When Doyle Von Frankenstein says he is coming to your town, and states,”Prepare to be Abominated!”, he is not joking.  The 6’3″ living legend takes what he does on the stage seriously and his intensity is beyond brutal, you may actually leave feeling sorry for his guitars as they receive a down-stroke onslaught.  But the man behind the mask from The Misfits is completely another person off the stage.  Gregarious, humble, and quick to laugh, Doyle is a great interview, that is if you ask the right questions.  Ask the wrong ones (like the question he has heard 500 times) and you will be lucky to get a one-word answer.  Lucky enough, I’ve had the privilege to talk to Doyle numerous times and as always, we have a good chat, especially when both of the Woo Woo Boys are in the room.  Check it out here…

As far as the show went, it was everything you have come to expect of the showmen from the band Doyle.  The blazing and powerful chords of Doyle himself were, as usual, face melting, Alex Wolfman Story was as intense as a Mueller investigation for Russian collusion, and the rhythm section of Wade Murff on drums and Brandon Strate on bass provide an extremely solid back beat to accompany the continuous rush of metal intensity. (SetList: Abominator, Beast Like Me, HeadHunter, Valley of Shadows, Witchcraft, Dreaming Dead Girls, God of Flies, Mark of the Beast, Cemetery Sex, Darkside, Blood Stains, Kiss Me As We Die, We Belong Dead, Hope Hell is Warm)

The only sad part was the crowd, Pittsburgh just did not pull it’s weight this time.  Whereas most of the cities Doyle is hitting on his As We Die 2018 Tour are sold out, but Pittsburgh was not quite there.  But Alex and Doyle took this in stride, still putting forth their best.  As usual, Alex prompted all the songs with, “This is a love song…and you can dance to it,” a joke that some of the crowd was in the know and some were scratching their heads.  Regardless, it was a great performance despite some sound issues and the venue being a dance club and not set up for rock n roll shows.

We can only hope Doyle will come back, hopefully at a different venue, and maybe with some known openers.  If you have lots of cash to blow, maybe you can get one of the sold out tickets and attend The Misfits reunion show May 19 in Jersey…and if you have an extra, well you know, I’m available.

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