Behold, The Band CAMINO

Photos + words: Ryan Carcia

The Band CAMINO took the stage at Stage AE in Pittsburgh for a special performance on their “The Tour CAMINO” tour.

The venue was absolutely packed on both the lower and upper levels as fans lined up hours before the show began for a clear view of the stage and, of course, to get as close to The Band CAMINO as possible. The lights went down, and the show began with “Know It All,” while high pitched screams nearly overpowered the venue’s speakers. Fans held up signs and sang the track’s lyrics at the top of their lungs as the band worked the stage like a dance floor. Each song flowed effortlessly into the next with the setlist including both throwbacks and the majority of the tracks off of their latest, self titled, album. At the beginning of the show, fans who had been lucky enough to be one of the first ones in line were all given roses, and during the drop of The Band CAMINO’s second song, “Roses,” the fans all threw their roses and bouquets onto the stage. The energy was electric.

The audience danced and sang along with the band during each and every song. When they performed their slower ballads, like “Crying Over You,” people may have stopped bopping, but they swayed and sang passionately. The entire building was overcome by a sense of serenity. However, whether the song The Band CAMINO was playing was lively or calm, one thing was always true: The Band CAMINO delivered a dynamic and evocative performance. 

The Band CAMINO’s songs are as diverse as their audience. The people at their concert Friday night were all incredibly unique, but each and every person was absolutely enthralled by The Band CAMINO’s presence. Whether dancing and jumping up and down or crying, the common denominator was the music, and it was beautiful. The energy that encapsulated the venue was unforgettable; people were just entirely present. The great quality of their shows is due to their attention to detail and determination. Their art is substantial because they care about their projects and the people who support them. The shows they put on provide their fans with an immersive experience they’ll never forget.