Wild Belle in Pittsburgh on April 17th @StageAE

Chicago-born / Los Angeles-based sibling duo Wild Belle (comprised of Natalie and Elliot Bergman) are coming through Stage AE on April 17th – it’s going to be a party!

Live shows are fun and energetic and usually the sell for them. Just released their third studio album, Everybody One Of A Kind last week and are heading out in support of it before opening for Beck, Spoon, and Cage the Elephant this summer. New album finds them returning to their roots and is full of pop, indie rock, and reggae sounds.
These two are creative and truly artistic from having their works displayed in prominent art galleries to directing their own music videos (Natalie animated the video for “Have You Both” – she does collage ) and Elliot has showcased his “Peace Bells” installation at the prestigious Marciano Foundation, he makes the bells by melting down guns and bullet casings from Chicago – he plays them on this album.