Wake Up On Fire! Productions is proud to present YINZFEST, in its second year. The event will occur at MR. SMALL’S THEATER, FUNHOUSE, CAFAE, AND COURTYARD (multiple stages) on SATURDAY, JULY 27, 2019 from NOON UNTIL MIDNIGHT! While other festivals have their own unique benefits, whether to the promotion of bands as standalone entities, the community, or small businesses involved, YINZFEST prides ourselves in being devout to furthering the underground Pittsburgh scene and counter-culture. Bands who aren’t being recognized by their home town (yet), are many times given a first chance. We want a 1990 Seattle, a 2005 Albuquerque, a 2010 Brooklyn. #Pittsburgh2020 is our goal. The whole nation will turn their head to Pittsburgh. That is our tall-order-goal! Won’t you help us? Yes, that’s right, we are just asking for help via promotion. Without your support of Pittsburgh born music and art, it’s dead in the water! YINZFEST will feature over thirty bands performing their original music, including 3 from Wake Up On Fire’s own brand new developmental roster: MELLOWPHOBIA (think Catfish & the Bottlemen), MURDERBOAT (Think Art of Drowning era AFI meets Dookie-era Green Day), and SOUL ALLIANCE (shoegaze grunge inspired by Alice in Chains, Zeppelin, Cage the Elephant, and Slowdive). Also announced with Round One (of three) were Dopamine, Larga Veda (reminds us of The Swamp Rats or the Fantastic Deejays), Mellowscape (indie rock), Before You Leave (Deftones meets Middle Class Rut), Rebel Revolver, Wild Blue Yonder, and Not Your Average Losers! Twenty other bands, along with poets, magicians, comedy, and more, will be announced in two more musical rounds (May 20 and June 10), and a non-musical round (June 17). As with every Wake Up On Fire event, a fundraiser will occur to benefit a local nonprofit. In this case, it will be in the form of an auction benefiting Creative Life Support. We are also doing a 1990’s sub-theme, and many bands will be playing one 90’s cover in their set. We encourage TURNING SCREEN-DEVICES OFF, BUYING DISPOSIBLE CAMERAS, WEARING FLANNEL, JNCOS, AND BRINGING A HACKY SACK TO PLAY WITH IN THE COURT YARD (WE AREN’T JOKING). Wake Up On Fire Management & Productions is a musical development company that solely focuses on talent local to Pittsburgh.