It’s All About The Music For Pittsburgh’s Own Leek Lone

Interview with rising Pittsburgh rapper Leek Lone from Bored In Pittsburgh

Bored In Pittsburgh


The most telling moment of my talk with local rapper Leek
Lone (the stage name of Malik Malone) occurred after the interview had
officially ended and we were about to go our separate ways. I can’t quote
exactly, since I had stopped recording by that point, but he said something
along the lines of, “Just make it about the music. People don’t need to know
stuff about me.” Ironically enough, that moment reveals a lot about Malone both
as a person and as an artist. The same message that runs throughout his new
album blckboyfromaroundtheway is also
clear in everyday conversation: for Malone, music is the means and the end, the
alpha and the omega, the journey and the destination. So, in a way, it’s almost
impossible to separate the music from the person. I’ll do my best here, though.
I’m not including any pictures—they aren’t necessary—and I’m not…

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