New video from David Lynch’s “muse” Chrysta Bell

Chrysta Bell is a singer/songwriter, actress, and muse of the legendary filmmaker David Lynch.

Chrysta Bell incorporates dynamic theatrical and multimedia elements into her work to create unforgettable performance experiences. She has been described as “Lana Del Rey singing the songs of Serge Gainsbourg” (NME), “Sensual, ethereal…like a nightclub act from a shadow dimension (WSJ), “Eclectic and exciting…poised and enigmatic” (Billboard), and “the most beautiful alien ever” by David Lynch. She met Lynch at age 21 and began a lasting musical partnership, and also starred in his recent reboot of Twin Peaks. 

Chrysta Bell just released a new music video for her album’s title song, “Feels Like Love.” It’s a hypnotic disco track inhabiting a decadent, noir territory, inspired by the likes of Giorgio Moroder and early Goldfrapp. The video is the perfect visual complement for the song, featuring spectacular drone footage of androgynous models sprinting through the Polish countryside and an alternate dimension dive bar brimming with voguing misfits. The video was directed by Archon and filmed in the small Polish village of Syweco.