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Possibly the coolest coffee shop in Pittsburgh, Black Forge Coffee has made a name for itself, not only through those controversial punch cards but as a kick-ass venue for music.  These guys are in need of change though and we want you guys to support…CLICK HERE TO HELP NOW!!!

We’re a metal coffee shop/music venue located in the Allentown neighborhood of Pittsburgh, where we currently rent our building. Since opening our doors in 2015, we’ve hosted over 900 events like shows for local and international musicians, art exhibits, community forums, drag/burlesque and variety shows, pop-up brunches, etc.

We’re here because our LIVE event space is in danger. 

As we mentioned, we rent the bottom floor of the building where our shop is. We’ve been growing, but we’re only able to get so big, and be so loud. We’ve recently been told we’re gonna need to KEEP THE NOISE DOWN (there are bedrooms literally above the stage area), so to remain the good neighbors that we ALWAYS aim to be, RELOCATING the venue is our best option.

We have a solution. WE NEED TO OPEN A BIGGER/BETTER SECOND LOCATION. Yes, we’ve been growing and we want to provide even MORE of a support system for the local events community. We have our eye on a building in McKees Rocks (that doesn’t have bedrooms anywhere near the stage), but the man at the bank needs us to put down more money than we currently have on-hand to secure the new space.

They’re not giving us a ton of time and we simply can’t sit through one more meeting where someone tells us we’re too risky. We wanted to see if all you beautiful people would help us get this new location off the ground. In turn we PROMISE to continue to dedicate our time and hearts to keeping BOTH shop doors open so ALL of this wonderful art can continue to happen in TWO lovely Pittsburgh neighborhoods!

In some cases, we are the ONLY VENUE that bands can afford to play at, and we’ve given HUNDREDS OF MUSICIANS a stage in which to share their art and start their careers. We don’t want that to go away now (or ever) and with your help, we can…


This is the building in McKees Rocks we want!
This is the building in McKees Rocks we want!

The risk here is 100% reality. If we can’t obtain the funding for this new building project, our business will struggle without the live shows aspect and it will take us a LOT more time to get the ball rolling on officially being open in a new place, if that can even happen!

My good people, we’ve got a line on this building (it’s freaking sweet), we have so much support from the community in Allentown AND McKees Rocks, we have our construction crew locked and loaded, our staff is anxious, and we are READY to do this! Please support our project.

We host all kinds of shows and it's what keeps us going.
We host all kinds of shows and it’s what keeps us going.

It was an extreme struggle to open up a small business in an underdeveloped neighborhood, but in 2015 we did just that and Black Forge Coffee House was born in the neighborhood of Allentown in Pittsburgh PA. It was an idea between two friends (shared over morning coffee, no less) several years in the making.

The space would be the absolute reflection of Ashley and Nick, with a community based inclusive mindset and a goal to create a one of a kind experience through atmosphere, art, music, and coffee culture. 

With endless work and the strongest supporters we could EVER ask for we are still here THREE YEARS LATER!

Here's a shot of the inside of the McKees Rocks spot!
Here’s a shot of the inside of the McKees Rocks spot!

Not everyone will understand the culture that Black Forge is involved in but this new location will give all people a chance to discover something new and remind them that they aren’t in the typical coffee shop that they‘re used to.

We’re responsible for contributing so much positivity to the coffee, music, and art culture in Pittsburgh…and will continue to do so. 

We have some interesting and exclusive Black Forge reward items available to those who generously support our project. All rewards are thoroughly explained along the right side of the project page.

Rewards packages include the following things:

  • Metal Mug that entitles the bearer to $1.00 drip coffee fill-ups for LIFE!
  • LIMITED EDITION – Black Forge Knight T-Shirt
  • Coffee Roasting Experience
  • Special Concert Event with BFCH Crew
  • Create and Name a Black Forge Speciality Drink
  • BFCH Coffee Subscription Beta Program
  • Private “Very Important Show” for Kickstarter Backers Only!
  • BFCH Stickers, Pins, & Patches
  • Ultimate Black Forge VIP package
Let us know what you think of the rewards! <3
Let us know what you think of the rewards! ❤


With your help we will be able to grow our business and keep the venue space available for all musicians that come through our doors at Black Forge. Thank you so VERY much for your generosity, time, and consideration.


Ashley Corts and Nick Miller


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Risks and challenges

As mentioned earlier, the risk is 100% reality. If we can not obtain the funding for this project this it will struggle and it will take us a lot more time to get the ball rolling on officially being open if it can even happen.