

IMG_9038_Snapseed IMG_9040_Snapseed IMG_9050_Snapseed IMG_9058_Snapseed IMG_9121_Snapseed IMG_9125_Snapseed IMG_9142_Snapseed IMG_9145_Snapseed IMG_9191_Snapseed IMG_9198_Snapseed IMG_9230_Snapseed IMG_9236_Snapseed IMG_9241_Snapseed IMG_9248_Snapseed IMG_9281_Snapseed IMG_9290_Snapseed IMG_9295_Snapseed IMG_9297_Snapseed IMG_9316_Snapseed IMG_9340_Snapseed IMG_8983_Snapseed

Less Than Jake’s First Show at Stage AE Pittsburgh

On a Wednesday night at Pittsburgh own Stage AE, probably the biggest punk rock/ska show this year has just taken place, and man was it energetic to say the least. Four bands stopped by Stage AE for the “Fat Tour 2013” which included: Get Dead, Masked Intruder, Pittsburgh’s own Anti-Flag, and the headliner Less Than Jake.

Now, Less Than Jake (LTJ) have come to Pittsburgh quite a lot since they started as a band more than 20 years ago! LTJ is one of the very few ska bands that still exists and actually still puts out new music on top of that. Anyway, they visit Pittsburgh a lot, and instead of playing at the usual spots (for them that is) like Mr. Smalls or Altar Bar, they deciding to go BIG by going to Stage AE. It is a challenge to fill that place sometimes; especially on a Wednesday night. LTJ saw no problem in the matter since, according to them that is, “Every day is a Friday night when you’re up on stage.” Pittsburgh has always been very loyal when it comes to punk rock and ska shows so the place did get pretty packed after everyone got out of all of the traffic going downtown.

As LTJ comes out onto the stage and the crowd already screaming at the top of their lungs, they jump right into it with a song off of their new album, “See the Light” called “Good Enough” followed by some good old classic songs: “Automatic”, “Sugar in Your Gas Tank”, and “Last One Out of Liberty City”. The band just kind of played all of those songs before they finally stopped to partake in their usual shenanigans with the crowd and each other. Now if you have never seen LTJ before, let me say this, they always have fun filled jokes and quick witty one-liners to go around all night long. It is always entertaining to see and it makes the show very enjoyable so it is more than just a concert, it’s a comedy skit too.

Leave it to LTJ though to pull two of the security guards up from down in the pit area, to have them come up on stage and have a beer chugging contest. Well… that didn’t happen because they were told “no”; the security guards could not drink. On to plan B then, they kept the security guards up on stage for one song, but had two women from the crowd come up on stage, chug the beers for the guys, then had a competition of who could dance the most provocative (slutty) with one of the guards. Hilarious none the less, and embarrassing too but that’s a ska show for you.

After all of the funny stunts LTJ pulled, they did play a lot more. Obviously they had to joke around with the crowd asking if they could quit playing early because they were “getting old”. Of course that didn’t work so on with the show! Of course though, they played some classics like I said before, like: “The Science of Selling Yourself Short”, “Scott Farcas Takes it on the Chin”, “History of a Boring Town”, and finishing up with, you guessed it “All My Best Friends Are Metalheads”. When the band came back out for their encore, it was probably the most energetic I have seen the crowd the whole night. When I say everybody and their mothers, I truly do mean EVERYBODY AND THEIR MOTHERS was in the pit skanking the night away and having a blast singing and dancing together. The songs they played for their encore were: “The Rest of My Life”, “Johnny Quest Thinks We’re Sellouts”, “Plastic Cup Politics”, and lastly “Gainesville Rock City”.

Remember people, LTJ has been around for quite awhile but they can still play and have a great time. The entire show was great from start to finish. It was nice too because LTJ played some alternate versions of some of their songs which shows they can still catch you by surprise. If you missed this show, you missed one of their best performances in Pittsburgh and their first time ever at Stage AE.
Don’t forget to check out Less Than Jake’s new Album “See the Light” that just came out on 11/12/13!


CLOSE YOUR EYES have teamed up with Alternative Press to stream their forthcoming album, Line In The Sand, in its entirety starting Friday, October 25th through Sunday, October 27th. Are you looking for melodic, punk influenced hardcore anthems that you can believe in? This is the album that you have been waiting for. Listen to the full stream now.

Exclusive Line In The Sand pre-order packages and limited edition colored vinyl are available now at Get Line In The Sand at FYEBest BuyHastings, and your nearest independent retailer on Tuesday, October 29th. Line In The Sand is available for pre-order on iTunesAmazonMP3, and your favorite digital retailers now.

For more information on CLOSE YOUR EYES:
“The End” feat Zoli Lyric Video

Tour Dates:
w/ Gideon, Sworn In, Altar
10/25 – Midland, TX @ The Pine Box
10/26 – Mesa, AZ @ Nile Theatre

10/27 – Yuma, AZ @ Jefe’s Venue
10/28 – Canoga Park, CA @ Cobalt Café

10/29 – Anaheim, CA @ Chain Reaction
10/30 – Las Vegas, NV @ Ultra Violet Studios
11/7 – Joplin, MO @ Solace
11/8 – Rockford, IL @ Millennium Center
11/9 – Newport, KY @ Thompson House

11/11 – Joliet, IL @ Mojoe’s
11/12 – Evansville, IN @ The Hatch
11/13 – Columbus, OH @ Kobo’s Live
11/14 – Chattanooga, TN @ The Warehouse
11/15 – Douglasville, GA @ The 7 Venue
11/16 – Memphis, TN @ The Abbey
11/17 – Florence, AL @ The End
11/18 – Metairie, LA @ Cypress Hall
11/19 – Dallas, TX @ Sons of Hermann Hall
11/20 – Houston, TX @ Walter’s Downtown
11/21 – Austin, TX @ Dirty Dog Bar
11/22 – Abilene, TX @ Billiards Backroom

EXCLUSIVE & MASSIVE interview with DOYLE (Former Misfits) on tour with Danzig

I never expected to hang out with Doyle, Misfits legend as well as guitarist and leader of Doyle, for an hour.  For someone of his legendary status to give me the unprecedented access and complete honesty to any question I threw at him was the absolute highlight of the hundreds of interviews I’ve done.  You won’t find a more humble guy who is pure rock n’ roll than Doyle.  Share the experience with me here in this two part interview as Doyle and I discuss everything from working out, Danzig, the future of Doyle, his personal life, the past, the business, stealing music, and so much more…

This video doesn’t exist

This video doesn’t exist

Editor in Chief Alan Welding with Doyle
Editor in Chief Alan Welding with Doyle

Getting the Joke: GWAR Shock and Rock with 13th Album

Beneath the countless genres of rock and metal, shock rock is the one that everyone needs to take a deep breath for before talking about. Alice Cooper, KISS and Marilyn Manson remain the cornerstones of their eras for scaring the crap out of their audiences while delivering their music, but with that embrace of spectacle, the “rock” part of “shock rock” was frequently ignored. It was a musical movement where the live shows fueled record sales, not the music itself.

GWAR were one of the first shock rock bands to completely embrace the joke the genre had become. The members put on ridiculously intricate outfits and face makeup, purposely made their live shows into spectacles in controversy and obscenity, all while staying vehemently dedicated to their wacky mythology of being aliens that landed in Antarctica to play metal for us all. With nearly 30 years of ravaging Planet Earth with their music, GWAR continue their legacy with their 13th studio album, Battle Maximus. GWAR have not changed lanes much since 1985 and they don’t much of that on Battle Maximus either, but if you’re a fan, you won’t be left disappointed.

GWAR’s live performances and obsession with a ridiculously crafted lore behind the band has been their calling card, almost overshadowing the band’s surprisingly enticing mix of punk rock pacing and heavy metal influences. Battle Maximus straddles the line of speed metal with hard punk rock, moving throughout the band’s inner circle with ferocious intensity. “Madness at the Core of Time” is clearly a punk rock song. Despite the thrashy nature of Brent “Pustulus” Purgason’s guitar solo, the pace is so drenched in adrenaline that for a second, you might think you’re listening to some up-and-coming hardcore band in a local dive. It’s made all the clearer when Brad “Jizmak” Roberts started pounding on the drumkit like a maniac, frequently shifting pace and tempo throughout “Nothing Left Alive.” GWAR don’t just parody metal; they can play it really well too.

Dave “Oderus” Brockie, despite donning the spiked shoulder-pads and wrinkled makeup of a shock rocker, actually has a very good and distinctive metal voice. Less guttural and much more influenced by the snarl of Ozzy Osbourne, there’s just enough crowd-pumping spirit behind his voice to get the circle pits turning. “Bloodbath” lets Oderus vary up his singing style with punk calls to the crowd and the occasional sliding melody. His lyrics dance around the controversial content that has made GWAR so widely known and loved in metal. It can get rather raunchy, but GWAR capitalize on that vibe and make it their own. When anyone else does it, it’s uncomfortable. When GWAR does it, it’s their weapon of choice.

“They Swallowed the Sun” is one of the best on the album, with lyrics working around machine control and the same cosmically evil themes GWAR brought with them from outer space. Left-turns are abound throughout the track; shifting tempos, metal breakdowns and a great amount of punk-infused energy. The last chorus escalates immensely, reaching a crowd-pleasing height and ultimately diving down before a climactic final note. However, after the halfway point hits, Battle Maximus starts to blend its parts together. Aside from the instrumental title track and “I, Bonesnapper” (featuring vocals from the artist of the same name), the band loses steam from its distinctive mix of punk and thrash. The songwriting stumbles and the band’s signature tones and themes muddle together into something that will get the circle pits turning, but you won’t necessarily know why.

But does this mean that GWAR are bad? Not really. For a band so completely inseparable from their stage presence, their music is actually quite good and can stand alone. You can’t say that for every shock rock band, but GWAR have some very well constructed songwriting in their arsenal. It’s just a shame that much of that excellent songwriting is shoved to the front of the album. It makes an incredible first impression then starts dragging its feet before its end. Battle Maximus is as blistering and ferocious as GWAR has ever been; it won’t make any new GWAR fans, but it’s still incredibly encouraging to see a shock rock band that can still keep its actual music from getting stale, even 30 years after donning the makeup.


SATANIC MALFUNCTIONS: UK Hardcore/Punk Act’s First Album In Twenty-Two Years Streaming At Decibel

Them, the first LP from UK hardcore punk trio SATANIC MALFUNCTIONS, is out now via Poland’s demolition experts, Selfmadegod Records. Surging with rabid, old-school circle-pit intensity and politically-oriented, cynical and pissed-off lyrical tirades, Them dispatches twenty tracks in just over thirty minutes, resulting in one of those “get this now” releases for devotees to acts like Active Minds, Disorder, Doom, Atavistic, Electro Hippies, L’arm and Heresy.


Decibel Magazine is now hosting a full-on stream of the entire Them LP to celebrate its release, joined by a rapid interrogation of SATANIC MALFUNCTIONS’ percussion specialist, Ade. Check it out RIGHT HERE.


Pick Them up via Selfmadegod, who in 2012 also released the SATANIC MALFUNCTIONS Disgrace To Music 2xCD compilation both previous LPs and all EP and compilation tracks. Merch bundles are available now direct from Selfmadegod HERE, and Them is available digitally HERE.


The newest SATANIC MALFUNCTIONS LP since the Scarborough, UK-based act’s 1990-released Disgrace To Humanity, the whirlwind of old-school hardcore punk on Them is a throwback to the mid-late ’80s hardcore scene when grindcore was only beginning to take shape. Recorded by Bri Doom, of UK crust legends, Doom, Them proves that the quartet — vocalist Kai, guitarist Yaga, bassist Ryan and drummer Ade — haven’t let their guard down, and are as capable of deploying the same aggressive, ultra-fast and frenzied socio-political musical melee they did more than two decades ago.

Nothington Announces New Collections Album “Lost Along The Way”

Red Scare and Nothington both came outta the SF punk scene at about the same time, so it’s extra keen that we get to bring you their 16-song collection album, “Lost Along The Way”. This thing has it all: B-sides, rarities, some funny audio, a taste of their live show, and even a One Man Army cover! Nothington’s dueling vocals and gritty singalong melodies have taken these boys all over the world, and this release is essential for devoted fans of the band, but also makes an excellent gateway for the uninitiated.

* Pre-order “Lost Along The Way” here!

“Lost Along The Way” Track List:
01. Solid Ground
02. Save This
03. Idiot
04. All The Way
05. Not Looking Down (acoustic)
06. Tired Hearts
07. More Than Obvious (acoustic)
08. In Flames (acoustic)
09. End Of The Day (acoustic)
10. Down The Road (acoustic)
11. Rob The Band
12. Long Way Back
13. Far To Go (live in Germany)
14. A Mistake (live in Germany)
15. The Escapist (live in Germany)
16. The Last Time (live in Germany)

For more information, visit:


VICTORY RECORDS welcomes ISLANDER. With comparisons to DEFTONES and RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE, South Carolina’s ISLANDER are building to become one of the biggest names in modern rock. Watch the announcement video here.

Vocalist Mikey Carvajal comments, “We are very excited to be a part of the Victory Records family. Come hang with us on the road this fall, see what we’re all about, and be sure to check out the EP.”

ISLANDER will be releasing a new EP, Pains., as a limited edition colored vinyl 12″ and digital download which is now available for pre-order on All vinyl pre-orders will come with an instant download of the EP. Pains. is four refreshing and revolutionary tracks which include “New Colors” and “Lucky Rabbit” – which features guest vocals from H.R. of BAD BRAINS.


Watch the music video for “New Colors” here.

Pains. will be available digitally on iTunes, AmazonMP3, Spotify, and all other digital retailers on October 1st, 2013.

“New school band with old school soul and passion. Keep your eyes and ears open for these guys!” – Sonny Sandoval of P.O.D

“Creativity gets an A+.” – H.R. of BAD BRAINS

For Additional ISLANDER Information:
ISLANDER Welcome Video
“New Colors” Music Video

A Misfit Shines: Doyle’s Debut Abominator Slays Expectations

In the Pantheon of punk, there’s always a special place for The Misfits. Where Black Flag and Minor Threat used crazy, hardcore elements and The Ramones spearheaded elements from pop music like The Kinks, The Misfits were the ones who descended into the darker realm of horror-themed images and creepy-as-hell aesthetics. In comparison to the motorcycle-riding, leather-jacket-wearing rebels in the high school parking lot, The Misfits were the guys dressed in black, goth gear and smoking behind the bleachers. After the multiple restructurings of the Misfits lineup, guitarist Paul Caiafa (best known as Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein) took his time to move back into music. After some appearances with former Misfits singer Glenn Danzig on tour with his band, Doyle finally broke his silence and moved into full-fledged solo work. Abominator is the first record from Doyle’s self-titled band and it’s one of the most surprisingly strong solo debuts you’ll see this year.

Doyle is Caiafa’s outlet to let his inner metalhead loose. While there are moments of punk pacing and rapid-fire rhythms, Doyle is no punk band. The rambunctious punk fundamentals of Doyle’s former band are set aside in favor of some blisteringly heavy riffs more in-tune with the heavy metal world. The title track is a furious opener, with vocalist Alex Story screaming his lungs out seconds into the album. Doyle himself is able to add squealing guitar solos into nearly every track on the album, another stark contrast to the hardcore-influenced work of early Misfits recordings. With the ability to focus on metal melody and virtuosity instead of simply punk endurance, Doyle’s skill as a guitarist is clearer than ever. Even more so is his talent in songwriting; he’s in the spotlight now, so passing off the same power chords and punky tones just doesn’t cut it anymore. Fortunately, it pays off on Abominator. Doyle just shines here.

But while Abominator is still a very heavy album, it doesn’t go too far in that intensity. Story’s vocals are near-guttural, but there’s just a smidgen of melody, one that keeps him in the realm of Pantera instead of Sepultura. That walking of the line between extreme metal and melodic heavy metal allows Doyle to pick the best parts of both without suffering too much from either side’s weaknesses. The catchy “Cemeterysexx” may be as romantic as getting your girlfriend a torn-up Jhonen Vasquez comic compilation for your anniversary, but for a song about getting dirty in a graveyard, it’s tone is surprisingly radio-friendly. “Dreamingdeadgirls” is a bizarre left turn, with a surprisingly lighter chorus, one that’s juxtaposed with some gritty verses about necrophiliac relations with murdered women. As you might expect, it’s a fiendish record.

The grindy, gritty metal sounds, above all odds, don’t outstay their welcome. “Valley of Shadows” has a solid pace, one that lets Doyle experiment with his guitar rhythms while still making the song purely metal. “Land of the Dead” has a tight chorus reminiscent of older Metallica recordings mixed with a low “crush” growl that wouldn’t be out of place in a band like Slayer. Doyle performs a very smart act in adding a plentiful amount of variety in Abominator. Behind a doom metal verse in “Love Like Murder” instantly moving to a thrash metal chorus in the same song, Doyle clearly didn’t feel comfortable in sticking to one subgenre of metal music. That decision makes Abominator a much more appealing record altogether.

If Abominator has a mark against it, it would be in the lyrics, which feel juvenile. While The Misfits were the pioneers of integrating horror themes and creepy imagery into their punk songs, the topics of necrophilia and occult practices don’t seem to hold weight here. They don’t sound dark enough to be taken seriously (even by Hot Topic regulars), nor do they sound ironic enough to joke around with; they exist in this half-parody, half-conviction limbo. It’s never clear why the lyrics are what they are, so it damages Doyle’s aesthetic, adding in an indecisive mystery that distracts more than intrigues.

It’s very comforting seeing how Doyle is able to step outside of the shadow of his most iconic project and finally put his talent in songwriting and axe-rocking into legitimate effect. Abominator is a shockingly tight album with some great musicianship from Doyle, with his fellow bandmates keeping up with him every step of the way. Even better is his yearning for difference, his ability to keep the intensity on high and the variety constant. It’s not easy moving into solo work from one of the most prolific backgrounds in punk and goth rock history, but Doyle proves that it can be done. Abominator is a beast of an album with a little something for any variety of headbanger. It’s one of the best surprises of 2013.

**Editors Note: Hopefully you are all well aware that Doyle is on tour with Danzig and he is even doing a Misfits set with Glenn.  When he stops in Pittsburgh on 10/21, Doyle promised to chat with us for a bit, so stay tuned for an exclusive interview from Stage AE!!!


Magik Markers Announce New Record, Surrender To The Fantasy, Out 11/19

Harlan Howard said country music was three chords and the truth, Colin Harper said Mahavishnu Orchestra was 403 chords and the truth. Here we say Magik Markers are no chords and the truth – but to tell the truth, there are some chords, because just as them Markers never change, they always change, because change is Magik! And if you believe in Magik, then you’ll Surrender To The Fantasy.


STTF kicks off with that hoary old trope of punk records, the song about the Chesapeake Valley Runoff and the mating cycle of crabs. After that kind of in-your-face Attenborough-core, where could the record go? Nowhere but everywhere, all the creepy outposts of American detritus from other times, when hitchhiking and h-bombs were still hot, viable new ideas and on beyond zed-bra.


In place of the old netherworld thump of detained and de-tuned long lost third MarkerLeah Quimby (but darned if ain’t do something near as unfathomable as her rubber-sharked percussiveness) is the precision bass of John “The Saw” Shaw. With monolithic presence, Shaw has been helping shape the Markers sound since way back, but started up musically and live with them in 2009. A legendary founding member of bands like Son of Earth and The Believers, this is John’s first full length with Magik Markers, and boy, what a reveal. He likes first dates, and thinking about stones making music……….clunk, thud, clatter. David Crosby asked why can’t we go on as three, and Magik Markers answer: we wouldn’t have it any other way.  The Magik Markers are and will continue to be: Elisa Ambrogio, Pete Nolan, and John Shaw.


To each his own chimera, said Baudelaire, and we (and they) concur. Surrender To The Fantasy is out 11/19 on Drag City.



1. Crebs

2. Acts of Desperation

3. Bonfire

4. Mirrorless

5. American Sphinx Face

6. Young

7. Empire Building

8. Screams of Birds and Girls

9. WT


Magik Markers Online:

DOYLE to Join Second Leg of DANZIG’s 25th Anniversary Tour – Performing Special MISFITS Set Together Every Night

Butcher Babies, Texas Hippie Coalition and A Pale Horse Named Death to Open


DOYLE Taking Part in Official Signing at Guitar Center in Hollywood on August 29th

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NEW ALBUM ‘Abominator’ OUT NOW Digitally via DOYLE’s Monsterman Records – Physical Versions Coming this October


Get Your DOYLE DIGIPAK Now Exclusively From


Former Misfits guitarist DOYLE Wolfgang Von Frankenstein will head out with Danzig on the second leg of the DANZIG 25 tour. The second leg of the tour will again feature a special Misfits set and also features openers Butcher BabiesTexas Hippie Coalition and A Pale Horse Named Death. The tour kicks off on September 13th with a performance at Riotfest in Chicago, IL, and picks back up again on October 8th in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. The tour closes in San Francisco, CA on Halloween night! How horrifically perfect for two of music’s most influential horror-punk masters.


Heads up – just before his Los Angeles performance with Danzig next Friday, August 30th at Gibson Amphitheatre, DOYLEwill take part in an exclusive signing at Guitar Center Hollywood on Thursday, August 29th from 3:00-4:00PM! Guitar Center Hollywood is located at 7425 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA. Digipak copies of Abominator will be available for sale and fans will have the opportunity to get their CD signed by DOYLE himself.


DOYLE is currently touring with Danzig in North America on the first leg of the DANZIG 25 tour. See below for all remaining tour dates and the second leg tour dates, as well.



8/24 – CALGARY, AB – Flames Central

8/25 – EDMONTON, AB – Union Hall

8/27 – VANCOUVER, BC – Commodore

8/28 – SEATTLE, WA – Sodo

8/30 – LOS ANGELES, CA – Gibson Amphitheater

8/31 – PHOENIX, AZ – Marquee Theater



9/13 – CHICAGO, IL -Riotfest

10/8 – FT. LAUDERDALE, FL – Revolution

10/9 – TAMPA, FL – Cuban Club

10/11 – NASHVILLE, TN – Marathan Music Works

10/12 – ATLANTA, GA – Center Stage

10/13 – CHARLOTTE, NC – Fillmore

10/15 – NORFOLK, VA – The Norva

10/17 – NIAGARA FALLS, NY – Rapids Theater

10/18 – NEW YORK, NY – Roseland

10/19 – WORCESTER, MA – Palladium/Rock And Shock

10/21 – PITTSBURGH, PA – Stage AE

10/23 – GRAND RAPIDS, MI – Orbit Room

10/24 – LOUISVILLE, KY – Expo 5

10/26 – HOUSTON, TX – Warehouse Live

10/27 – OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – Diamond Ballroom

10/29 – EL PASO, TX – Tricky Falls

10/31 – SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Warfield



The lyric video for DOYLE’s new single ‘Valley of Shadows’, now has a lyric video counterpart. The video was released earlier this week via, exclusively. Take a look at the video here.


DOYLE Wolfgang Von Frankenstein released his brand new album Abominator in July with his own label, Monsterman Records (in partnership with Brain Muscle Media), via INgrooves, the leading global independent music distributor. DOYLE is represented by Insane Management. The album is available digitally at all major digital retailers now, and will be available in CD and vinyl form in October 2013. A digipack is available now exclusively from


On his Facebook page, Glenn Danzig recently spoke out in support of Abominator“Hey, Danzig Fans – get ready for the pure hellish darkness that is Abominator, the new solo album from the Monsterman himself, DOYLE Wolfgang Von Frankenstein.  ‘Blow up the System’ with something real for your ears instead of that bullshit music the industry machine is trying to force-feed you!!”


Ex-MISFITS Guitarist DOYLE and Unleash Brand New Lyric Video for ‘Valley of Shadows’

Get Your DOYLE DIGIPAK Now Exclusively From


Although former Misfits guitarist DOYLE is currently on the road performing for U.S. fans withDanzig as part of the DANZIG 25 tour, that does not mean he cannot share a little bit of his new album Abominator with his fans across the globe. ‘Valley of Shadows’, the previously released single from the new album, now has a lyric video counterpart. The video is being released today, exclusively. Take a look at the video here.


“To introduce our new album Abominator, we are releasing the official lyric video for the first single ‘Valley Of Shadows’. A dark journey through a world of lust and violence,” states vocalist Alex Story. “Showcasing the evolution of sound DOYLE has achieved from his already legendary development with The Misfits, this song rages with the primal fury and carnality found throughout the band’s debut album. This is a call to arms to true fiends everywhere. The trip through the valley is a brutal thrill filled ride to hell that you won’t soon forget. Where hardcore punk meets old school thrash and a new breed of doom metal, ‘Valley Of Shadows’ is just a glimpse into what is to come from Abominator.”


DOYLE Wolfgang Von Frankenstein released his brand new album Abominator in July with his own label, Monsterman Records (in partnership with Brain Muscle Media), via INgrooves, the leading global independent music distributor. DOYLE is represented by Insane Management. The album is available digitally at all major digital retailers now, and will be available in CD and vinyl form in October 2013. A digipack is available now exclusively from


On his Facebook page, Glenn Danzig recently spoke out in support of Abominator“Hey, DanzigFans – get ready for the pure hellish darkness that is Abominator, the new solo album from the Monsterman himself, DOYLE Wolfgang Von Frankenstein.  ‘Blow up the System’ with something real for your ears instead of that bullshit music the industry machine is trying to force-feed you!!”



As mentioned above, DOYLE is currently touring with Danzig in North America. On each date,DOYLE hits the stage with Danzig to run through a set of Misfits classics, paying homage to their legacy as, arguably, the most influential horror-punk band of all time. See below for all remaining tour dates.


North America:

8/20 – SALT LAKE CITY, UT – Salt Air

8/21 – BOISE, ID – Revolution

8/22 – PORTLAND, OR – Roseland

8/24 – CALGARY, AB – Flames Central

8/25 – EDMONTON, AB – Union Hall

8/27 – VANCOUVER, BC – Commodore

8/28 – SEATTLE, WA – Sodo

8/30 – LOS ANGELES, CA – Gibson Amphitheater

8/31 – PHOENIX, AZ – Marquee Theater

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