REVIEW: Panic! At The Disco at PPG Arena Pittsburgh

Words and pix  ©2018 Connor Hochbein

Panic at the Disco returned to Pittsburgh this week and gave the Steel City a show they won’t soon forget. From stunning pyrotechnics and light shows to stellar displays of musicianship, P!ATD gave Pittsburgh an amazing performance.

The band recently just released their highly anticipated album “Pray For the Wicked” earlier this year. While Panic’s setlist had a handful of songs from this album, they played a variety of their older songs and crowd pleasers.

Leading frontman and last surviving member of the band, Brendan Urie, also made a tribute to Cyndi Lauper for his recent debut on Broadway whilst the band covered, “Girls Just Want to Have Fun.” 

Brendon Urie truly displayed his musical talent at this show. Besides his unparalleled vocal range and dynamic vibrato, Urie showcased that he’s a diverse musician. During the song, “This is Gospel” Urie picked up a Stratocaster and began to play along with his fellow bandmates.

In addition, Urie played piano on “Dying in LA” while floating on a platform across PPG above hundreds of fans. To wrap this display all up, he ended with a drum solo and the signature P!ATD backflip.

Setlist via setlist.fm

  1. (Bonnie Raitt cover)
  2. (Robert Hazard cover)
  3. (Queen cover)
  4. Encore: