Zach Deputy — December 11th @ Thunderbird Cafe

Show Details:
December 11th @ Thunderbird Cafe
4021 Butler St
Pittsburgh, PA 15201
7:00 PM

“Zach Deputy mixes hip-hop, funk and folk, with soca and calypso, inspired by his Puerto Rican and Cruzan roots, and makes a beautiful, sunny new sound.  Don’t miss this evening with him” – NYS Music

“The concept of the one-man band was flipped end over end as master looper Zach Deputy, the pride of South Carolina, redefined it. There are many fine loopers out there, most notably the brilliant Keller Williams, but Zach D is a moveable dance party. Wherever he goes, infectious dance grooves travel far and wide. Rock, funk, reggae, soul, Latin, island — Zach does it all.” – Music Fest News

Soulful, innovative multi-instrumentalist, and singer-songwriter Zach Deputy has dropped his newest EP, Red Moon out now with his imprint Organic Soul. The new EP drops as Zach is due to head back on tour — kicking off 24+ dates later this week. Red Moon is out now and available everywhere you stream music!

 Zach Deputy’s sound is eclectic, a little bit of everything that one could possibly play wrapped-up into magic. Island vibes, freestyle, live looping, soul-infused, with a splash of Americana influences can all be head in Deputy’s critically acclaimed five album deep catalog. Although he is the first to admit his previous works might diverse, they truly do represent his multi-cultural background.

 Zach Deputy grew up in a trailer park in South Carolina where he spent a lot of time with his Grandma who at an early age exposed him to her cultural musical background of soca and calypso music. Later he was influenced by 90’s hip-hop and would rap and beatbox with his friends. “We always did freestyle rapping growing up. I just adopted techniques of hip hop into all these other styles of music. If the song had a chorus I could adlib everything else,” said Deputy.

 All of his musical upbringings is mixed into a medley of sonic heaven in his new EP series Z Dep’s short for Zach Deputy Extended Play. Having always recorded his songs as a single, Zach has only changed the manner of the release. “When I get on a kick, I can separate out songs that gel together. I am working on a series of EP’s called Z Dep’s (Zach Deputy EP’S). That way I can go in any direction I want, and the final product is more listenable,” Deputy said.

 Red Moon was born from this new musical direction and is a part of his new Z Dep’s EP series. Picking and choosing the five tracks recorded over time and fitting them into a themed EP works for Zach. “It feels way more artistic,” reflects Deputy. “I just set out to record whatever I want. I record for fun and put the pieces together.” Red Moon is the first EP from the series to drop, and it is part calypso, part reggae, part West African, and a whole a lot of fun. Standouts include “Red Moon,” which was in his Garage during the super Red moon of 2019, “Open Shore,” “Ceiling Fan,” “Shine Down,” and “It Ain’t Over.” Red Moon stands alone with songs that were meant to be experienced on the beach. So make sure to get your toes in the sand press play, Enjoy!

 Bringing his new EP and more on the road, concertgoers can look forward to the unique live music experience. Zach plays a different set every night as an ultimate expression of living in the moment, with the hopes of opening windows to people’s souls to remind them of how good it feels to be alive. Audiences can expect a soulful night of joy and to shake their hips! You can catch Zach on tour in a city near you! Tour dates are below and here.

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