Liquid Death Greatest Hates headbangers like “Fire Your Marketing Guy” and “Get Slaughtered On Shark Tank” on Spotify and YouTube NOW

Starting May 1, fans will be able to listen to Greatest Hates headbangers like “Fire Your Marketing Guy” and “Get Slaughtered On Shark Tank” on Spotify and YouTube

To create the album, Liquid Death worked with Gus Rios (Malevolent CreationDivine EmpireUpon Infliction), Matt Laplant (Justin Bieber, Jennifer Lopez, Nonpoint, Skindred, Malevolent Creation, etc.), Seth Ringler (Upon Infliction), Torin Ridgeway (Arsis), and Jim Malone (Arsis).

 Liquid Death’s album just hit Spotify here:

Greatest Hates Tracks

  • Huge Tools (Every Single Person Involved)
  • Reconsider Your Life Choices
  • Fire Your Marketing Guy
  • Dumbest Name Ever For Water
  • Get Slaughtered On Shark Tank
  • This Water Couldn’t Be Less Appealing
  • Selling Your Soul Is Deplorable
  • Go Out Of Business
  • This Crap Is Pure Evil
  • Bad Marketing