Pittsburgh Is First Stop On Pearl Jam North American Tour 2013

Pearl Jam announced today that they will embark on a two-leg North American tour this fall. The first leg kicks-off in Pittsburgh on October 11th and wraps up in New Orleans at Voodoo Music + Arts Experience the weekend of November 1st. The second leg of the tour commences in Dallas on November 15th and closes in the band’s hometown of Seattle on December 6th.

Leg One:

DATE                           CITY                                         VENUE
Oct-11                         Pittsburgh, PA                          Consol Energy Center
Oct-12                         Buffalo, NY                               First Niagara Center
Oct-15                         Worcester, MA                         DCU Center
Oct-18                         Brooklyn, NY                            Barclays Center
Oct-19                         Brooklyn, NY                            Barclays Center
Oct-21                         Philadelphia, PA                       Wells Fargo Center
Oct-22                         Philadelphia, PA                       Wells Fargo Center
Oct-25                         Hartford, CT                             XL Center
Oct-27                         Baltimore, MD                         1st Mariner Arena
Oct-29                         Charlottesville, VA                   John Paul Jones Arena
Oct-30                         Charlotte, NC                           Time Warner Cable Arena
Nov-1-3*                     New Orleans, LA                     Voodoo Music + Arts Experience

Leg Two:

DATE                           CITY                                         VENUE
Nov-15                         Dallas, TX                                American Airlines Arena
Nov-16                         Oklahoma City, OK                 Chesapeake Energy Arena
Nov-19                         Phoenix, AZ                             Jobing.com Arena
Nov-21                         San Diego, CA                         Viejas Arena
Nov-23                         Los Angeles, CA                      Sports Arena
Nov-24                         Los Angeles, CA                      Sports Arena
Nov-26                         Oakland, CA                            Oracle Arena
Nov-29                         Portland, OR                            Rose Garden Arena
Nov-30                         Spokane, WA                           Spokane Arena
Dec-2                           Calgary, AB                              Scotiabank Saddledome
Dec-4                           Vancouver, BC                        Rogers Arena
Dec-6                           Seattle, WA                               Key Arena

*Pearl Jam will only be playing one night in New Orleans.  The performance date will be announced when the festival announces their schedule.


Steve Martin at Heinz Hall: What is High Brow?

Monday night Steve Martin and his backing bluegrass band, The Steep Canyon Rangers, graced the stage of Heinz Hall to a sold out crowd. Edie Brickell also joined in on stage from time to time. It’s interesting that regardless of the art form, anything played or performed in such a venue instantly becomes high brow. Heinz Hall is classy, the concert goers were well dressed, the ushers had little flashlights. With such an atmosphere one comes to expect the epitome of talent and yet, the performance, well rehearsed as it was, seemed rather out of sorts for the venue. Realistically there may be no other adequate venue for such a popular artist but the culture that was cultivated seemed forced.

That is not to say that the performance was a disaster or that comedy or even bluegrass has no place in Heinz Hall. The comedy was good. It was intelligent, sophisticated, and entertaining. The musicianship was superb. Steve Martin is a well seasoned and creative banjo player, the Steep Canyon Rangers are virtuosos on their respective instruments and their harmonies, at times showcasing five parts, were beautiful. Edie Brickell’s voice is angelic. Seemingly all the right pieces are in place for a performance worthy of Heinz Hall, a well dressed audience, and ushers with little flashlights. But, in the combination of all of these parts, something went awry.

While Steve Martin is a superb banjo player, the same cannot be said for his singing voice. Even when he wasn’t performing a comedy song it was hard to take seriously. His voice is dry with little range and much less amplification–a garish contrast to the harmonies that were developing behind him.

Edie Brickell, with her slight southern drawl and pristine feminine delivery, is not much of a lyricist. This is unfortunate as she wrote all of the lyrics for the collaborative effort Love Has Come For You, which brought the pair to Pittsburgh. You’ll remember Edie Brickell from Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians–the smash hit “What I am” still haunts any mind capable of comprehending pop music from 1988, (“What I am, is what I am, is…” whatever) her lyrics today lack just as much substance as they did when the Cold War was entering its twilight.

As far as the Steep Canyon Rangers are concerned, no complaints. They were perfect. In fact, the most enjoyable part of the show was when Steve and Edie left the Rangers to perform a few songs by themselves or, when Steve and the Rangers played an instrumental piece. That dynamic was certainly high brow.

Of course, it’s difficult to present a negative review of someone like Steve Martin. He is hilarious and his on stage banter was entertaining. Unfortunately, due to the dissonance created by the elite musicianship of the backing band against the low quality singing of Steve Martin and Edie Brikell’s lyrics, Heinz Hall felt a little underwhelming.

The Maine Tells PGHMUSICMAG About Forever Halloween/ Live @ Altar Bar Sunday July 7

This Sunday, July 7, The Maine is headlining Altar Bar in Pittsburgh with the insanely catchy pop-rock band This Century opening up. The Maine is touring in support of their just released new album, Forever Halloween, which is getting rave reviews from critics and was produced by Brendan Benson of The Raconteurs as their fourth studio album and second consecutive independent album since leaving Warner Brothers Records. The Maine’s story has been building for the last several years and with the momentum from the new album it’s looking they’ll find breakout success. They’re wildly popular and have a massive worldwide fan base.

Pittsburgh Music Magazine caught up with percussionist Patrick Kirch just before they hit Pittsburgh this Sunday…

Was there a specific reason that you went to “live recording” for Forever Halloween?
PAT- We wanted to try something different than we had done before and expand on what we have been able to do in the past. We wanted to bring a new energy into the process
Were their any specific influences that you looked to inspiration for this particular recording?
PAT- It is so hard to pick just a few bands because we are always inspired by music and I’m sure it bleeds into what we do. We never try and sound like another band or sound like a certain record, we just make the music that comes to us.
You guys went independent for this record…any reservations about taking that route?
PAT- We more or less did the exact same thing on the last record so we just continued doing what we were doing. We didn’t have any fears with doing it this way, we have always been very hands on with what we do.
What did working with Raconteurs’ Brendan Benson bring to the creative process?
PAT- I think he just opened our eyes to a new way of doing things and made us listen to our own music with a fresh set of ears. He really helped us get out of our own way and be o.k. with mistakes and doing things a different way. He also was just a big supporter and encouraged us to get better takes.
What is that you like about touring and what do you like least about touring…other than fires in your tour bus! (see The Maine’s daily blog for more on that…)
PAT- I like playing for the people who support us and have for so long, it is great to try and give back to them. Being away from home is not the best but it does not really bother me anymore, I love playing every night!
Thanks for taking the time to do the interview!


Take the Jewels and Run – El-P and Killer Mike’s Priceless Collab Record Masterpiece

Since 2002, Jaime Meline (best known by his rapper moniker El-P) has unknowingly become one of the most important rap artists of this generation. In an era where sensationalism and lavishness has conquered the hip-hop scene, El-P has locked himself away in his laboratory, all while creating memorable and poetic lyrical escapades that no one has come close to matching. Well…except Michael Render (best known as Killer Mike). Killer Mike has guest rapped on tracks by Jay-Z, OutKast and T.I., but once he started making solo albums, you could see that he didn’t really fit in with many of the artists he collaborated with. Much like El-P, Killer Mike is an intellectual rapper, one disguised behind a very approachable rapping style. When these two geniuses united on Killer Mike’s 2012 solo record, R.A.P. Music (with El-P running production), it was clear that these guys had unquestionable musical chemistry. R.A.P. Music became one of the best received albums of 2012 and anticipation for whatever they were cooking up next was reaching a crazy high. R.A.P. Music let Killer Mike’s intense rap delivery shine, with El-P’s production injecting subtle and textured concentration to the already sturdy tracks. With the duo’s official collaboration album Run the Jewels, El-P and Killer Mike let both of their established essences go crazy.

Meline’s fascination with post-apocalyptic sci-fi is what made his previous two solo albums so potent. From the frightening visions demonstrated in “Habeas Corpses (Draconian Love)” from I’ll Sleep When You’re Dead to the paranoia-infused rhymes of “True Story” from Cancer 4 Cure, it’s clear that the Philip K. Dick fan is making something far beyond the typical rhyming mindset. The steady beats don’t clash with El-P’s signature spacey production, like the haunting piano line in “DDFH” or the otherworldly distorted synth on the opening to “Get It.” The bizarre sampling and subtle uses of melody throughout the tracks signifies a yearning to experiment. That’s always been Meline’s vibe and it’s tough to see a better example of it than here.

But El-P’s influence is only one side of the brain. Killer Mike is a monster of a rapper and the way he so forcefully delivers the already intricate rhymes on “36” Chain” alongside El-P’s spacey, but echoing production is something even unlike the already amazing R.A.P. Music. “Job Well Done” punches listeners in the face with a thunderous beat; Killer Mike raps in an unreal way, one of the strongest and most intense performances on the album, but also one with a relaxed finesse. Behind the surreal beats and rhythms, Render is a blunderbuss, a rapper who blows down the doors with his rhymes and pushes back anything that gets in his way.

But it’s when these two minds come together that it’s clear there’s something special going on with Run the Jewels. One of the signature tracks “Sea Legs” has a surprisingly catchy chorus, behind lyrics that echo El-P’s literary brilliance, all with Killer Mike on the frontlines, never stopping the onslaught. “Job Well Done” has a fantastic guest appearance by Until the Ribbon Breaks and an ethereal chorus that stands out on the album considerably. The other guest appearances from Prince Paul and OutKast’s Big Boi layer the already fantastic tracks even further, slamming a varied approach to the album and keeping the whole thing feeling fresh. Even during the points where the duo hearkens back to their past projects like in “No Come Down” (which would sound perfect on Cancer 4 Cure or R.A.P. Music), there’s no sense of fatigue. Every bit of energy any musician can direct toward an album is present on Run the Jewels, but even with that, it’s an organic, almost playful album. It shows not only how seriously the duo works with their craft, but also how effortlessly they can make something truly brilliant.

Run the Jewels isn’t as cosmic as Cancer 4 Cure, nor is it as thunderous as PL3DGE, but there’s a steady balance that both Meline and Render contribute to the album. Each artist does what they do best, all without compromising the other. It doesn’t even feel like a collaboration; it feels like a rap duo purely drenched in synergy. There are no seams, no holes in the patchwork. Run the Jewels is an effortless hit, one where two undeniably talented artists leave no stone un-turned in making the album stunningly different from the rest, but still enough at home to avoid alienating either of their groups of followers.

Don’t listen to Run the Jewels because of the collaborators’ past experiences. Don’t listen to it because of the unorthodox musical approaches. Hell, don’t listen to it because it’s free to download. Listen to Run the Jewels because it’s one of the best rap albums around right now.

Run the Jewels will appear at Pittsburgh’s Altar Bar on Saturday, July 13.

run the jewels photo

LAMB OF GOD Vocalist RANDY BLYTHE Pens Memoir, Signs North American Book Deal with DA CAPO PRESS

Coming Spring 2014


During the next few weeks while Lamb of God is gearing up for several dates overseas in August, vocalist Randy Blythe is busy gearing up for the release of his upcoming memoir. The memoir, which puts emphasis on the past year of his life, is an incredible, harrowing, heartbreaking, and redemptive story told in Blythe’s already well-recognized writing style. It seems that almost every major media outlet has attempted to righteously cover the story of Blythe’s arrest, incarceration, trial, and acquittal for manslaughter in the Czech Republic last year, but now, the man at the center of it all unveils the truths of the ordeal, personally detailing every aspect in his own words. No ghost-writers, no co-authors, just Randy Blythe, himself.


Randy Blythe is pleased to announce that the rights to this currently untitled memoir, currently slated to hit stores in the spring of 2014, have been sold to Executive Editor Ben Schafer at Da Capo Press by Marc Gerald at The Agency Group. Da Capo Press is a member of American publishing company the Perseus Books Group. Da Capo Press is an excellent home for Blythe’s memoir, as they are already recognized internationally as the publishers of several other memoirs by heavy metal greats likeTony IommiCorey TaylorRex Brown, and Al Jourgensen.


“While I’ve dreamed of being a published author almost since I began to read, I never imagined my first book would center around such a sad topic. Sometimes though, life unexpectedly provides you a story that needs to be told,” states Blythe. “I believe this one does (for several different reasons, not just for the benefit of myself), so I will tell it with the respect and dignity all involved deserve. This will be a good read, I promise you, and I hope some good comes of it.”


“I knew that Randy was a master vocalist and lyricist but it turns out he is a vivid and visceral prose writer as well,” adds Da Capo Press Executive Editor Ben Schafer. “Regarding his arrest and trial in the Czech Republic, Randy handled a frightening and heartbreaking situation with courage, grace, and humility, and we at Da Capo Press are honored to have the opportunity to have a part in telling his story.”


More details are set to be announced soon in regards to Randy Blythe’s memoir. For more information on Da Capo Press, please visit www.dacapopress.com.


International press should note that Random House has purchased the foreign rights to the memoir and will act as publisher in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.


The National Show How Trouble Will Find Them at Pittsburgh’s Stage AE

-Review by Matt Guerry

New York-based indie rock sensation The National found their way to Stage AE the night of June 11th, 2013.   That evening marked the final stop on their tour wherein they would perform with opening act Dirty Projectors, who brought their own unique and experimental style of rock and roll to the stage.   Following their synth-laden and bombastic setlist, Dirty Projectors were soon followed by the night’s man event.

Streaming from backstage Stage AE, a live feed of the band’s activity was projected onto the screen at the rear of the stage until the band members tore out onto it to thunderous applause.  An act often compared to Joy Division and The Cure, The National has attained critical praise for their own brand of rich and melancholic rock music.  While abandoning the strings that usually accompany their music, the band was joined by musicians who manned the keys and horn accompaniments.  While having an overall harder sound to their music than what fans are used to hearing on an album, The National played a setlist almost twenty-five songs long, and played them pitch-perfect.  Guitarist Aaron Dessner’s ghostly guitar work in conjunction with drummer Bryce Devendorf’s syncopated style of drumming made for an atmospheric and engrossing performance.  Lead singer Matt Berninger’s vocals were flawless, crooning over the microphone in his signature baritone style of singing.  Their set comprised predominantly of songs from their newest album, Trouble Will Find Me, but featured many popular songs from previous efforts High Violet and Boxer.  Fan favorite songs such as About Today were played, and a few older hits for the longtime fans snuck their way in as well.  Most notably was the bands energetic performance of Mr. November, during the course of which Berninger leapt into the audience and sang his way around the standing room floor.  After all was said and done, the band closed their encore with their swelling epic Vanderylyle Crybaby Geeks, coming to the edge of the stage with only their acoustic guitars and brass instruments to accompany them.  Turning the sound off, the theater was filled with the sounds of not only Berninger and his band, but the voices of all of their dedicated fans.  The National may not have attained the fame of other rock bands, but they have acquired a fanbase who follows them devoutly, and one to whom they put on a spectacular show.

Highlight Songs:

Don’t Swallow the Cap

Squalor Victoria

Pink Rabbits

Fake Empire

Mr. November

Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks

 (photos pending)

Social Distortion Bring So-Cal Cowpunk to Pittsburgh’s Stage AE

Social Distortion Stage AE June 26, 2013

Some things always remain constant:  At any public event in Pittsburgh someone is going to start a Steeler chant.  In the summer you can count on Jimmy Buffet to come to town and a giant party to ensue regardless of musical taste.  And Mike Ness will always be the king of Southern California cowpunk due to a couple little songs called “Ball and Chain”, “Story of My Life”, and a cover of Cash’s “Ring of Fire”.

The other constant is that Social D (as most know them) are always going to put on a straight forward kick ass punk rock show packed with great tunes and a hard drinking time.  Pittsburgh may be far from the sunny beaches of southern California, but the vibe was damn close yesterday as the pin-up girl wanna-be’s, gear heads, tattoo enthusiasts, and counter culture of the tri-state area came to rock out with the legends of punk.  And Mike Ness (lead vocals, lead guitar),  Jonny Wickersham (rhythm guitar, backing vocals), Brent Harding (bass, backing vocals), and David Hidalgo, Jr.(drums) did not disappoint.

Mike Ness has been putting out great rock since 1978 and has consistent success with such hits as the above mentioned as well as, “Bad Luck”, “Misery Loves Company”, and “Winners and Losers”.  A blend of punk, blues, country and rockabilly, Ness’ music is classic in the sense that it is structured in simplistic three chord style songs in the same style as The Rolling Stones, Johnny Cash, and Bob Dylan.  That gravely voice of his that has so much personality, seemingly produced by years of hard labor, hard drinking, and hard smoking, is one of a kind and instantly recognizable.  His style of part barrio, part prison yard, all tough and tattooed has been the catalyst for many a punk rock band and musician.  Countless guitar players can cite “Ball and Chain” as one of the first songs they ever learned to play.  Last night Ness and company once again proved why they gained their legendary status and have kept that ball rolling.

Many have described Ness as a sloppy guitar player, but maybe that’s what gives him so much swagger and style like Keef.  The combination of his rhythm and Wickersham’s lead makes a beautiful jangle that fits perfectly in the punk groove.  The addition of Suicidal Tendencies Hidalgo on drums added a solid backbeat and partner to Harding’s bass who also provides perfectly harmonious backing vocals.  Even though the tunes may be seen as simplistic, there are complexities within that if not executed perfectly live could come of disastrous.  This band is extremely tight though and every ounce of work they have put in together shines on stage.  Pittsburgh may be a drinking town with a football problem, but last night there were no problems.  Just a great pub (Stage AE) and great punk.

Highlights: “Story Of My Life”, “Bad Luck”, “Winners and Loser”, “Ball and Chain”, “Ring of Fire”


  1. Encore:
  2. (Johnny Cash cover)

All photos  ©AWeldingphoto and Pittsburgh Music Magazine

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Alice Cooper & Picture Me Broken School Marilyn Manson in Rock N Roll at Stage AE

Alice Cooper and Marilyn Manson swooped into Pittsburgh with openers Picture Me Broken on the Masters of Madness Tour at Stage AE on Sunday night June 23, 2013.  One night after Kenny Chesney made an absolute mess of the Northside at Heinz Field, the goth mob took over and showed how it’s truly done.  With a crowd of roughly 4000 in a place that holds 5500 at most, it was a pretty tight fit of fans who came to see a theatrical show from two legends of rock and take a peek at some newcomers trying to make their mark.

Alice Cooper’s set was exactly what his fans have come to expect time and time again, a broadway spectacle of horrific proportions.  With such classic hits as “Poison”, “No More Mr. Nice Guy”. and “Billion Dollar Babies” the night got off to an amazing start of pure rock in your face roll in the classic sense.

Cooper’s three guitarists, the beautiful and talented Orianthi Panagaris, Tommy Henriksen,  and Ryan Roxie as well as bassist Chuck Garric and drummer Glen Sobel all helped Cooper put together a set full of surprises for the uninitiated.  The band did a ten minute long instrumental  as Cooper did a costume change and came back for “Welcome to My Nightmare” and “Go to Hell” to set off the second half of the set.   This is when the Alice Cooper that is the true showman came out to play.

With a lab coat marked in blood and a Frankenstein-like table, Cooper went into “Feed My Frankenstein” complete with sparks flying and a giant Frankenstein hitting the stage to boot.  He then went into his old theatrics from his stage shows that many of us remember from his television appearances in the 1970’s with his trademark straight jacket and decapitation via guillotine.  Alice Cooper showed that he surely still knows how to put on a great show and rock with the best of them.  Incredibly gracious, generous, and intelligent, Cooper brings an intelligent blend of theatrical rock and roll to life, thus why he has lasted in the business as long as he has and kept the flame burning.

Highlights: “I’m Eighteen”, “Billion Dollar Babies”, “No More Mr. Nice Guy”

Marilyn Manson on the other hand could learn a thing or two from his shock rocker godfather.  This was the fourth time that I have witnessed Manson in his career from the very early stages until now.  Although the theatrics are certainly well intact, the true emotion and talent that was once aflame in Marilyn seems snuffed out.

At a time when Manson’s career is not exactly peaking, it seems he goes out of his way to act like he is a prima donna.  Of the ten press photographers at the show, only three were allowed to take pictures and only for one song as opposed to the usual three.  Strange to refuse PR when you could use it most.  Manson also accidentally hit a fan with a microphone that came loose and smashed the guy in the forehead.  The fan, whom I spoke with personally, had a large welt and was bleeding from the forehead and should have sought medical attention.  The problem is he has no insurance.  All he wanted though was to meet Manson.  A lawyer who witnessed the event suggested otherwise.  Alas, Manson refused a meeting and only offered up a signed set list and a used $50 microphone.  When did you stop caring Manson?  What happened to that guy who I liked so much on the “Bowling For Columbine” documentary?

Manson’s set had some good moments but those moments were somewhat heavily reliant on his props.  “Sweet Dreams” was accentuated by Manson in stilts and crutches as well as a mouthpiece reminiscent of the video that somewhat obstructed his singing. Marilyn shouted more than sang his way through the chorus and seemed more content at being a freak show than a rock star.  “Dope Show” was one of the better songs as he donned a partial fur and stuck to writhing around on stage and faking fellatio with his guitar player.  Oh, Manson.  The snot rockets heaved at the crowd were a bit much.  Not sure any fan was very excited to come home and never wash their t-shirt because your boogers hit their cotton.  A giant chair came out at one point prompting Manson to start singing/quoting his hero Willy Wonka and the wondrous boat ride scene, “There’s no earthly way of knowing which direction we are going…” and he took an opportunity to sing on the chair standing up and laying on it.  Manson has all the qualities to remain a star like Cooper if he quits acting the fool and goes back to his roots.  Bring back the old Manson and chill your ego a bit and maybe, just maybe, you can keep your career alive well into your sixties and still enjoy it.  But then again, if you talk to the headliner, Alice only lives on stage, and there is no separation of the Manson persona is there? And that may just be the key.

The openers for the evening were Picture Me Broken from L.A.  If you read this website at all you know that I’ve been telling you for a year and a half that Brooklyn and crew (Shaun Foist, Jimmy Strimpel and Dante Phoenix)are poised to break out and make huge waves in the industry.  They certainly made a massive impression on the Pittsburgh crowd who for the most part had not caught them the last few time they were in town supporting other bands.  The band went through material on their first LP Wide Awake and their new EP Corrupt Me as well as their awesome cover of Heart’s “Crazy On You”.  I talked to Brooklyn just a few weeks before the show and she was totally up for the challenge of getting the crowd warmed up for two legends.  The band was firing on all cylinders and made a ton of fans at the show proven by the massive numbers of people who lined up for the meet and greet signings that happened after their set and Manson’s set.  With incredibly versatile and strong vocals and a punky pop metal style that can fit in with so many genres, Picture Me Broken will soon be headlining shows themselves and becoming household names if they have anything to say about it.  For our previous articles on PMB check out…http://wp.me/p2k1M3-1mJ and http://wp.me/p2k1M3-4cy

Highlights: “Torture”, “Crazy On You”, “Skin and Bones”

All photos ©2013 AWelding and Pittsburgh Music Magazine

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BRONCHO Hits BRILLOBOX in Pittsburgh June 25

 The Oklahoma band has a major ’70s punk rock vibe (but in a natural, not nostalgic, way!).  Think influences like the Ramones,  Iggy & The Stooges, and The Only Ones.  NPR Music gave them props in the ‘best of’ section when the band self–released Can’t Get Past The Lips.  Since then, Fairfax Recordings snapped BRONCHO up and released Can’t Get Past The Lips on June 4th.  It’s a blisteringly cathartic 20 minutes of gritty guitar work supported by an assaultive rhythm section and made whole by songwriter Ryan Lindsey’s aggressive, yelping vocals.  BRONCHO’s show is at Brillobox on June 25.
Is being on the road touring as a professional musician everything you thought it would be?

I don’t think we had a lot of expectations of touring or being on the road. We have all done this for a while with different bands, so we know there is not a lot of money to be had, and constipation can creep up on you if your not careful. One thing you learn pretty quickly is that there is no real difference between a Professional and an Amateur.

What is it about that 70’s punk era that you connect to most?
With BRONCHO I would say mostly the sound of those records. The photographs of that era are pretty rad too.
Why do you think simplicity in song writing seems to resonate so well with listeners?
Trim the fat. Nobody likes fat.
Looks like you had some fun making the video for “I Don’t Really Want To Be Social”, do you enjoy the video creation experience?
All of our videos have been pretty physical. Lots of running or being covered in plastic.  We really enjoy the time in our beds after the video creation experience.
Now that Can’t Get Past The Lips  is out, what are the big goals for BRONCHO for the rest of 2013?
 Lots more touring, better eating habits, getting at least 6 hours of sleep a night, and finishing our next record.

Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers Give Pittsburgh a Night Full of Hits

Tom Petty looks like he is having the time of his life.  And why wouldn’t he be?  The guy is seriously a musical legend walking among us and living the dream.  Playing a packed Pittsburgh Consol Energy Center last night, June 20, 2013 to a crowd that ran from septuagenarian to tweenager, Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers proved why they are Rock N Roll Hall of Famers.  Even though not a huge Petty fan, this writer was stunned at how many songs I was singing along every word to without any thought at all.  Tom Petty is a part of Americana and is intertwined into the very fabric of our musical history, thus being my main motivation to see this phenom.  But, the man and his band do not disappoint for all the right reasons.  The sparse stage filled with vintage equipment was carefully  highlighted only by necessity lighting and two big screens up top for the back rows.  Otherwise it was all classic rock n roll output with very little stage banter other than Petty telling the crowd ‘what a great day (he) had in Pittsburgh’ and ‘that (he) hoped that the crowd was in for a long night because he didn’t have anything to do for a few hours’ (add in your own thunderous applause).  There really is no criticism to be had here.  After honing your craft for close to 40 years you come to expect that, but the point is Petty lives up to it every night and still loves what he does and does not go around bitching about it, something a few younger bands could take note of.  After Petty (and Elvis) left the building last night Petty made one more fan that night, proving after all these years the man is still doing his job.  There’s a lot to be said for that.

Setlist via setlist.fm

  1. (The Byrds cover)
  2. Encore:

All photos ©2013 AWeldingphoto and Pittsburgh Music Magazine

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LIVE, FILTER, EVERCLEAR, & SPONGE Make Summerland Tour a Killer Kickoff at Stage AE

Wednesday evening, June 19  at Pittsburgh’s Stage AE, the Summerland Tour rolled in with four stalwarts of the alternative music scene that once ruled the land of rock n roll.  Some people may have forgotten that these guys were even out there, but most of them are still making music and last night they all proved that they still have the goods to put on one hell of a show.


Detroit’s Sponge started the night off with an energetic set including hits such as “Plowed”, “Molly”, and “Have You Seen Mary”.  The band also played some new material, that can be purchased at Sponge shows, from 2013’2 Stop the Bleeding.  Lead singer Vinnie Dombroski climbed on top of the crowd to belt out the latter part of “Plowed” (‘say a prayer for me…’) and set off the ‘good time feel’ of the concert.


IMG_0447_Snapseed IMG_0474_Snapseed IMG_0481_Snapseed IMG_0523_Snapseed IMG_0557_Snapseed IMG_0634_Snapseed IMG_0650_Snapseed IMG_0671_Snapseed


Filter began with material that Richard Patrick and new guitarist Jonathan Radke put together for just released effort  The Sun Comes Out Tonight including  “What Do You Say” and “We Hate It When You Get What You Want”.  But of course the crowd could not wait for Filter’s two biggest hits, “Take A Picture” and “Hey Man Nice Shot”.  The band certainly gave the crowd their money’s worth when Patrick unexpectedly went into the deep end of the crowd to sing ‘Nice Shot’ only to be hoisted aloft and then race down to the front to jump and hop with the elated spectators as the band wailed in wild abandon.

IMG_0684_Snapseed IMG_0707_Snapseed IMG_0731_Snapseed IMG_0815_Snapseed IMG_0835_Snapseed IMG_0868_Snapseed IMG_0898_Snapseed IMG_0907_Snapseed IMG_0954_Snapseed


By far the most unexpected highlight of the night, LIVE was downright inspirational.  When Ed  Kowalczyk left the band and was replaced by Unified Theory’s Chris Shinn, most fans were skeptical that it would work.  That thought could certainly be put to rest by even the harshest of critics, namely this writer.  Shinn was absolutely stunning and has obviously breathed fresh life into the band who had a flawless set of hit, after hit, after hit such as “All Over You”, “Lakini’s Juice”, “The Dolphins Cry”, “Lighting Crashes”, “I Alone”, “Operation Spirit”, and “White, Discussion”.  It made one remember how much amazing music LIVE put out in their heyday.  It will be interesting to see if legal ramifications can be seen past and new music could be put together with this crew.

IMG_0968_Snapseed IMG_0969_Snapseed IMG_0980_Snapseed IMG_1003_Snapseed IMG_1055_Snapseed IMG_1058_Snapseed IMG_1075_Snapseed IMG_1136_Snapseed IMG_1147_Snapseed IMG_1176_Snapseed IMG_1178_Snapseed IMG_1203_Snapseed


As host of the evening’s events, Art Alexakis pulled double duty, and came out swinging for his band’s set.  By the third song, “Father of Mine”, the band was really hitting their stride.  With hits like “Heroin Girl”, “I Will Buy You A New Life”, “Wonderful”, and of course “Santa Monica”, Everclear proved why their material is so important to the alternative lexicon.  With such a successful outing in 2012 and now in 2013 it looks for sure that we can count on more to come for a Summerland Tour in 2014.

IMG_1236_Snapseed IMG_1304_Snapseed IMG_1314_Snapseed IMG_1346_Snapseed IMG_1389_Snapseed IMG_1455_Snapseed IMG_1456_Snapseed IMG_1485_Snapseed

Frankie Palmeri of Emmure is Ready For Mayhem…the PGHMUSICMAG interview

Frankie during Trespass America Festival 2012 Stage AE Pittsburgh- ©2012 AWeldingphoto
Frankie during Trespass America Festival 2012 Stage AE Pittsburgh- ©2012 AWeldingphoto

Frankie Palmeri is no stranger to controversy.  His band Emmure (The band’s name is a reference to immurement, a form of execution) has been lighting up stages since 2003 with their own brand of metalcore, or brocore, if you will, with edgy lyrics and metal style music mixed with breakdowns, rap, spoken word, and an overall heavily aggressive beat that goes straight for the jugular.  At the helm as the singer and spokesperson, Palmeri has often incited a lot of controversial press due to t-shirts that referenced Columbine, to commonly using homophobic and racist words like ‘faggot’ and ‘nigger’ in social outlets, as well as coming off as a general hard ass.  Feuds with bands like The Atlas Moth and blogs like Metal Injection only serve to further debate about Emmure and their leader.

2013 looks like a big year in store for Emmure regardless.  With a prime spot on The Rockstar Mayhem Festival and the possibility of a new record to accompany their new contract with Victory Records, Frankie and crew look to further their quest to put out their brand of music whether you dig it or not.  Pittsburgh Music Magazine caught up with Frankie as he and the band recently got back from Russia where he was electrocuted  May 7th (see link for video) on stage.  Although Frankie wasn’t too keen on talking about the incident he did talk to us about festival shows such as Mayhem, the vibe of their performance, understanding Frankie himself, bands creating polarity, the disappointment with 2012’s Slave to the Game, the Emmure writing process, and staying sane on the road…

Stage AE Pittsburgh- ©2012 AWeldingphoto
Stage AE Pittsburgh- ©2012 AWeldingphoto

Joey Groon Premieres “Let It Go” on PGHMUSICMAG


Listen here to the new single “Let It Go”!

Your new single “Let It Go”, which will be released July 1st, what is it about?
It’s about how to let go on old anger and frustrations from old relationships. So that you can go into a new one with a clearer mind. I think the main reason why I even wrote it was to get even with a lot of my own history. It’s very melancholic, minimalistic and haiku’ish in its lyrics, which suits the quite demanding beat very well. And the fact that it’s a typical club/R&B-hit gives it that old disco flavour and theme about unrequited love, just as Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive”.

Your new single “Let It Go” is highly influenced by the genres R&B/Pop, what are your artistic preferences?
My preferences lie in the classic Soul-genre actually. Marvin Gaye and his “Midnight Lady” album has highly influenced my use of Synthetic drums and Synthesizers. But the reason why R&B began to influence me was not that every other pop artist work in the R&B/Pop area today, but simply the fact that the R&B music suited my way of expressing myself and my crooning voice. In Denmark the R&B genre is not that common as the Rock/Pop genres are. So I suddenly found an area of pop-music I felt was my own, my home. And in Denmark I had the time to explore it and what my angle were to it. I think there is a big misconception in Northern Europe that R&B/Pop music aren’t as well accepted as other genres. Due to the fact that in Denmark we’re raised with a certain Folk/Acoustic music. The R&B/Pop and even Soul music is a set of genres that most of the older generations only were raised with through the transatlantic radio stations. If you ment influences for this specific single “Let It Go”, I’d say David Bowie. Or a certain mix between David Bowie, Stevie Wonder and Pharrell Williams. Haha!

All the way from Denmark, Europe to the U.S, that must be quite a cultural journey?
It sure is, did you know there is more than 3,856 miles between these two countries? Furthermore the population of Denmark is only approx. 5 million people, which could easily be a small state in the U.S. So it is quite a journey, and it has surely opened my eyes. I think the transformation from a small European musician to an International artist is a journey that needs a lot of preparation, so it’s not easy to say if I’d succeed or not. I just stay open-minded.

Your collaboration with U2 Producer Pete Maher; How Did That Happen?
My agent Donnie Osborne helped me reach out to Pete Maher. His first mastering job was my song “Maybe September” from my “Maybe September – EP” released this year as well. I find Pete Maher’s positivity and his encouraging attitude very helpful during the mixing process! His roster of U2, The Rolling Stones and many more surely is well deserved.

Can you mention one thing we don’t know about Denmark?
We have one of the oldest royal families of Europe, haha!


photographer: Lior Zilberstein

Baroness Returns to Pittsburgh in Triumph at Mr. Smalls

On August 15th of last year, Baroness fans were not so sure the band would ever return to touring or playing music ever again.  In a bus crash near Bath, England the band and crew members of Baroness’ lives were forever changed and their fans held their breath and hoped that it would turn out well for all involved.  Nearly a year later, Baroness is back out on the road in the U.S. supporting ‘Yellow & Green’, a bit changed, a bit scarred, but not broken.  I had the great pleasure to meet with guitarist/backup vocalist Peter Adams before their show in Pittsburgh on June 14, 2013 and was met with great welcome and complete openness about the experiences of the past year.

Hanging out with Pete is somewhat akin to being around one of your best buds.  He’s  your typical guy from a blue collar background and he has that Matthew McConaughey southern drawl, sort of like McConaughey’s character Wooderson in Dazed and Confused.  When he’s not playing guitar with Baroness or with Valkyrie (with brother Jake), Pete can be found in the hills of Lexington, Virginia hunting, fishing, helping at his friends farm and basically living off the land.  He’s very down to earth, humble, and friendly, as all the guys in the band are, and we wound up spending a good two hours talking about both of our lives and a lot of what has gone of in the Baroness camp.

I met Pete about 4:30 outside of the tour bus at the venue, Mr. Smalls in Millvalle, just outside of downtown Pittsburgh.  We decided since it was a beautiful day in the ‘Burgh to just hang in the open air and conduct our interview.  Afterwards Pete asked me a bit about Pittsburgh Music Magazine and my life.  It was great to find our common bond in that he has a family full of teachers and I myself am a teacher.  Beyond the dreadful experience that he had and how Pete still feels a bit of trepidation every time the engine fires up on the bus, he would go on to let me in on the fact that Baroness would probably not make any money on the tour due to paying top money for the safest bus and the best driver; a driver which has driven for many of the greatest rock and country stars who will relate his many stories to Pete while he sits up front with him watching the road drone on.  Singer/guitar player/founder John Baizley used to sit up front, but ever since the accident in Bath, he has taken to being in the back, which is where Pete was when the crash happened , creating in effect a role reversal.

Pete and John have obviously seen a lot on the road besides their accident in their decade long career.  Some of things Pete talked at length about were the time he and John suddenly got called upon to fill in on guitar for Mastodon for a brief stretch on tour.  How scary riding in a ‘Bandwagon’ can be, especially when you have to load in at the House of Blues in L.A. (see any flattened signs there anyone?). How much respect he gained for Metallica after opening for them, especially experiencing firsthand how humble they actually are, how supportive of their openers they can be, and how they practice every night for an hour before ever going onstage.  Baroness was recently invited to the Orion Fest for the second year in a row by The Metallica guys only to be told a bit later that they had to be dropped because they were on the Fest last year and there are not supposed to be back-to-back repeats.  Undaunted, Baroness booked a pre-Orion show in Detroit and lo and behold who shows up to introduce them and hang out for the show?  You guessed it, Metallica.  Pete also talked about driving through the devastation in Oklahoma recently and how mind blowing it was, even bringing back memories of when his childhood home was destroyed by a hurricane back in South Carolina.

Listen to the following audio interview in which Pete speaks about the new guys in the band, the song writing process, ‘Yellow &Green’, working with John Baizley, going back to Europe in the fall, and whether Baroness is working on new material…

That night after the interview, Baroness let the music do the talking.  Opening up with “Take My Bones Away”, the band never, ever let up.  The beautifully combined vocals of John and Pete and their amazingly intertwined guitar patterns are truly something to behold live.  New members Sebastian Thomson on drums and Nick Jost on bass fit like a glove and seem like they have been with the band for years rather than months.  The crowd ate up every morsel being thrown at them and regularly cheered at the recognition of the first notes of each song.  Baizley was sure to thank all for the support, well wishes, cards, and phone calls in their darkest of times.  The emotion in the room was palpable, the crowd and band were overjoyed at the return of Baroness to where they belong…

(If you missed Baroness and would like to catch them in the area again you might be able to catch them on a double bill with Ghost B.C. in Cleveland at The House of Blues in Cleveland…but I don’t think those tickets will last long!)

Highlights: “Take My Bones Away”, “Eula”, “Cocainium”, “Board Up The House”

All photos © 2013 AWeldingphoto and Pittsburgh Music Magazine

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KR-3 Drops “Fractures And Sparks” And We Are Happier For It.

Just south of us in the Mountain State of WV there is a busy sound lab.  KR-3 are the technicians (Tim Boyd – guitar, vocals…Shane Lundy – guitar, vocals…Travis Hoard – keyboard, vocals…Ian Varlas – bass…Steve Fullerton – drums). They make way cool music and their latest concoction “Fractures and Sparks” has dropped on the public lap.

We all dig comparisons because it gives us a reference starting point.  Using the new record I’ll give you my best interpretation of KR-3.  Songwriter-guitar player Tim Boyd sings like Richard Thompson and KR-3 draws similarities to the Swedish band, ‘The Soundtrack Of Our Lives” and flirts with “Phish” stylistically.

The title track, “Fractures and Sparks” kicks off the trip.  A cool running piano line reminiscent of early Phish records meshes nicely with the Boyd-Lundy guitar combo. It’s a hippy solemn number and a wise choice to bring you into KR-3 lands. Once you’re in, “Agora Honey” is the meeting place, with funky guitars, washed out licks and electric piano lines from Travis Hoard. Fullerton and Varlas are a workmanlike rhythm section so careful when you look under the hood…it might be a bit toasty.  “The Bardo Of Becoming” and “Down” dovetail nicely together with “Down” offering their strongest chorus hook and radio potential.


“Grime” turns a corner sonically bringing choppy clean tele-strat sounds, a groovy bassline and Boyd singing in a higher voicing or maybe a guest singing spot here from one of the guys. There’s a difference between being a straight jam band and songwriter act. KR-3 does a bang-up job bridging the both. “Jailbreak” leans toward the songwriter side and really sounds like a Trey Anastasio penned tune. Quirky in its presentation and eventually building into a cool outro ending. “Old Man, Young Man” starts off with a dirtier guitar sound and lacks the warmth the other tracks do but works nonetheless with its Neil Young-like chorus.

The oxymoronic “Desert Is An Ocean” sounds like a B-Side track and introduces a little brass with some sax fills. Boyd appears to whisper this one out and not bring the confidence he does with the previous takes. It’s a well written song but could’ve used a little more special attention. The acoustic based “Metaphor Man” rises up with organ swells and gets KR-3 back on track with the earlier brilliance. The vocals again could use strength with an extra db in the mix to bolster the hook.  Fractures and Sparks closes out with “The Last Glass”. Good ideas throughout this tune especially in the middle section breakdown with some killer Dead-ish guitar work from Boyd and Lundy.

KR-3 should learn a few things from this release. First being they can write some formidable songs and secondly they have ear candy sounds.  Personally, I would’ve released “Fractures And Sparks” as an EP. The first 5 songs are worthy and will withstand the test in the music critic arena.  In early conversations with guitar player Shane Lundy I learned KR-3 records almost all their tracks independently. This is a luxury and occasionally a burden. Luxury being that you’re not feeling the pressure of hourly rates and creativity can flourish. The disadvantage of being an artist/producer is switching hats.  In the process some songs change fingerprints and don’t fit with others due to engineering differences, EQ-ing and timing. I foresee KR-3 making great records as they plod along and continue to put on stellar live performances. Great musicians that love to play never fail. KR-3 is here to stay.

I caught with KR-3 and tossed a few questions at them and they hit it outta the park!!

Q: Can you give us a “rig run-down”?  (guitars, bass, drums, keys, amps, pedals and gear) We love these!!

A: Tim plays a 2012 American Strat through a modified 74 Fender Twin fitted with Weber California speakers. His pedal board includes cheap Chinese knockoffs (a Biyang Tone Fancier and Joyo 808 clone) as well as classic pedals (a 72 Colorsound wah, Carl Martin kick/boost, BBE Two-timer and a Korg sdd 1000 racked). Shane prefers a Gibson Midtown played through a 72 Fender Twin fitted with Weber Chicago speakers. His pedals include a JHS Superbolt, TS-9, MXR boost and Korg SDD 1200 dual delay. The Admiral plays a Ludwig kit with a 60’s Slingerland snare.Travis plays a Yamaha MO-8 and a 70’s Fender Rhodes. Ian uses a Fender Jazz bass played through a BBE Sonic Maximizer and Ampeg SVT IV Pro head.

Q: I’m impressed with your melodic sensibility. Who brings the ideas to KR-3 or do you guys just belly up and start writing together?

A: We have no working formula for how songs are written or how pieces come together. Sometimes the songs are written to near completetion by members of the band, other times ideas come from jam sessions.

Q: What new or old music have you been listening to?

A: We’ll just go ahead and confess that we’ve been listening to tons of Dead shows. How about that Playin’ from Tampa 73? Perfect for watching the Appalachian mountains drift by from the comfort of our van.

Q: Who were your childhood rocker heroes?

A: Most of us we’re huge fans of Kurt Cobain and Lou Reed.

Q: “Fractures and Sparks” is a mind bender record. When did you realize it’s potential and begin formalize the idea to package the project.

A: Fractures was the album that almost stayed on the hard drive. It was completed in the basic stages in July of 2012 with Alex Wudarski on bass, Eric Stone on drums, Tim Boyd on guitar and vocals and Travis Hoard on keys and vocals. When Wudarski and Stone departed, the album was shelved. It was brought out of hiding and the bass was retracked by Tim who also added a second guitar. The final version of Fractures features only two members of the current KR-3 lineup, Tim and Travis.

Q: Do you have any goals in the upcoming years that might blow our minds?

A: We’re already back in the studio working on a new record. It also appears we’ll be seeing a lot of the US as we prepare to tour.

Q: How do you like Pittsburgh guys?

A: The City itself is beautiful and has a lot of potential. The music scene is locked down by a grouping of greedy promoters who are willing to stifle artistic processes in the name of money. (this will make for some interesting conversations w artists and promoters moving forward)

Q: What band would you guys like to tour with?

A: Led Zeppelin.

KR-3 is a 5 piece original Psychedelic Jam Rock band hailing from Wheeling, West Virginia. Since their foundation was built-in 2004, KR-3 has played more than 200 mind bending shows, sharing the stage with artists like Tim Reynolds, The Pimps of Joytime, Kofi Burbridge, John the Conqueror, and many others.The band’s sound is a soul grabbing, mind expanding, psychedelic, funk, and blues inspired jam, mixed with prevailing three-part vocal harmonies, which you can hear all throughout their latest album “Fractures and Sparks” and at their live shows.

Besides playing music festivals through the Northeast alongside notable artists such as Rusted Root, The Werks, and Ekoostic Hookah, KR-3 is currently touring up and down the East coast of the United States playing to packed houses hundreds of miles outside of their hometown. KR-3 has a supernatural ability to improvise together as one brain. With the powerful and moving lyrics of Tim Boyd, strong vocal harmonies of Shane Lundy and Travis Hoard, raging guitar solos over the power and energy this band’s rhythm section puts forth during each live performance, leaves audiences yearning for more.

Rob Eldridge – Writer/Editor


The Wheals Realize It’s “Diamond Time”


Hey Pittsburgh! Guess what? You probably have family or close friends that know something about the mining business. And we’ve all heard that the Steel City produced a ton of coal back in the day. Some say diamonds, renowned as a material with superlative physical qualities, most of which originate from the strong bonding between its atoms come from coal.  Needless to say, there’s been a covalent bonding occurring between men for the past 8 years.  These particular guys have called their experience “The Wheals”.

The Wheals strive to transcend a genre specific definition. Elements of reggae, gospel, folk, rock and country illustrate the band’s sound. The Wheals, with their new release, “Diamond Time” display refreshing originality as well as mature musicianship.

The Wheals are Joe Piacquadio– guitar, vocals, Brad Barron– bass, guitar, vocals, TJ Connolly-bass, guitar, vocals, Jere Bucek-drums, vocals, and Jake Breiding-keyboard, guitar, vocals.

Stream their new record here.

Diamond Time Favs:

“8 Mile Shuffle”- great openers, bar room feel w honky tonk piano and horn swells, being a huge Dr. John fan this tune does it for me, little Jersey southside-jukey feel too with sax stabs and nice guitar work…..”just a little bit of muscle and little bit of hustle that’s all”

“Unknown Energy” and “Heavy”- reggae swag, with Santana flavor from the guitars, ole organ sounds plowing away!

“Rain On The Rooftop”- “every time you pack your suitcase and leave town it’s like rain on my rooftop…” great lyrics and vocal take on this number. This is a songwriter’s gem.  The fact that WYEP wouldn’t play this track (or any of these for that matter) blows my mind.  #missingthemusic

“Sorry Baby”- pedal steel madness, taking a page out of a Levon Helms book.  I want to hear the vocal charge a bit more. Southern stylistically with country chops. “Oh Momma” snuggles up real nice with previous track “she picked up my head and she showed me the way …she brought back a life that I once tossed away”

“Witness”-  texas style blues attitude, soul rich guitars, lazy groove, give me another whiskey. “Livin Lovin Lyin Dyin Bossman” – western rockabilly, slide guitars and a swindler singing a good old story.

“Jody Was A Player” – I’m hearing some J Geils phrasing vocally and rich changes.

I really dig The Wheals. I’m not really familiar with older material but suspect this a more mature effort from the guys.  They obviously are collective in the songwriting process. There is no instrument out of place or leading the charge.  This album is made up of good damn songs man the only way records should be made!

Check them out!

CD Release Party @ Club Cafe June 22!

Rob Eldridge


Butcher Babies Check in with PGHMUSICMAG Before Pittsburgh Mayhem Festival Appearance

They’ve been described as ‘The Hottest Metal Act’ today for several reasons.  First of all, Butcher Babies clearly have two gorgeous front-women belting out powerful lyrics overtop ground pounding metal based music in the vein of Pantera.  Second, the music not only holds up, but is really making a mark on the industry and a fast developing fan base, proving they can kick ass with the best of them.  Although one may try to brush off the group as a gimmick of two babes in makeup and little else playing with shock rockers, there truly is much more to the band.  Carla Harvey was raised as a Mormon and has a degree in Mortuary Science, Heidi Shepherd was a bit of a track and field star all the way up to the Junior Olympics, and Henry Flury (guitar), Jason Klein (bass), and Chris Warner (drums) have built their chops playing with Amen, Azdachao, and Scars of Tomorrow (respectively).  The stage show they put on is pure entertainment, but the quality of the music is always first and foremost to the band.

It was strange fate that brought the two front vocalist together.  Heidi did a stint with Playboy Radio, when she decided it was time to stop playing other people’s music and start making her own. She joined an all-girl punk band that was short-lived but where she met future Butcher Baby and best friend, Carla Harvey who also did a stint with Playboy TV.  Setting out to make their mark past the Sunset Strip of Hollywood, with beauty, brains, and brawn Butcher Babies was born.

Butcher Babies have certainly peaked the metal worlds’ interest and are poised to do much more.  With the release of their full length LP Goliath in July and a prime spot on the 2013 Rockstar Mayhem Festival, it seems like this is just the beginning.

Listen here for an exclusive interview with Carla, Heidi, Henry, and Jason as they discuss the release of Goliath July 9th, working with super star producer Josh Wilbur, writing lyrics, their shock rock stage show and their “prop master”, playing the 2013 Rockstar Mayhem Festival and dolling out some $4 beers, as well as playing Pittsburgh…

butcher babies

International DJ Baby Yu touring w/ Young Jeezy in Pittsburgh 6/23/13 (interview)

baby yu 1
Demanded internationally, DJ Baby Yu is one of North America’s most experienced, versatile well respected and highly connected DJ’s. Baby Yu is without a doubt a staple in the entertainment industry world wide. Determined and passionate, he consistently delivers and works along side chief industry leaders.  Layered with many talents, DJ Baby Yu is a prominent international DJ, an exclusive radio show host, and a producer.   Over the years Baby Yu has been at the top of the nightclub scene in Toronto, spinning at a wide range of clubs, lounges and patios which caught the attention of promoters and club owners around the world.  In mid 2008, Baby Yu re-located to Atlanta, Georgia after receiving an offer to be the resident DJ for the ultra-trendy Velvet Room.Top artists around the world have also noticed Baby Yu’s talent and have used his talents to leverage their performance while on the tour.  Baby Yu has been the opening tour DJ for Juelz Santana, 112, Snoop Dogg, Sean Paul, The Game; and also has been the top pick to DJ concert after parties for Kanye West, Ne-Yo, Fat Joe, Pharrell, Jay-Z, Rihanna, Akon, Chris Brown, Diddy, Rick Ross, Trey Songz, DJ Khaled, Cassie, Black Eyed Peas, Drake, Georges St- Pierre, Allen Iverson, Lebron James, and more. Expanding to his international appeal, Baby Yu has also worked alongside with K-Pop Artists: The Wonder Girls, Crown J and 2PM.
Pittsburgh Music Magazine caught up with DJ Baby Yu before his appearance here in Pittsburgh at Soldiers and Sailors on June 23rd with Young Jeezy…
As a DJ, radio show host, and producer, can you describe a “typical” day in the life of DJ Baby Yu?

–  Sometimes I dream of having a Baby Yu duplicate.  Usually my day consists of waking up sometime in the afternoon, and straight to the DJ studio to prep for my5PM show with Big Tigger on V-103 FM.  After my show, I usually hit the gym and stay for around an hour and a half.  Later, I’ll put in some production time until I have to go DJ at the club.  When I get home from the club I prerecord my 7 AM morning show for Ryan Cameron on V-103 FM.  After this I usually hit the studio again and see if I can make some beats before I go to bed.  I try and eat between everything as well.

You have had some amazing guest opening spots and done some incredible private gigs as a DJ.  Can you relate at least one mind blowing experience or encounter?
– DJ Jazzy Jeff invited me to DJ his 40th Birthday in Philly, where I played nothing but soul, funk and 80‘s music.  It was so much fun.  Also in 2006, I DJ’d for Jay-Z, Kanye West, and Rihanna during Caribana Festival in Toronto, Canada.  To do a Rocafella medley for them felt like I was DJing at their concert.  Most recently, Kanye West flew me down to one of his concerts during the “Watch The Throne” Tour, to discuss how the concert could be improved.  It was an interesting 2 hour conversation.
When people hear your art, what is it that you want them left with?
–  Positivity, motivation, and inspiration.
Where are your favorite places to DJ?
–  Tokyo, Japan – Manila, Phillippines – Vancouver, Canada – Toronto, Canada to name a few.
What place or where in the world would you most like to host as a DJ, but have not done so yet?
–  Dubai, Rio De Janeiro  and Moscow.  That would be so dope.  
Who are the artists that have had the most influence on what you do?
–  Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Aaliyah, Jodeci, Notorious BIG, Bell Biv Devoe.
What was it like collaborating with DJ Swivel in Sato Goldschlag? And who came up with the concept for the Mr. Mister video ?
–  It’s an amazing run.  Swivel is very talented, and has learned from the best.  Working around Beyonce, Jay-Z, and Diddy to name a few, he is a grammy winning engineer, so to work with someone that has so much experience in the music work only motivates me to work harder.
The video was an idea by Aaron our video director.  We were both happy with the originality of the video.  (See below for the video)
What are your immediate goals in the business and where would you like to see yourself in five years?
–  Producing; making music is my immediate and long term goal.  I want to continue DJing around the world, on V-103 FM, supporting Young Jeezy as his DJ, and take Sato Goldschlag to an international level. 
Along with his weekly club residencies- Baby Yu can be heard on Atlanta’s hottest radio station V-103 (WVEE- V103 FM “The Peoples Station”)
Monday- Friday at 5:00pm on the Ryan Cameron show and Saturday’s from 12pm-1pmEST with his “Midday Motivation Mix Show”. Baby Yu
also continues to do his syndicated radio shows, tuned in by thousands around the globe.

Baby Yu Jazze JD and TI
Baby Yu Jazze JD and TI

baby yu 4Baby Yu and Alicia KeysBaby Yu and Alicia Key

Drowning Pool Crushes The Altar Bar

Photos and Review by Jason Hann

All photos ©2013 JHannphoto and Pittsburgh Music Magazine

Tuesday night 6/11/13 Drowning Pool rolled in to Pittsburgh and absolutely crushed The Altar Bar with an energy packed, face melting set. They brought with them fellow Texans “Even The Dead Love A Parade”, Italy based “Exalia”, and “Eye Empire”. This is the first performance I’ve seen from Drowning Pool with front man Jasen Moreno and they delivered an amazing set. Jasen Moreno is the perfect front man for this band. He’s adapted all the styles of the previous singers, added his own style with it, and just creates a presence on stage that you really have to see to believe. Add his vocals with CJ Pierce’s punishing guitar riffs, Mike Luce’s powerful drumming style, and Stevie Benton’s bass lines and it makes for an amazing performance. Drowning Pool is best known for their 2001 single BODIES, and their other chart hit FEEL LIKE I DO. Last nights set was opened by the song SINNER, and STEP UP.  As I made my way to the back of the room to watch the rest of the set you could actually feel the energy building in the room anticipating the song BODIES.  When they finally hit it there was not a person in the room that wasn’t moving.  Even today this song still has such power and energy, it just makes people want to move. Every band always wants that 1 hit song that will go on forever and this one is it for Drowning Pool.  If they ever come back to Pittsburgh I know I will be there and suggest you are too!!


Stand out songs of the night

One finger and a fist



Step up


_DSC2745 _DSC2557 _DSC2580 _DSC2588 _DSC2622 _DSC2654 _DSC2658 _DSC2664 _DSC2680 _DSC2684 _DSC2718 _DSC2738

Wilson Thrash 2013: New Album Worth Your Weekend


This ten-track mammoth begins with a satirical opening mic-check, blasting into a power-chord, and some marvelously raunchy vocals. For the few of you out there that might snag this reference, Chad Nicefield (vocalist) champions a tinge of “Refused” singer (Dennis Lyxzén) style, which I really don’t hear often.  Nicefield also seems to have a bit of an interesting Daryl Palumbo (Glassjaw) vocal influence? Regardless of procuring taste, this five-piece from Michigan will leave you on your ass after they rage through a town near you.

This rightfully titled album “Full Blast F***ery” is just largely an enormous album to get you pumped.  In my mind, it sounds a lot like the soundtrack to the “Jackass” Sagas…but maybe amped up worse than they were.  There is also a pleasant savor of a Van Halen 80’s metal influence on track number 4 “College Gangbang,” just to take things back to their roots.

The song titles are slightly less than professional, but that’s what Wilson stands for.  Breaking the monotony of the 9-5 work grind, these dudes are busy espousing all that it means to be rockstars.  They don’t mess around when it comes to getting the job done in the recording studio, with real instruments and not a bunch of computers and synthesizers the way a lot of good hard rock is recorded these days.  Wilson is a REAL touring band that doesn’t try to be anything other than real, which this ten-track album is – much the opposite of ethereal.

PromoImage (1)

The old-school 90’s revolt mentality is brought back by these guys in their album artwork as well.  The cover reminds me of Crash Bandicoot with rabies, it’s pretty cool.  I think my favorite track is titled, “Viking P***ies, F*** off.”  I can assimilate this notion, since I’m not the biggest fan of Viking metal.  Not only is this title hilarious and accurate, the track is also a super slick and rad transition into the 8th track, followed by “Susan Jane.”  This track is balls to the wall badass, with an intense breakdown resembling something solid. The sound almost envelops slides Mark Morton and Willie Adler would collaborate on.

Listening to this album, I envision back flips into pools off 3 story buildings, lighting things on fire, or maybe what it might sound like inside your mind if you stole a car (which we do not advise).  The album itself is systematized bedlam, enrapturing all of your senses and inner angst into a quiet revolt at your office desk.  It’s the perfect illustration of the white-collar HR manager tearing his tie off and slamming some bourbon with his buddies after a long week of dealing with a slew of incompetent interns.  Pre-order your copy of “Full Blast F***ery” today and transform up your summer weekends to what they should have been all along.

PromoImage (2)


<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/kPWaoxoKv50&#8243; frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

Operation Smile, June 21 at Stage AE

On June 21st, ThePittsburghScene.com will be throwing a benefit show at Stage AE to raise money for Operation Smile, a nonprofit organization dedicated to aiding children with facial deformities in impoverished nations.

Operation Smile provides the means to send doctors to underprivileged areas of the world to perform minor surgeries that significantly improve the quality of life for afflicted children, often for as little as $250. When you can fundamentally change the trajectory of a child’s life for the price of a low-end guitar, it really puts things in perspective.

And that’s why the local music community will be uniting to bring a smile to as many children as possible. Pittsburgh Music Supports: Operation Smile will include performances by Red Hands, Patron Saint, August Ruins, a prior i, Nevada Mountains, and Echo Jade, and all profits will go toward Operation Smile.

Tickets and show information are available at:

The Facebook event can be found at:

About The Pittsburgh Scene

ThePittsburghScene.com is a website devoted to the artists and fans of the Pittsburgh music community. With free artist profiles, show calendar aggregators, and musician-oriented classifieds, TPS aims to provide the tools for the independent artist and fan alike, to further build the city’s music scene.


Free Music Festival to Showcase Music Venues in Pittsburgh’s Deutschtown Neighborhood



On July 6, 2013, more than 40 bands will perform on Pittsburgh’s Northside as part of the Deutschtown Music Festival. Local bands will perform in a variety of indoor and outdoor venues throughout the neighborhood, starting at 2pm and ending late into the evening. A wide variety of music styles will be showcased, including jazz, blues, rock, bluegrass, German, Middle eastern, Irish, and electronic. The daytime portion will be family-friendly, while the evening will be more adult-focused. Food trucks and other vendors will be on-site. Admission to this event is absolutely free. Attendance is expected to be around 800 to 1,000.

The festival was conceived by neighborhood advocate, Cody Walters. When asked about his motivation behind organizing the event, he said “Deutschtown has an up-and-coming music scene that so many people just don’t know exists. There’s live music somewhere in the neighborhood almost every night of the week. I thought it would be easy to draw attention to everything Deutschtown has to offer by taking advantage of an asset that we already have.”
Participating venues to date include James Street Gastropub and Speakeasy, The Rattskellar at Max’s Allegheny Tavern, KeyWest, The Parkhouse, Artists Image Resource, Bistro To Go, Stedeford’s Records, Peanutz, The ELKS Club and a great outdoor stage on Foreland Street. Performers to date include Meeting of Important People, The Harlan Twins, Bastard Bearded Irishmen, Round Black Ghosts, Locks and Dams, Chet Vincent and The Big Bend, Al Dowe and Etta Cox Band, Autobahn, Ishtar, Grand Piano, Big Gypsy, The Red Western, Brewer’s Row, Dave O’brien Trio, Triggers, Legs Like Tree Trunks, The FED, Nic Lawless and his Criminales, Neighbors, Nerve Ending, Gene Stovall, Mega Def, Tracksploitation, DJ Three, Chrome Baby Jesus, Arlo Aldo, DJ Harry Lurker, Sun Ray Shining Light, The Wreckids, Sleep Experiments,  Blue X Baxter, Faithful Sinners, Dan Pritchard, Ike Mississippi, Tyree Morgan, Household Stories, Blue Redshift, Motometer, Weird Paul, Casino Bulldogs, Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo, The Dressed Frets, Adadsdad, The Banned, & Hot Metal Bridge and a number of others still in the works. (40+ bands so far)
Response from local bands has been remarkable, but other acts interested in performing can contact Cody Walters at cody@greenapplebarter.com. More information can also be found online at www.deutschtownmusicfestival.org or www.facebook.com/deutschtownmusicfestival.

Jonny Radtke of FILTER Checks in with PGHMUSICMAG (Interview)


Although Filter have been making noise since the early nineties in the music biz, they sure seem to have gotten much louder lately.  With a high profile snippet of their earlier release of ‘Happy Together’ playing on the preview of The Great Gatsby trailer to heading out on the road with Everclear, Live, and Sponge, Filter refuses to fade into band obscurity.  The June 4 release of The Sun Comes Out Tonight just goes further in proving that Filter have a lot more to prove and a lot more amazing music to make.

With the dichotomy of angry tones to sweet melodies sweeping the landscape of the LP, founder  Richard Patrick and new collaborator Jonny Radtke (along with producer Bob Marlette) have breathed some new life into Filter while recognizing the tried and true formula.  To achieve those results Patrick believes in adapting and improvising in the name of achieving results, fully aware of what he’s rebelling against. He addresses his unconventional methods with utmost conviction in his voice, “Let’s break the rules, let’s put a finger up to the establishment and do something wrong. If William Shakespeare was alive today, he’d be using a word processor. He’d be copying and pasting. Does that change things? Yeah, but at the same time, it’s flexible and different. It has to be done.” This perspective is evident on The Sun Comes Out Tonight‘s lead single, “What Do You Say,” an explosive track featuring Patrick’s rousing howl, hypnotic synthesizers, smoldering guitars, biting lyrics, and the triumphant resurrection of the pulsating drum machines that cemented Filter’s reputation for delivering a distinctive sound unlike any other band in existence. Patrick laughs, “It’s all drum machine, just like Short Bus! I like that we’re getting away with something that’s wrong. There’s almost this notion that someone like Skrillex is less of a talent because his music centers around making a computer do incredible things. Music is an interpretive art form.”

Filter comes into Pittsburgh to showcase not only the work on The Sun Comes Out Tonight, but of course previous hits like “Hey Man Nice Shot” and “Take a Picture” .  Pittsburgh Music Magazine caught up with new guitar player and co-collaborator Jonny Radtke while on the road with The Summerland Tour to talk to him about the new LP, working with Patrick, the tour, and more.  Listen below…

Formed in 1993, Filter has enjoyed significant success over the past two decades.  The band released their critically acclaimed first album Short Bus in 1995, a disc Rolling Stone praised as “a timely combination of grunge heat and industrial ice.” Fueled by the top 10 hit “Hey Man Nice Shot,” the album rocketed to # 3 onBillboard‘s Heatseekers Chart and went on to sell more than a million copies. They raised the bar with 1999’sTitle of Record which featured the top 10 rock hit “Welcome To The Fold” along with a blockbuster crossover smash in “Take A Picture,” a song that shot to # 3 on Billboard‘s Modern Rock Chart, # 7 on its Adult Top 40 Chart and # 1 on its Dance Music/Club Play Chart. The years that followed saw the band releasing three more albums – 2002’s the Amalgamut, 2008’s Anthems For The Damned and 2010’s The Trouble with Angels, while touring the world and amassing a huge international fan base whose members number in the millions. Filter has also contributed songs to several blockbuster soundtracks, including 2012Judgment NightSpawn (the Crystal Method collaboration “(Can’t You) Trip Like I Do”), Little NickyDemon Knight,StepfatherAnger ManagementCrow 2, Girl Next Door and Cable Guy among others.





6/7/13                          Celebrate Fairfax! Festival                             Fairfax, VA                              SUMMERLAND TOUR

6/8/13                          House of Blues                                               North Myrtle Beach, SC         SUMMERLAND TOUR

6/9/13                          NV                                                                   Knoxville, TN

6/11/13                        State Theatre                                                  New Brunswick, NJ                SUMMERLAND TOUR

6/12/13                        Theatre at Westbury                                       Westbury, NY                         SUMMERLAND TOUR

6/14/13                        Casino New Brunswick                                  Moncton, MB                          SUMMERLAND TOUR

6/15/13                        House of Blues                                               Boston, MA                             SUMMERLAND TOUR

6/16/13                        Penn’s Peak                                                    Jim Thorpe, PA                       SUMMERLAND TOUR

6/18/13                        The Montage Music Hall                                 Rochester, NY

6/19/13                        Stage AE                                                         Pittsburgh, PA                         SUMMERLAND TOUR

6/20/13                        Electric Factory                                              Philadelphia, PA                      SUMMERLAND TOUR

6/21/13                        LC Pavilion                                                      Columbus, OH                        SUMMERLAND TOUR

6/22/13                        Horseshoe Casino                                          Hammond, IN                         SUMMERLAND TOUR

6/23/13                        Myth Live                                                        St Paul, MN                            SUMMERLAND TOUR

6/24/13                        O.N.E.                                                             Mandan, ND

6/26/13                        Ogden Theatre                                                Denver, CO                            SUMMERLAND TOUR

6/28/13                        Wiltern Theatre                                               Los Angeles, CA                     SUMMERLAND TOUR

6/30/13                        Brighthouse Networks Ampitheatre                Bakersfield, CA                       SUMMERLAND TOUR

7/2/13                          Humphrey’s                                                    San Diego, CA                        SUMMERLAND TOUR

7/3/13                          Silver Dollar Fair Grounds                              Chico, CA

7/5/13                          Avi Resort & Casino                                       Laughlin, NV                           SUMMERLAND TOUR

7/6/13                          The Marquee                                                  Tempe, AZ                              SUMMERLAND TOUR

7/7/13                          The Rock                                                        Tuscan, AZ

7/10/13                        Concrete Street Amphitheater                        Corpus Christi, TX

7/11/13                        L’auberge Casino Resort – Pool Stage           Lake Charles, LA                    SUMMERLAND TOUR

7/12/13                        South Side Ballroom                                       Dallas, TX                               SUMMERLAND TOUR

7/13/13                        Austin City Limits Live @ Moody Theater      Austin, TX                               SUMMERLAND TOUR

7/14/13                        Proof Bar                                                        Houston, TX                            SUMMERLAND TOUR

7/16/13                        Wildhorse Saloon                                            Nashville, TN                          SUMMERLAND TOUR

7/18/13                        Cape Cod Melody Tent                                  Hyannis, MA                           SUMMERLAND TOUR

7/19/13                        Ives Concert Park                                           Danbury, CT                           SUMMERLAND TOUR

7/20/13                        Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom                  Hampton Beach, NH              SUMMERLAND TOUR

7/21/13                        Capitol Theatre                                               Port Chester, NY                    SUMMERLAND TOUR

7/23/13                        RAGBRAI                                                       Des Moines, IA                       SUMMERLAND TOUR

7/27/13                        River City Casino                                            St Louis, MO                           SUMMERLAND TOUR

7/28/13                        Cricket Wireless Amphitheatre                       Kansas City, KS                      SUMMERLAND TOUR

Pittsburgh Rapper Accused of Stabbing Pittsburgh Steeler Adams


Dequay Means of Hazelwood,  who reportedly hangs with Pittsburgh rapper Whiz Khalifa, has been arrested on charges of attempted homicide, aggravated assault, conspiracy, illegally possessing a firearm, escape and carrying a firearm without a license in connection with the assault and carjacking of Pittsburgh Steeler Mike Adams. He is currently being held at the Allegheny County Jail in lieu of $100,000 bond.  Means is the second man to be charged in the stabbing of NFL offensive lineman Adams.

According to the Pittsburgh Triblive, “Means raps as “Quay Meanz” and is a self-proclaimed member of Khalifa’s “Taylor Gang,” a group of rappers and friends of the artist.

Mike Adams, 23, told Pittsburgh police three men approached him while he walked to his truck near 17th and East Carson streets about 2:55 a.m. Saturday. One of the men, who Adams identified as Means in a photo array, pointed a gun at him and threatened to shoot him in the face if he didn’t give the trio his truck, according to a criminal complaint. The gun looked to be upgraded with externally added AR-15 uppers which made it much powerful and lethal. It not only could hurt the person its who is being shot at but the force that the bullet is discharged at could even harm a passerby due to its force.

Another man, identified as Michael Paranay, 25, of Hazelwood, sucker-punched Adams in the face while a third man pulled out a knife, stabbed Adams in the abdomen and slashed his forearm, police said.

Adams underwent two surgeries for a lacerated colon at UPMC Mercy, Uptown, and is expected to make a full recovery.

Paranay dropped his cell phone when he fled, which police found and used to identify him as a suspect. Police charged him with attempted homicide, aggravated assault and related crimes. When detectives went to Means’ home on Monongahela Street and told him they wanted to talk to him regarding the incident, he ran from detectives. About three hours later, he agreed to turn himself in.”

Read more: http://triblive.com/news/adminpage/4136051-74/adams-police-attempted#ixzz2VLN1MD4R



Picture Me Broken to Open For Alice Cooper & Marilyn Manson @ Stage AE June 23 (interview)

Picture Me Broken

Since catching Picture Me Broken last year when they opened for Modern Day Escape & Affiance here in Pittsburgh, it was very clear that PMB was definitely headed for big things.  Lead singer,  Layla “Brooklyn” Allman (daughter of Gregg- yes, that  Allman Brother and rock royalty legend) made quite the impression on the crowd with her stage presence that has been developing since age twelve (she’s now 20).  Our interview with her was like speaking with a seasoned pro and the rest of her equally young bandmates (Drummer Shaun Foist and dual-lead guitar players Dante Phoenix and Jimmy Strimpel) were just as professional and impressive.  What may be even more impressive is that PMB has not relied on Brooklyn’s dad’s contacts to make it in the biz and have instead opted to make it the old fashion way…hard work, and tour, tour, tour.

2013 brings probably the most exciting opening slot of Picture Me Broken’s career and possibly the most intimidating: opening for two rock legends in their own right from two different eras, Alice Cooper and Marilyn Manson.

Pittsburgh Music Magazine caught up with Picture Me Broken recently and spoke with Brooklyn about what 2013 has in store for the band…

PMM: Opening for Alice and Manson must be both exciting and intimidating.  How/What are you feeling going on before these two legends?
Brooklyn:  I must admit I had mild stage fright for the first time since my very first show when I was a wee 12 year old while getting ready for the first handful of these shows. Going up in front of a crowd that large, knowing you’re warming them up for two timeless rock icons sort of knocks the wind out of you when you’re freshly 20 and know you’re the new kid on the block and better prove yourself or go home. I still feel like I’m dreaming every time I look down at my tour laminate. Watching them perform side stage makes me feel like a little kid discovering rock n roll for the first time again. 
PMM: What have you taken away/learned from playing with the bands that you have worked with recently (Opeth, Affiance, Modern Day Escape, etc.)?
Brooklyn:  Otep was truly our first real tour and I’m so glad it was. She’s an inspiration on every level, I have so much respect for that woman and her art. Affiance was one of those bands that I knew was special because they’re bringing clean vocals back to metal, Dennis is one hell of a singer and we would sometimes do vocal warm-ups together and now they’re out supporting Killswitch. I try to learn something from every band we play with, even if they’re not necessarily my cup of tea, there is always something you can learn from other artists who have been touring longer than you have. I think the road is where you learn to be a real musician and I hadn’t done as much touring as you would think because the bulk of my music career thus far took place during my schooling years and I wasn’t going to compromise my education, so I have a lot to learn from other artists who have toured far more than I have. 
PMM: Why an EP as opposed to an LP this time? 
Brooklyn: The EP was not the band’s decision, we wanted to put out a full length, we had one all finished but our record label decided otherwise for political reasons. We will never be put in that position again, but I suppose the silver lining is that the full length can come to fruition now that we’re a more cohesive band that’s been on the road. 
PMM: What distinguishes the material from your 2010 effort “Wide Awake”?
Brooklyn: If anything, “Mannequins” marks our departure from the “screamo” and “metalcore” scene. It was our way of saying, “Hey, we’re a rock n roll band and we’re going to be nothing but that from here on out”. It was time to grow up and abandon the trends and I think on our next release you can definitely expect more guitar solos than breakdowns. It was not easy going there, at one point we had to part ways with an entire team of people who wanted us to stay in that pigeonhole cause a band can sell lots of T-shirts on Warped Tour way quicker than they can build a major rock career and not many in the industry seem to have the balls, patience or determination to build a real band anymore so we had to vehemently go in that direction ourselves and butt heads for a while. You can also see how much we’ve changed even visually in our new music video for “Torture”. Shortly after touring “Mannequins” for a bit, the Cooper/Manson tour fell into our laps and nothing says authentic rock n roll quite like that. It was always a nice little middle finger to everyone who fought against the notion of us striving to break outside “the scene”. I feel like we’ve taken a huge step in the right direction. 
PMM: What are the essential survival tools for living on the road for PMB? 
Brooklyn:  It was not even 6 months ago that PMB was touring in a Dodge conversion van, pulling a trailer, sleeping in our seats and showering at truck stops so we didn’t have to spend money on hotels, I wouldn’t even go as far as saying that those days are necessarily over, if you’re a 20 something, you can make that a fun situation and come home with a lot more money. I will say, even though I’m in a much more comfortable touring vehicle at the moment, I still had a blast. My dad’s guitar player and a good friend of mine, Derek Trucks once told me, “If you’re bitching in a van, you’ll be bitching on a bus and bitching on a jet”, I couldn’t agree more, you either love touring or you don’t. As for my personal survival tools, nothing that bad can possibly happen in $400 cowboy boots, oh and I’ll never forget my vaporizer. 
PMM:  When you have downtime in a city, what are your favorite things to do?
Brooklyn:  I can be a bit of a reclusive sloth on days off. My vocals on stage are a lot to handle night after night going from belting to screaming to falsetto so I like to rest up as much as possible. You get lucky if a day off lands in a major metropolitan city, it’s somehow always bumfuck nowhere. We spent one of our most recent days off where we actually came out of our cave in Detroit with our good friend Tom Zutaut. We went by Eminem’s trailer park, checked out this insane clothing store called Showtime Dan’s and ate at the local Coney Dog hotspot. It’s amazing how you can wake up everyday and be told you’re in a different city and hardly realize it but it’s great to actually get out there and see where your travels are taking you if you have the energy. 
PMM: What else can we look forward to out of Picture Me Broken  in 2013?
Brooklyn: We’re planning to stay on the road as much as possible and get cracking at that full length late this Summer. I hope next year brings more international touring. 
How often do you get the “rock chick” question and the Gregg’s girl question and how sick of it are you?
Brooklyn:  I suppose I’m so accustomed to (and sick of) those questions that my sarcastic yet matter of fact replies have become second nature. Yes I have boobs and yes my father is who he is, are either of these things directly relevant to my career or artistic vision? No. Not at all. It is a superficial, surface assumption that either of these things define me musically or artistically. I must say thank you for noticing and discontinuing the monotony! 

Our story from the first time we met PMB…http://wp.me/p2k1M3-1mJ


Circle7’s DysfunctionFest 2013 featuring Trapt Just Days Away- Connellsville, PA



June is the month of dysfunction, at least as far as the members of Circle7
and local area music fans are concerned.  As June 15th approaches,
Connellsville, PA and The Ice Mine gets closer to Circle7’s DysfunctionFest
2013.  DysfunctionFest 2013 is the first of an annual music festival that
was created to showcase local music, and couple those performers with a well
known national act.

This year Circle7 has chosen Trapt (famous for the hits “Headstrong” and
“Echo”), who have released their newest album “Reborn” this past January.
The album has quickly become one of the top selling Rock albums on iTunes,
and has been very well received by Trapt fans.

Other DysfunctionFest 2013 performers include; No Blitz, Starship Romance,
The Summer Soundtrack, My Electric Heart, Motives, Forever I Remain, Chain
The Scylla, The R4 Project, Beyond Daylight, One Pretty Minute (Columbus,
OH), and of course Circle7.

Mark Thomas of Circle7 said “We already have plans for 2014 but we are
focusing on this year.  We are taking it one step at a time.  This year we
would like to sell enough tickets to be able to reach our goal of donating
money to the city of Connellsville to help clean and fix up parks for the
kids.  This is highly dependent on residents and local music fans coming to
the festival however.”

DysfunctionFest 2013’s lineup:
12:00pm – 1:45pm:
Starship Romance, My Electric Heart, The Summer Soundtrack, No Blitz

2:00pm-2:45pm: Motives
3:00pm-3:45pm: Forever I Remain
4:00pm-4:45pm: Chain The Scylla
5:00pm-5:45pm: The R4 Project
6:00pm-6:45pm: Beyond Daylight

7:00pm-7:45pm: One Pretty Minute
8:00pm-9:30pm: CIRCLE7
10:00pm-12:00am: TRAPT

Tickets and information:
Official website: http://www.dysfunctionfest.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/DysfunctionFest

John 5 (of Rob Zombie) talks to PGHMUSICMAG About Rockstar Mayhem Festival& Much More!

John 5 seems like he is everywhere at once.  The multi talented guitarist cannot be pigeonholed into any style of playing and he continues to challenge himself and be the humble virtuoso that he has become.  The self admitted perfectionist is hard at work figuring out not only how to make sure all the songs are tip top, but how to make sure that the show is everything that the fans expect it to be.  Venemous Rat Regeneration Vendor  is already climbing the charts and quieting the critics that have been saying Zombie has not been at the top of his game for some time, who are now eating crow and heralding the sounds and scene that John 5, Piggy D, Ginger Fish have helped Rob Zombie create.  (Pay attention to the exclusive John gives us about the writing of Teenage Nosferatu in the following interview!!!)


Preparing to rip apart the main stage as the headliner of The 2013 Rockstar Mayhem Festival as Rob Zombie’s guitarist, John took some time from their pre-Mayhem production work in L.A. to talk with Pittsburgh Music Magazine’s Editor and COO, Alan, about the experience of the Rockstar Mayhem Festival and what Rob Zombie and company have in store, winning the best guitarist award at The Revolver Golden God Awards, the new Rob Zombie LP Venemous Rat Regeneration Vendor, having some guitars and personal items stolen from his home, solo work, and working with David Lee Roth.  Listen to our exclusive interview here!!! Click below


Don’t miss John 5 with Rob Zombie when they hit Pittsburgh on July 12 or at a city near you…http://rockstarmayhemfest.com/dates

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Nine Inch Nails Surprise with New Album Finished


Seems Trent Reznor has been up to quite a bit more than just tour plans as of late.  Yesterday via Tumblr he announced that NIN has completed work on a new LP:

“I’ve been less than honest about what I’ve really been up to lately. For the last year I’ve been secretly working non-stop with Atticus Ross and Alan Moulder on a new, full-length Nine Inch Nails record, which I am happy to say is finished and frankly fucking great. This is the real impetus and motivation behind the decision to assemble a new band and tour again. My forays into film, HTDA and other projects really stimulated me creatively and I decided to focus that energy on taking Nine Inch Nails to a new place. Here we go!”
In related NIN news, Trent also announced the return of  Robin Finck, “I am proud to announce that the tour lineup now includes the incredible Robin Finck. The addition of Robin to the mix of players I’ve assembled makes this band incredibly powerful and versatile. We are deep in the rehearsal process and it feels exciting and great to be back at this. Lots of information, surprises and sweat headed your way”.
Robin heads back into the fold after the strange departure of Eric Avery.  Recently Jane’s Addiction guitarist Dave Navarro had a few things to say about Avery and his inability to stay committed to anything on his podcast Dark Matter
Keep you social media eyes peeled for what Trent and NIN are up to next.

Wolf Colony is Bridging the Gap

You have got to check out Wolf Colony.  These guys are definitely destined to be on everyone’s iPod and summer hit list pronto.  They may have started out not looking for super stardom, but destiny and fate have a funny way of intervening…



Wolf Colony is an electro-pop music duo based out of Miami and New York City. Comprising of singer-songwriter seventhleopard and music producer Neal Sarin, the duo began collaborating together in college at the University of Miami with no intention of having their music reach the masses.

After an intensive week of recording sessions in New York City, it was clear that Wolf Colony was far greater than the sum of its parts. The concoction of powerful vocals and lyrical depth complementing unique and engaging soundscapes simply could not be ignored. Check out their debut singles, “Beauty” and “Calling” now on Soundcloud and stay tuned for their upcoming album dropping this year.

Wolf Colony are beginning their quest to redefine underground electronica with the forthcoming EP project entitled Beauty. On  April 2nd electro-pop duo Wolf Colony digitally released the long-awaited singles, “Beauty” and “Calling” through iTunes and Spotify.

Entirely written and produced by members seventhleopard and Neal Sarin, Wolf Colony’s Beauty is a  unique progression of electronic pop music through the beautiful vocals of seventhleopard and Sarin’s one-of-a-kind production. The duo is focused on creating timeless music that bridges the gap between mainstream and underground electronica.

“I knew we were on to something as soon as I sent the first few instrumentals to seventhleopard. Within an hour, he sent them all back but with fully recorded verses and hooks. It was something special. We booked the first studio session that night,” says Neal Sarin.

The two singles are just an introduction to Wolf Colony’s contribution to the new era of electronica, as they plan to release a full-length LP just in time for summer.


Flagship Romance “Hit the Ground”


Flagship Romance is an independent folk/pop duo from Jacksonville Beach, FL.  In today’s music market, more and more avid listeners are clamoring for something honest and real; scouring social media and blogs for raw talent that they can believe in. This ever increasing demand has paved the way for the rising popularity of male + female duo projects such as The Civil Wars and The Swell Season. The newest addition to this genre, Flagship Romance, hopes to take that honesty, chemistry, and “real-ness” to a new level.

What sets Flagship Romance apart is not limited to what you hear on the recordings; it extends to what you see on-stage, as well as off-stage.  “I felt like I was watching something honest and special; very similar to a modern day Johnny and June,” says Jacksonville, FL, news anchor Tracy “Dot-Com” Collins.

A Flagship Romance show is more than just an opportunity to hear two individually talented performers using their abilities to create something bigger than themselves. It is an invitation to witness an actual couple with a shared passion and chemistry, doing what they love with whom they love. Their lyrics are representative of their own experiences, while the melodies and dynamics are a tribute to their actual emotions.

In the summer of 2012, Flagship Romance entered Fudge Recording Studios in New Orleans, LA, to lay down the tracks for their first record, lovingly entitled “The Fudge Sessions.” Every morning, for five days, they would sit with the incredible studio musicians over coffee and discuss an individual song and how they think it should be brought to life. As soon as the initial vision was realized, they would immediately start tracking the song all together to give it an off the cuff, natural sound, with the focus still being on two voices and an acoustic guitar.

Flagship Romance has aligned their musical career with the clean water cause via the phenomenal organization “charity: water.” In August 2012, they organized the inaugural Clean Water Music Fest in Florida, and raised almost $12,000 by merely doing what they love to do – play music & help others. Now, because of the first Clean Water Music Fest, two entire communities in Ethiopia will have clean, safe drinking water for the first time. The duo intends on continuing the Clean Water Music Fest annually. Through their musical efforts, they commit to helping those without access to clean drinking water.

What started as “something fun” between these two lovers has created quite the stir in the southeast. They are quickly developing an extremely devoted group of grass-roots followers they affectionately call the “Flagship Romantics.”

It seems that no one can help developing a crush on this Flagship Romance.