Enoch Yang releases indie-pop EP about coming out as gay

LA Based minimalist pop artist and producer, Enoch Yang, is looking forward to releasing his new ep, HONEST, on October 25th. 

HONEST is an ep written over the course of Enoch’s coming out as gay. He used to work for a church and dealt with a lot of internal pressure that he put on himself to “look” like a church staff member. After being discovered as gay and being forced with the real possibility of losing his job, Enoch decided to quit, embrace his sexuality, and become a full-time artist.

HONEST is a rollercoaster ride of personal introspection at a crossroads in life that is like a sonic biography with a clear beginning, middle, and end. The song Screaming demonstrates an outcry to God to see if he’s proud of Enoch. Shame reflects his mental state when quitting his job became a reality and Peace which is a summation of his experience being overwhelmed by an inner peace after deciding to quit and embrace his own sexuality. It’s an incredibly moving and relatable experience that should resonate with many.

To learn more about Enoch you can check out his production website here.