Papa Roach, Bad Wolves, and Asking Alexandria rock Stage AE Pittsburgh

review and pix: Emmy Susani

Outdoor shows are among my favorites to shoot and tonight at Stage AE, on the North Shore in Pittsburgh, Papa Roach is going to rock the place.

Bad Wolves kicks the night off and let me tell you these guys blew my mind. I had never seen them before and they packed a punch! They played some of their recognizable songs such as “Remember When”, “Learn To Live” and their most notable cover of The Cranberries “Zombie”. They had the crowd captivated throughout the entire show and participating with their insane intensity.

Next up, Asking Alexandria, kept the party rockin’ and blasted right on stage with their latest single “The Violence”. Danny Worsnop (vocals) was for sure ready to party, rockin’ a snazzy 3 piece suit. I’ve shot these guys a couple times and they don’t mess around with the chit chat, keeping conversations between songs almost non-existent and just keeps rolling one song after another.

The main attraction for the night, Papa Roach comes storming onto the stage blasting “Who Do You Trust?”. Jacoby Shaddix is one of the most energetic frontmen in the game right now. He never fails to get the entire crowd losing their minds whether he got everyone jumping to “Elevate” and “Born For Greatness” or if he gets the crowd captivated by his story
telling about previous anxiety and addiction and how he overcame it before “Scars”.

Papa Roach is one of the best live bands around right now if you get the chance to see them. You won’t wanna miss these guys!