The Contortionist at Mr. Smalls

With an uprising of progressive metal/rock bands taking over the scene over the past few years, there has only been a small handful that has actually made their name well known while continuously writing the music that they truly want to write and perform.  One of those bands happens to be The Contortionist, and through thick and thin, they have always strived to take their audience on a musical journey through their world and show you that it’s not always about fast paced and chorus filled songs.  This time around, The Contortionist have brought their latest release, “Clairvoyant,” to Pittsburgh as the direct support for the legendary Between the Buried and Me on their “10 Years of Colors” tour.


Aside from some technical difficulties right before the band actually even came on stage, it was surprising to see and hear so many people exhilarated to see The Contortionist play.  I was under the impression that not as many people knew them that well still, but it seems as if I was wrong.  When The Contortionist finally hit the stage, they started with a slow climatic feel as one would have come to expect before they decide to pick up the pace after a few minutes in.  When they did finally kick the faster and heavier parts of their songs in, the fans were quite ready for the high intense energy that was coming from the band before slowing it back down.  One thing is for sure though, that The Contortionist is not afraid to get into their own music and just stay in their own little world.  Lead singer Michael Lessard is a prime example since while performing he is always moving to the rhythm and grooves of the music rather than just “amping” up the crowd.


With their latest release “Clairvoyant” doing so well on the Billboard Charts across the globe, it would be shocking if we didn’t see The Contortionist again sometime soon (quite possibly as the headliner) since their set was quite short this time around. A thirty-five minute set is not really that long of a set for a band like them since it is truly hard to really get into it with only five songs at that point.  Beggars can’t be choosers though, but one can dream that the next time will be an hour at least to really give people the head-trip they deserve.