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HELL TO PAY completes debut LP, BLISS

Philadelphia-based HELL TO PAY has completed their debut LP, Bliss. The album is now confirmed to be released through GTR Records in mid-March.

Formed in 2014, HELL TO PAY is a four-piece metallic hardcore outfit, containing within its ranks members of Jesus Piece and others from across the Philadelphia and Lehigh Valley area. Here they incorporate elements of hardcore punk and death metal to form a noise-filled sound reminiscent of their grind and crust forefathers. Following a nearly four-year void since the outfit released their first two short releases in their year of creation, 2018 sees HELL TO PAY set to arise with Bliss, their dominating debut full-length album.

Bliss unloads a torrent of merciless, metallic wrath with eight new tracks packed into a half-hour-long assault. The deafening low-end crunch of the famed Stockholm sound Dismember and Entombed helped define seamlessly meshed with elements brutalizing ‘90s death/grind purveyors citing carcass, Brutal Truth are delivered in a noise-soaked, modernized style of intensity in HELL TO PAY’s delivery, which was recorded and mixed at Captured Studios by Jared Stimpfl (Jesus Piece, Tile), mastered by Arthur Rizk (Power Trip, Crypt Sermon), and completed with artwork by Dom Pabon. Dave Updike of Jesus Piece also helped in the creation of noise textures throughout the record.

Bliss will see digital and LP release through GTR Records on March 16th; preorder options have been posted HERE.



Calin Yenser – vocals

Aaron Heard – bass

John DiStefano – guitar

Keith Goldoni – drums