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INTERVIEW: Pittsburgh’s Dream Weapon

If you are a haunter of Pittsburgh’s small noise and experimental music scene, chances are you might have seen one of J Wayne Clinton’s challenging projects. As Dream Weapon he sculpts mind-bending soundscapes based on atmospheric samples, harsh noise textures, washes of synth, and subtle percussion, creating aural vistas […]

REVIEW: Deals Death – Point Zero Solution

Perhaps one of the weirder things about metal’s myriad subgenres is how they lead to a lot of mutually elitist subcultures. Despite the diversity and constant evolution of metal’s offshoot styles, each niche tends to cultivate a rather consistent set of aesthetics, which, combined with the notorious elitism […]

REVIEW: Downfall of Gaia w/ Black Table

Bad luck was narrowly avoided for Germany’s Downfall of Gaia and their American tour-mates, Black Table, last week. After scheduling conflicts at The Shop almost led to the cancellation of their Pittsburgh tour date, the show was relocated in a somewhat truncated form at 222 Ormsby. Rather than […]

REVIEW: Wolf Eyes w/ Eel & Möwer, 9/2/13

This past Labor Day, noise veterans Wolf Eyes dropped by Gooski’s Bar as part of their U.S. tour in support of  No Answer : Lower Floors, their newest full album (not counting their voluminous output of rare tapes and CDrs, some of which were on sale that night). The night’s […]