Show Review: Morbid Angel at Mr. Smalls Theatre 4/23

Show Review: Morbid Angel with Misery Index, Dreaming Dead, and Hate Storm Annihilation.morbid angel

Although I am mainly a black metal type of girl, I have been trying to get back in touch with the metal that jump-started my love for the genre of metal as a whole: death metal. This show reminded me why I fell in love with metal and had me feeling as elated as I did at my first death metal show.

Hate Storm Annihilation, a three-piece death metal band from Chicago, opened up the night with skull-cracking jams that got everyone ready for a night full of brutal death metal. Next up was Dreaming Dead, an all-girl death metal band reigning from desolate Portland. Seeing female metal musicians always hits a spot in my heart and taps into so many positive emotions, being that I am a woman who loves metal, as well as plays metal. It is always nice to see all female bands getting somewhere strictly because of their music. So they definitely get a huge thumb up from me for that as they played a brutal set and captured the crowd, strictly on the basis of their talent.

My favorite band of the night was Misery Index, from Baltimore. I had been listening to them rather frequently during the weeks leading up to the show and they seriously exceeded my expectations. The song that impressed me the most was ‘Conjuring the Call’ off of “The Killing Gods”. It had been my favorite song off of that album, and one of my favorite songs of theirs, but hearing it live was absolutely amazing. You could feel every note they played and all of the soul put into the vocals. One feature that I really liked about their live performance was that both the front-man and the bassist did vocals, which brought a really heavy atmosphere packed full of brutality.

Headlining the show were the legendary death metal pioneers Morbid Angel. This was my first time seeing them so that was a real treat for me! Although David Vincent is no longer in the band and is now working on a separate project entitled ‘I Am Morbid’, I still believe that this lineup accurately and forcefully displayed the might and brutality that is Morbid Angel. The new material they played was just as solid, if not more solid, than the original jams they brought to the death metal scene.  From start to finish, they played an absolutely amazing set which reminded me of my first experience at a death metal show, seeing Cannibal Corpse. Although my taste in metal has developed over the years, I will always be at my core, a death metal woman, and I am so grateful for Morbid Angel reminding me of my roots.

Morbid Angel still has plenty of dates left on this tour so if you missed them in Pittsburgh & want to catch them somewhere else, check the dates out below.

Apr 24 – Cincinnati – Bogart’s
Apr 25 – Grand Rapids – The Intersection
Apr 26 – Milwaukee – The Rave II
Apr 27 – Joliet – The Forge
Apr 28 – Minneapolis – Music Hall Minneapolis
Apr 30 – Denver – The Summit Music Hall
May 01 – Salt Lake City – The Complex
May 03 – Portland – Hawthorne Theatre
May 04 – Seattle – El Corazon
May 07 – San Francisco – Slim’s
May 08 – Sacramento – Ace of Spades
May 09 – Los Angeles – Regent Theatre
May 10 – Pomona – The Glass House
May 11 – Phoenix – The Rebel Lounge
May 12 – El Paso – Tricky Falls
May 13 – Albuquerque – Historic El Rey Theater
May 15 – Austin – Come and Take It Live
May 16 – Dallas – Trees Dallas
May 17 – Houston – Scout Bar