The ROLE MODEL Concert Experience

Photos and review by: Ryan Carcia

ROLE MODEL is as good as it gets in the bedroom pop spectrum of music. He’s currently on the road promoting his 2022 album Rx, and with shows being in high demand all over the country, I had to see one of them for myself.

The show began with a set from an up-and-coming new act called The BLSSM. Based upon the reaction in the room throughout their set, I have a feeling that they’re going to be a big name in this genre. They brought such a fun energy to the stage from running and dancing across stage to playing the guitar. The BLSSM’s set included songs such as “NOT TODAY,” DIZZY,” and what seemed to be the crowd’s favorite, as many people sang along, “HARDCORE HAPPY.” They perfectly set the stage for ROLE MODEL and I can definitely see them being the headliner for a show in the very near future.

After a short, 20 minute intermission, ROLE MODEL came out excited and smiling to his well-known track, “if jesus saves, she’s my type.” Immediately, everyone began screaming every word to the song, and it seemed like that continued for every song throughout the night. Not long after, the young singer took a break to acknowledge how much Pittsburgh means to him, being that this was where he initially went to college, and eventually dropped out due to his struggle with mental health. However, this struggle showed him his passion for writing and music, which has led him to where he is today. ROLE MODEL played hit after hit throughout the night, and the crowd continually supported him by going crazy for each and every one. He was backed by his guitar player and drummer who absolutely killed it! His music was incredibly easy to jam out to. He finished off the show with two of his most popular songs, “blind” and “forever&more.” The crowd definitely showed up to this concert and was rewarded with an excellent show from ROLE MODEL as he left the stage to high-pitched shrieks and endless applause. If you find him coming to your city, I HIGHLY recommend you try to make it out to the show.

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