Mixus Brothers of Pittsburgh looking to make a mark


Made up of Jebbh (guitar,vocals) and Red (drums, vocals), The Mixus Brothers out of Pittsburgh, PA have been self-producing music for the masses since they met in 2011.  After circuitous routes through cities such as Chicago, IL and Portland, OR – as well as many others – the Brothers’ lives intersected at beautiful Frick Park one fall day and they have been making their unique brand of Americana ever since.

With their critically acclaimed debut album “Westward the Tide” in 2012, a confident style began to take shape which ushered in 4 further releases over the course of the next 5 years.  With each new release, they have honed their craft and discovered more about themselves and the joys of making and performing music.

As Winter turns into Spring the new-year brings The Mixus Brothers 7th collection called “The Lonesome Gods”. Their most accomplished and convincing album to date. It will be released in 3 Volumes consisting of 4 songs each.  Exploring themes of nature, relationships and life, the singer-songwriters combine their typical foot stomping tunes with expanded deeper sound creations.

Typically a duo, The Mixus Brothers are lucky enough to be joined for live performances by fellow musicians and family members who help round out their sound and presentation.