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ETERNAL BLACK ‘Bleed The Days’ now on Limited Edition Vinyl/Sept 29-30 @Cattivo

Eternal Black have announced their debut full-length ‘Bleed The Days‘ is now available in two limited-edition vinyl variants, released through the band’s own Obsidian Sky Records.  The Brooklyn, NY doom metal trio battered the heavy music world in a bleak sea of crushing waves with their 2017 album; originally released on digital, CD, and cassette.  ‘Bleed The Days‘ is also open for European ordering via Kozmik Artifactz.
  • Artist Name: Eternal Black
  • Location: Brooklyn, New York, USA
  • Album Title: Bleed The Days
  • Official Release: CD/Digital: August 8, 2017; Vinyl: February 4, 2018
  • Label: Obsidian Sky Records (Self-Released Digital, CD, Vinyl – USA)
  • Distribution: All That Is Heavy (USA), Kozmik Artifactz (EU)
  • Genre/Style: Doom Metal, Heavy Metal, Sludge
  • For Fans Of: The Obsessed, Saint Vitus, High On Fire
Brooklyn-based ETERNAL BLACK unleashed their debut full-length doom metal album, ‘Bleed the Days’, on CD, Cassette, and Digital formats in August 2017, via their own Obsidian Sky Records label. The trio formally announced in February that ‘Bleed the Days’ is now available in two limited edition vinyl presses, via Obsidian Sky and All That Is Heavy in the USA, with European ordering through Kozmik Artifactz.

‘Bleed the Days’ is the band’s third release, following their 2015 self-titled EP, as well as a live recording from 2017, ‘Live at WFMU’.  According to the band,
“Sonically, we were aiming for somewhere between Black Sabbath’s ‘Master of Reality’ and The Obsessed’s ‘Lunar Womb’.  We wanted the album to be an obvious step forward in the progression of our sound; darker and heavier than anything you’ve heard from us before, with the grit of old school Doom.”

The 2LP vinyl releases come in either a ‘Die Hard” or ‘Standard’ variant, as follows:
– ‘Die Hard’ Edition –  Limited to 120 copies. Double vinyl set, clear with black smoke vinyl.  Side D is a silk-screened razor blade graphic. Includes a custom silk-screened graphic/lyric insert and patch.
– ‘Standard’ Edition –  Limited to 115 copies. Double vinyl set, black vinyl.  Side D is a silk-screened razor blade graphic.

Bleed The Days‘ – Die Hard Vinyl Edition
“Bleed The Days” Track List: 
A1. The Lost, The Forgotten, and The Undying
A2. Snake Oil and Coffin Nails
B1. Sea of Graves
B2. Into Nothing
B3. Stained Eyes on a Setting Sun
C1. Bleed The Days
C2. All Gods Fall
D side is a silk-screened graphic
Bleed The Days‘ – Standard Vinyl Edition
“Bleed The Days’ available on Vinyl, CD, and Digital Download via Bandcamp or Amazon, with physical format also available from All That Is Heavy (USA) and Kozmik Artifactz (EU).  Digital streaming or download on Bandcamp, iTunes, or Spotify.
Photo by: Bartholemew H. Livingston III
Formed in late 2014, Eternal Black is the mind-blend of Joe Wood on drums (Borgo Pass), Hal Miller on bass, and Ken Wohlrob on guitar and vocals. The group came together out of a mutual desire to create dark songs driven by fuzz-drenched riffs and heavy grooves inspired by the traditional doom metal of old.

The album ‘Bleed The Days‘ was produced and mixed by Joe Kelly and Kol Marshall, with recording completed at Suburban Elvis Studios.  Mastering for all formats was done by Tony Reed (of Mos Generator) at his HeavyHead Recording Company.  All words and music by K. Wohlrob.  Original art design for cover jacket, labels, and inserts by Joshua M. Wilkinson of The Company.  Album Inserts and patches printed by MIBK Silk Screeners LLC in Brooklyn, NY.

Eternal Black is:
Hal Miller – Bass
Joe Wood – Drums
Ken Wohlrob – Guitars, Vocals
Eternal Black - "Bleed the Days" Official Lyric Video
Eternal Black – ‘Bleed The Days’ lyric video
Media Reception to Eternal Black & “Bleed The Days”:
#48 (of 1,248) on ‘Best Of 2017’, Doom Charts

#25 on ‘Top 30 of 2017’, The Obelisk

#4 debut appearance on Doom Charts (August 2017), Doom Charts

#14 on the Top 16 Albums: Sour 16 (July 2017), The Sludgelord

“Doom prevails in gritty fashion on Bleed the Days…a plodding and weighted mire that, even when it picks up a bit in terms of tempo in the title-track, remains enduringly bleak.” – The Obelisk
“The sheer weight of the riffs will indeed threaten to pull you under, as they deliver just the right amount of menace to go with the fuzz.  There is a hefty dose of soul in the music here, along with a pervading blackness..” – The Sludgelord
“This album is –  thus far – the definitive masterpiece opus from the blackened brotherhood from Brooklyn, as it should be.  Making its lasting mark in the annals of doom history, as well as scarring your very soul in the process.” – Riff Relevant