Elder Rocks Millvale’s Mr. Smalls for a Night of Progressive Metal

By Nick Razum

At the Mr. Smalls theater in Millvale, Elder came to town with Ruby the Hatchet and Dreadnought to show Pittsburgh a night of progressive metal and hard rock. The metal heads came out in spades for some head banging and the bands came to rock. 

Dreadnought started off the night with some experimental progressive metal with an almost operatic appeal and metal screams of a valkyrie. Ruby the Hatchet brought back echoes of the 70’s with their driving rock anthems and heavy grooves. The crowd was ready to sit back and take in the movements of progressive metal.

Elder, who is touring in support of their 2020 album Omens, closed the night with a flowing set that pulled from the entire discography, flowing from thrash to grooves to epic heavy rock. Fans of all kinds of metal got a taste of each flavor they were looking for. 

Elder show Mr Smalls 8/5/2022