Concert Review

REVIEW: Lights – We Were Here Tour 2018

Abby McNatt
Canadian ElectroSoul sensation, Lights made a stop at Mr. Smalls Theatre, in Millvale on March 7th. I had only previously heard a couple songs of hers and enjoyed them so I was looking forward to seeing the show she puts on. I had heard nothing but good things and seen amazing photos other photographers had taken of her shows, therefore I had high expectations. She brought out a great crowd too, seeing as though the entire floor area was packed. Her demographic seemed to be filled with young, millennial men and women, and a good bit of older generations as well so a nice mix of everyone. She certainly lightened up a dreary and disgusting day in Pittsburgh.
On her tour, she brought along DCF and Chase Atlantic. DCF is a neo-pop star from Chinatown in Toronto, Canada. DCF stands for David Charles Fischer, as laid out on his Facebook page. He has a very interesting sound to him. I’d say it’s a mix of EDM and pop, with a heavier weight on the pop aspect. His set was very simply set, with just a table and a laptop, yet he still made his way around the stage, prepping the crowd for what was about to be an amazing night of music. He tells a story about how he wanted to be Prince so he wears his Prince-esque costume, but told the crowd that people just don’t get it sometimes and he has to tell them. He seemed to have a handful of fans in the crowd, seeing as though I heard a good bit of people jamming along with him. Overall, he had a fun, upbeat set that got the crowd moving.
Australian heartthrobs, Chase Atlantic played before Lights. They are considered alternative/R&B and seem to have a good following behind them. The crowd went wild when they came on stage. Tons of the girls in the crowd were freaking out as soon as they appeared. The beat to some of their songs reminded me of The Weeknd and adding their vocals in, gave it some really chill vibes. They had very high energy, which helped keep the crowd’s energy high as well. The lead singer, Mitchel Cave, had crazy good crowd interaction and the young girls were going wild. Overall, they had a great set and kept the crowd upbeat and ready for Lights.
Lights. Originally from Vancouver/Toronto, Canada, the red-head bombshell puts on a fantastic set. Many girls in the audience had neon-red dyed hair, showing their love for their idol. She did a mix of newer and older songs and the entire audience was involved, singing along and dancing to each and every beat. She had great crowd interaction and kept the crowd on their feet. For a few songs, she brought out an acoustic guitar and slowed things down a bit. During one of the songs, they turned the lights down, allowing the crowd’s phones and lighter flames to light up the room and it was a magical scene. With inspirational and dance-worthy songs such as “New Fears” and “Giants”, audience members sang each and every word along with her. The light show behind her was fantastic too. I had heard great things but I was definitely impressed. Her show also had a really cool visual background where she showed off her comics. If you aren’t familiar with Lights, then you also wouldn’t know that she actually created her own comic book. In fact, new editions of the book were released monthly, leading up to her album release last April. Getting to see some of her comics played out leading up to certain songs, was really cool.
If you’re not familiar with Lights, go check her out. Her newest release is called ‘Skin&Earth‘ and the comic books can be found here. Overall, the We Were Here Tour was an awesome experience and everyone in the building that night seemed to have the time of their lives.
All photos Abby McNatt ©2018