Violinist, singer, composer and producer Emily Wells confirms the release of her forthcoming album, This World Is Too ____ For You, due March 22 on her label Thesis & Instinct—pre-order the album here.

Wells is also debuting new single “Stay Up” today—listen here. “Stay Up” is about camaraderie in art and those who have made it. The song is the first of a three song triptych written in a cabin upstate where Wells took herself on an eight day self-created residency. Of the experience Wells says, “Each day I encountered a form of friendship with all those who had been artists before me, all reaching out to touch this thing we don’t name unless we call it god.”
This World Is Too ____ For You features ten songs that began as a commission of new works from the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra’s renowned Liquid Music Series (Philip Glass, Bon Iver, Blood Orange). Produced and written by Wells, the record was developed through an additional commission from New York’s Grammy nominated chamber orchestra Metropolis Ensemble, who also perform the arrangements on the project. The album also features drummer Shayna Dunkleman(Xiu Xiu, Peptalk) and was arranged for chamber ensemble by composer Michi Wiancko.
The album is about human beings interacting with the natural world, the rub between desire for and desire to strip oneself of all wanting. “I got attached to those margins, the place to explore the humanity inside the dust and doom of our collective uncertainties,” says Wells. She continues, “But they needed some space, a place for the _____.  I wrote in major keys and in familiar forms—playful despite the heavy materials I was working with. Dystopias need scoring.”
During the recording process Wells was kept company and counseled by a book of lectures from Mary Ruefle, Madness Rack & Honey and John Berger’s About Looking. The thread sewn through all of these songs comes from James Baldwin: “We’ve got to be as clear-headed about human beings as possible because we are still each other’s only hope.”
Wells is also revealing today the details of her album release show that will take place at New York’s House of Yes on February 28. The show will serve as the New York premiere of the album with a live performance from Wells, the Metropolis Ensemble and Shayna Dunkleman, plus original video artwork—tickets are available here.
Emily Wells is a multi-instrumentalist, classically trained violinist, composer and producer. Wells blends classical and modern instrumentation and often samples live to create “dramatic, meticulous and gothic songs” (New York Times) that blend “traditionalism with electronic ambiance” (NPR). On stage, Wells’ evocative solo performances leave audiences equal parts dancing and grieving, as she builds new instruments out of acoustic and electronic drums, synth and violin. Her newest work, This World Is Too ____ For You is Wells’ fifth full-length album and third for her own label Thesis & Instinct.
1. Remind Me To Remember
2. Stay Up
3. Come On Doom, Let’s Party
4. Eulogy For The Lucky
5. I Need A Placebo
6. Ruthie
7. Rock N Roll Man
8. Your Apocalypse Was Fab
9. Hymn For The New World