Head to and watch NIGHTMARE: The Live-Action Intergalactic Metal Short Film, based off of the GALAKTIKON universe!
Conceived and Directed by Brendon Small, Nightmare appears on Brendon Small’s Galaktikon II: Become the Storm, and its accompanying 6-part comic book series from Albatross Funnybooks.  Issues 1 – 4 are available now at
A few words from Director Brendon Small…

“This is a love letter to all the film makers in the 70’s-80’s that helped inform my creativity in my childhood. From Spielberg, Lucas, Tobe Hooper, Roger Corman and all Dino De Laurentiis productions (Barbarella, Flash Gordon, Conan, Dune).”

“I wanted to create a rule with the film tricks they used in that period. Instead of DOGME ’95 (using limitations to help create art), I wanted to coin a phrase called CORMAN ’82: anything Roger Corman could do in 1982 I can do with this project.”
Brendon and his brother and co-producer Jeff Small built outer-space sea creatures, robots and space suits, even using a spaceship model from the 80’s, with the latter miraculously repurposed from James Cameron’s old spaceship sets.
“Luckily, I have a secret weapon, my brother (and co-producer) Jeff Small (Where the Wild Things Are, Pacific Rim). He’s been working in practical FX for 15 years and was excited about helping.”

“I talked him into the project by promising we’d be able to use “Flash Gordon” style ink tanks (aquariums filled with different densities of colorful liquid) to be used for fantasy-outer-space-skies.”

“I now have a big problem. I like shooting live action way too much. This is the best of both worlds. I get to prepare storyboards and color palates just like in the animation world, but get to build looks and camera moves in picture that would take forever in animation. You might just even see some of my old Metalocalypse visual tricks but in a live action scenario.”
“The end result is this: I want to direct big, epic live-action, practical special-effects projects.”

“Everything you see in this video is built from a tactical source, and composited with the early 80’s in mind. The ink tanks were crucial to making this work.”

“And I’m happy to report”, adds Brendon, who would love to see Galaktikon: Nightmare as a bigger, narrative project “the results are pretty cool.” 

Listen to NIGHTMARE, from Brendon Small’s Galaktikon II: Become the Storm on all digital platforms, and is also available on the official webstore.

Grab your copy today!

Official Galaktikon Online Store:


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