Marianas Trench Suspending Gravity Tour hits Pittsburgh w/ New Dialogue and DJ George Thoms

Words and pix – Abigail McNatt ©  2019

On the Suspending Gravity Tour, Marianas Trench brought along, DJ George Thoms, as well as New Dialogue. DJ George Thoms, played while everyone was coming in. Thoms is a DJ and producer from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He was a good hype up performance. He blended present day and classic songs into an EDM style and it definitely got the crowd into it. 
Next up, we had New Dialogue, an Indie/Pop band from Los Angeles. They were extremely upbeat and fun. They kind of reminded me of Paramore, with their female lead singer, Ela Kitapci. They had such great energy on stage and enhanced the adrenaline of the audience, getting them psyched for the headlining act. They bring something new to the table and have relaxed personalities that really care about the music. 
Last but certainly not least, Marianas Trench. Originating from Vancouver, Canada, this Pop/Rock band has been off the charts this past year. They released their 5th full-length album, Phantoms back in March. To celebrate that release, they set up the Suspending Gravity Tour across the U.S. and Canada, as well as a leg of European dates. Marianas Trench started out their set with the first track on their album, “Eleonora”, but not without some laughs. I’m not exactly sure what happened, but lead vocalist, Josh Ramsay, was laughing at himself at the start of the song and the crowd sang along to the music, keeping Ramsay on his feet. Throughout their set, they kept with an upbeat vibe, aside from “One Love” that Ramsay did solo, towards the end of the set. They did a great mix of songs, old and new, such as their ever so popular, “Fallout” and “Rhythm of Your Heart”. During their performances of “Pop 101” and “Haven’t Had Enough”, the Canadian native, Ramsay, made his way, serenading the crowd. Before the encore, the crowd chanted “Encore! Encore!” and the video series they were playing throughout the set, came on. It was spooky, and fit very well with the album they were celebrating. They finished off their set with “Who Do You Love” from their last album Astoria and “The Killing Kind” off of Phantoms. Marianas Trench puts on an absolutely unbelievable set. I’ve seen them 3 times now and have never once been disappointed, but have always had an amazing time. Be sure to catch them the next time they come to town. I guarantee you won’t be let down.